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Complex Light and Optical Forces X
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Volume Number: 9764
Date Published: 3 August 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9764
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Overview of selected seminal optical science and photonics processes in nature
Author(s): Robert R. Alfano
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Transverse spin and momentum in structured light: quantum spin Hall effect and transverse optical force
Author(s): Konstantin Y. Bliokh
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Quantum issues with structured light
Author(s): Mathew D. Williams; David S. Bradshaw; David L. Andrews
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Satisfying the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen criterion with massive particles
Author(s): J. Peise; I. Kruse; K. Lange; B. Lücke; L. Pezzè; J. Arlt; W. Ertmer; K. Hammerer; L. Santos; A. Smerzi; C. Klempt
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A platform for lab and industrial scale replication of phase optics and microfluidics
Author(s): Lars R. Lindvold; Leif Yde; Jan F. Stensborg
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Structured amplitude and phase fields behind microstructures: the quest for high contrast modulation at proximity
Author(s): Toralf Scharf; Myun-Sik Kim; Krishnaparvathy Puthankovilakam; Johana Bernasconi; Hans-Peter Herzig; Uwe Vogler; Reinhard Voelkel
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Compact solutions for optical fiber tweezers using Fresnel zone and phase lenses fabricated using FIB milling
Author(s): R. S. Rodrigues Ribeiro; P. Dahal; A. Guerreiro; P. A. S. Jorge; J. Viegas
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Cell sorting using efficient light shaping approaches
Author(s): Andrew Bañas; Darwin Palima; Mark Villangca; Jesper Glückstad
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Dark GPC
Author(s): Andrew Rafael Bañas; Mark Jayson Villangca; Darwin Palima; Jesper Glückstad
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Generation of complex light using uniaxial and biaxial crystals: an efficient and accurate vectorial simulation technique
Author(s): Site Zhang; Zongzhao Wang; Frank Wyrowski
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Optical quantification of forces at play during stem cell differentiation
Author(s): Christine M. Ritter; Joshua M. Brickman; Lene B. Oddershede
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Measurement and accumulation of electric charge on a single dielectric particle trapped in air
Author(s): Haesung Park; Thomas W. LeBrun
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Mapping the spectral twist of few-cycle vortex pulses
Author(s): M. Bock; R. Grunwald
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Single-beam interference from plain Gaussian and OAM wavefronts
Author(s): S. Popov; M. Favier
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Generation of Laguerre Gaussian beams using spiral phase diffractive elements fabricated on optical fiber tips using focused ion beam milling
Author(s): R. S. Rodrigues Ribeiro; P. Dahal; A. Guerreiro; P. A. S. Jorge; J. Viegas
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High-order disclinations in the polarization of light
Author(s): Enrique J. Galvez; Behzad Khajavi
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Soliton formation by interacting Airy beams
Author(s): F. Diebel; D. V. Timotijević; D. M. Jović Savić; C. Denz
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Chiral separation and twin-beam photonics
Author(s): David S. Bradshaw; David L. Andrews
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Untangled modes in multimode waveguides
Author(s): Martin Plöschner; Tomáš Tyc; Tomáš Čižmár
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Optical vortex beam transmission with different OAM in scattering beads and brain tissue media
Author(s): W. B. Wang; Lingyan Shi; Lukas Lindwasser; Paulo Marque; M. P. J. Lavery; R. R. Alfano
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Optical binding between nanowires
Author(s): Stephen H. Simpson; Simon Hanna
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Novel non-imaging optic design for uniform illumination
Author(s): S. Babadi; R. Ramirez-Iniguez; T. Boutaleb; T. Mallick
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Tractor beams for optical micromanipulation
Author(s): Aaron Yevick; David G. Grier
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Holographic vector-wave femtosecond laser processing
Author(s): Yoshio Hayasaki; Satoshi Hasegawa
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Complex light in 3D printing
Author(s): Christophe Moser; Paul Delrot; Damien Loterie; Edgar Morales Delgado; Miguel Modestino; Demetri Psaltis
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Optical screw-wrench for interlocking 2PP-microstructures
Author(s): J. Köhler; G. Zyla; S. I. Ksouri; C. Esen; A. Ostendorf
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Photothermal heating in metal-embedded microtools for material transport
Author(s): Mark Villangca; Darwin Palima; Andrew Bañas; Jesper Glückstad
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Photo-induced force for spectroscopic imaging at the nanoscale
Author(s): Junghoon Jahng; Faezeh Tork Ladani; Ryan Muhammad Khan; Eric Olaf Potma
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