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Quantum Sensing and Nano Electronics and Photonics XIII
Editor(s): Manijeh Razeghi
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Volume Number: 9755
Date Published: 22 August 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9755
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Sensors, nano-electronics and photonics for the Army of 2030 and beyond
Author(s): Philip Perconti; W. C. Kirkpatrick Alberts II; Jagmohan Bajaj; Jonathan Schuster; Meredith Reed
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Real-time spectroscopic sensing using a widely tunable external cavity-QCL with MOEMS diffraction grating
Author(s): Ralf Ostendorf; Lorenz Butschek; André Merten; Jan Grahmann; Jan Jarvis; Stefan Hugger; Frank Fuchs; Joachim Wagner
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Detection of hydrogen peroxide based on long-path absorption spectroscopy using a CW EC-QCL
Author(s): N. P. Sanchez; Y. Yu; L. Dong; R. Griffin; F. K. Tittel
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Demonstration of a rapidly-swept external cavity quantum cascade laser for rapid and sensitive quantification of chemical mixtures
Author(s): B. E. Brumfield; M. S. Taubman; M. C. Phillips
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Quantum cascade laser based active hyperspectral imaging for standoff detection of chemicals on surfaces
Author(s): S. Hugger; F. Fuchs; J. Jarvis; Q. K. Yang; M. Rattunde; R. Ostendorf; C. Schilling; R. Driad; W. Bronner; R. Aidam; J. Wagner; T. Tybussek; K. Rieblinger
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High power, electrically tunable quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Steven Slivken; Manijeh Razeghi
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Quartz enhanced photoacoustic leak sensor for mechatronic components
Author(s): A. Sampaolo; P. Patimisco; M. Giglio; P. P. Calabrese; L. Chieco; G. Scamarcio; F. K. Tittel; V. Spagnolo
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Linewidth broadening factor and gain compression in quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Louise Jumpertz; Florian Michel; Robert Pawlus; Wolfgang E. Elsässer; Mathieu Carras; Kevin Schires; Frédéric Grillot
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Interband cascade lasers with CW wallplug efficiency higher than 40% at low temperatures
Author(s): C. D. Merritt; W. W. Bewley; C. L. Canedy; C. S. Kim; M. Kim; I. Vurgaftman; J. R. Meyer
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Compact, low power consumption methane sensor based on a novel miniature multipass gas cell and a CW, room temperature interband cascade laser emitting at 3.3 μm
Author(s): Lei Dong; Chunguang Li; Nancy P. Sanchez; Aleksander K. Gluszek; Robert J. Griffin; Frank K. Tittel
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High-power CW GaSb type-I gain chips as single-frequency sources for widely tunable spectroscopy in the mid-infrared
Author(s): Ieva Šimonytė; Edgaras Dvinelis; Ramūnas Songaila; Augustinas Trinkūnas; Mindaugas Greibus; Kristijonas Vizbaras; Augustinas Vizbaras
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Plasmonic resonances in carbon fibers observed with terahertz near-field microscopy
Author(s): Irina Khromova; Miguel Navarro-Cía; Igal Brener; John L. Reno; Andrey N. Ponomarev; Oleg Mitrofanov
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Silicon and germanium mid-infrared photonics
Author(s): G. Z. Mashanovich; G. T. Reed; M. Nedeljkovic; J. Soler Penades; C. J. Mitchell; A. Z. Khokhar; C. J. Littlejohns; S. Stankovic; X. Chen; L. Shen; N. Healy; A. C. Peacock; C. Alonso-Ramos; A. Ortega-Monux; G. Wanguemert-Perez; I. Molina-Fernandez; P. Cheben; J. J. Ackert; A. P. Knights; F. Y. Gardes; D. J. Thomson
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Heterogeneously grown tunable group-IV laser on silicon
Author(s): Mantu Hudait; M. Clavel; L. Lester; D. Saladukha; T. Ochalski; F. Murphy-Armando
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Radiation tolerance studies of long wavelength infrared InAs/GaSb detectors
Author(s): Alexander Soibel; Sir B. Rafol; Arezou Khoshakhlagh; Jean Nguyen; Linda Hoglund; Anita Fisher; Sam A. Keo; David Z.-Y. Ting; Sarath D. Gunapala
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Mid-infrared interband cascade photodetectors with high quantum efficiency
Author(s): Zhao-Bing Tian; Anjali Singh; Kevin Rigg; Sanjay Krishna
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InAs-based type-II superlattice long wavelength photodetectors
Author(s): Fangfang Wang; Jianxin Chen; Zhicheng Xu; Yi Zhou; Li He
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Theoretical and experimental investigation of optically spin-injected VECSEL
Author(s): Alexandre Joly; Julien Frougier; Ghaya Baili; Mehdi Alouini; Jean-Marie George; Isabelle Sagnes; Daniel Dolfi
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Dynamic control of chaotic resonators
Author(s): A. Di Falco; R. Bruck; C. Liu; O. Muskens; A. Fratalocchi
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Analytical treatment of the interaction between light, plasmonic and quantum resonances: quasi-normal mode expansion
Author(s): M. Perrin; J. Yang; P. Lalanne
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Enhanced second-harmonic generation from magnetic resonance in AlGaAs nanoantennas
Author(s): Costantino De Angelis; Andrea Locatelli; Luca Carletti; Davide Rocco; Oleksandr Stepanenko; Giuseppe Leo; Ivan Favero; Aristide Lemaitre; Giuseppe Marino; Nicolas Olivier; Anatoly V. Zayats
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Synthesis, doping and properties of two-dimensional materials
Author(s): Rui Zhao; Shruti Subramanian; Joshua A. Robinson
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Atomic layer epitaxy for quantum well nitride-based devices
Author(s): Jennifer Hite; Neeraj Nepal; Virginia R. Anderson; Jaime A. Freitas; Michael A. Mastro; Charles R. Eddy
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Recent advances in Sofradir IR on II-VI photodetectors for HOT applications
Author(s): Laurent Rubaldo; Alexandre Brunner; Pierre Guinedor; Rachid Taalat; Jocelyn Berthoz; Diane Sam-giao; Alexandre Kerlain; Loic Dargent; Nicolas Péré-Laperne; Vincent Chaffraix; Marie-Lise Bourqui; Yannick Loquet; Jerome Coussement
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Stray light suppression in InGaAs/GaAsSb type-II FPA
Author(s): Sundararajan Balasekaran; Masaki Migita; Takahiko Kawahara; Ken-ichi Machinaga; Kouhei Miura; Hiroshi Inada; Yasuhiro Iguchi; Tsukuru Katsuyama
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Deterministic temporal chaos from a mid-infrared external cavity quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Frédéric Grillot; Louise Jumpertz; Kevin Schires; Mathieu Carras; Marc Sciamanna
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Additional compound semiconductor nanowires for photonics
Author(s): F. Ishikawa
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Performance analysis of polarization sensitive mid-infrared photodetector using anisotropic quantum dot
Author(s): Jitendra Kumar; Satish Kumar Singh
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Photoluminescence of sequential infiltration synthesized ZnO nanostructures
Author(s): Leonidas E. Ocola; David J. Gosztola; Angel Yanguas-Gil; Hyo-Seon Suh; Aine Connolly
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Examples of modern quantum sensing and metrology with new results on photon-added coherent states
Author(s): Jerome Luine; Anjali Singh; Bryan Gard; Jonathan Olson
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Light-matter interaction: conversion of optical energy and momentum to mechanical vibrations and phonons
Author(s): Masud Mansuripur
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Technology study of quantum remote sensing imaging
Author(s): Siwen Bi; Xuling Lin; Song Yang; Zhiqiang Wu
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DFB-ridge laser diodes at 894 nm for Cesium atomic clocks
Author(s): N. von Bandel; M. Garcia; M. Lecomte; A. Larrue; Y. Robert; E. Vinet; O. Driss; O. Parrilaud; M. Krakowski; F. Gruet; R. Matthey; G. Mileti
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Quartz tuning forks with novel geometries for optoacoustic gas sensing
Author(s): V. Spagnolo; A. Sampaolo; P. Patimisco; L. Dong; Y. Gupta; Y. Yu; A. Geras; M. Giglio; P. P. Calabrese; T. Starecki; G. Scamarcio; Frank K. Tittel
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Hollow-core waveguide for single-mode laser beam propagation in the spectral range of 3.7-7.3 μm
Author(s): P. Patimisco; L. Mihai; M. Giglio; A. Sampaolo; P. P. Calabrese; J. M. Kriesel; D. Sporea; G. Scamarcio; F. K. Tittel; V. Spagnolo
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Microwave radiation absorption and Shubnikov: de Haas oscillations in semi-metal InAs/GaSb/AlSb composite quantum wells
Author(s): Maya P. Mikhaliova; Anatoly I. Veinger; Igor V. Kochman; Petr V. Semenikhin; Karina V. Kalinina; Robert V. Parfeniev; Vyacheslav A. Berezovets; Alice Hospodková; Jiří Pangrác; Eduard Hulicius
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Diamond-based field sensor for nEDM experiment
Author(s): Sarvagya Sharma; Chris Hovde; Douglas H. Beck
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Mid-infrared quantum cascade laser integrated with distributed Bragg reflector
Author(s): Hiroyuki Yoshinaga; Jun-ichi Hashimoto; Hiroki Mori; Yukihiro Tsuji; Makoto Murata; Mitsuru Ekawa; Tsukuru Katsuyama
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Optimization of the epitaxial design of high current density resonant tunneling diodes for terahertz emitters
Author(s): Razvan Baba; Benjamin J. Stevens; Toshikazu Mukai; Richard A. Hogg
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