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Silicon Photonics XI
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Volume Number: 9752
Date Published: 15 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9752
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Silicon-based phase shifters for high figure of merit in optical modulation
Author(s): Kensuke Ogawa; Kazuhiro Goi; Norihiro Ishikura; Hiroki Ishihara; Shinichi Sakamoto; Tsung-Yang Liow; Xiaoguang Tu; Guo-Qiang Lo; Dim-Lee Kwong; Soon Thor Lim; Min Jie Sun; Ching Eng Png
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Hybrid silicon-vanadium dioxide electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Kevin J. Miller; Petr Markov; Robert E. Marvel; Richard F. Haglund; Sharon M. Weiss
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Analysis of depletion silicon phase shifter based on computer simulation
Author(s): Ching Eng Png; Min Jie Sun; Soon Thor Lim; Kensuke Ogawa
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Stacked double-layer nanomembrane Fano modulators
Author(s): Yichen Shuai; Deyin Zhao; Corey Stambaugh; John Lawall; Weidong Zhou
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Silicon dual-ring resonator-based push-pull modulators
Author(s): Xiaomeng Sun; Linjie Zhou; Matthias Jäger; Despoina Petousi; Lars Zimmermann; Klaus Petermann
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SWIR InGaAs/GaAsSb type-II quantum well photodetectors and spectrometers integrated on SOI
Author(s): Ruijun Wang; Muhammad Muneeb; Stephan Sprengel; Gerhard Boehm; Roel Baets; Markus-Christian Amann; Gunther Roelkens
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CMOS-compatible polarization rotator design based on asymmetrical periodic loaded waveguide structure
Author(s): Yao Sun; Winnie N. Ye
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Direct bandgap GeSn light emitting diodes for short-wave infrared applications grown on Si
Author(s): Nils von den Driesch; Daniela Stange; Stephan Wirths; Denis Rainko; Gregor Mussler; Toma Stoica; Zoran Ikonic; Jean-Michel Hartmann; Detlev Grützmacher; Siegfried Mantl; Dan Buca
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Hybrid integration of carbon nanotubes into silicon slot photonic structures
Author(s): E. Durán Valdeiglesias; W. Zhang; H. C. Hoang; C. Alonso-Ramos; A. Noury; S. Serna; X. Le Roux; E. Cassan; N. Izard; F. Sarti; U. Torrini; M. Balestrieri; A.-S. Keita; H. Yang; V. Bezugly; A. Vinattieri; G. Cuniberti; A. Filoramo; M. Gurioli; L. Vivien
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Black silicon-based infrared radiation source
Author(s): Momen Anwar; Yasser Sabry; Philippe Basset; Frédéric Marty; Tarik Bourouina; Diaa Khalil
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Ultra-high amplified strain on 200 mm optical Germanium-On-Insulator (GeOI) substrates: towards CMOS compatible Ge lasers
Author(s): V. Reboud; A. Gassenq; K. Guilloy; G. Osvaldo Dias; J. M. Escalante; S. Tardif; N. Pauc; J. M. Hartmann; J. Widiez; E. Gomez; E. Bellet Amalric; D. Fowler; D. Rouchon; I. Duchemin; Y. M. Niquet; F. Rieutord; J. Faist; R. Geiger; T. Zabel; E. Marin; H. Sigg; A. Chelnokov; V. Calvo
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100 Gb/s photoreceiver module based on 4ch × 25 Gb/s vertical-illumination-type Ge-on-Si photodetectors and amplifier circuits
Author(s): Jiho Joo; Ki-Seok Jang; Sanghoon Kim; In Gyoo Kim; Jin Hyuk Oh; Sun Ae Kim; Gyungock Kim; Gyu-Seob Jeong; Hankyu Chi; Deog-Kyoon Jeong
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Simplified architecture for photonic analog-to-digital conversion, utilizing an array of optical modulators
Author(s): Hayk Gevorgyan; Anatol Khilo
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Silicon large-scale optical switches using MZIs and dual-ring assisted MZIs
Author(s): Linjie Zhou; Liangjun Lu; Zuxiang Li; Shuoyi Zhao; Dong Li; Jianping Chen
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New approaches for energy saving in silicon photonics
Author(s): Zhiping Zhou; Qingzhong Deng; Tiantian Li; Xinbai Li
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Monolithically-integrated Young interferometers for label-free and multiplexed detection of biomolecules
Author(s): Eleftheria Savra; Antonia Malainou; Alexandros Salapatas; Athanasios Botsialas; Panagiota Petrou; Ioannis Raptis; Eleni Makarona; Sotirios E. Kakabakos; Konstantinos Misiakos
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High-speed resonant detection via defect states in silicon disk resonators
Author(s): Andrew P. Knights; Jason J. Ackert
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Dispersion engineering of silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) waveguides for mid-infrared applications
Author(s): Raghi S. El Shamy; Hany Mossad; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Keeping 2D materials visible even buried in SoI wafers
Author(s): Ergun Simsek; Bablu Mukherjee
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Subwavelength grating waveguide-integrated athermal Mach-Zehnder interferometer with enhanced fabrication error tolerance and wide stable spectral range
Author(s): Peng Xing; Jaime Viegas
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Design and characterization of low-loss 2D grating couplers for silicon photonics integrated circuits
Author(s): C. Lacava; L. Carrol; A. Bozzola; R. Marchetti; P. Minzioni; I. Cristiani; M. Fournier; S. Bernabe; D. Gerace; L. C. Andreani
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CMOS-compatible spot-size converter for optical fiber to sub-um silicon waveguide coupling with low-loss low-wavelength dependence and high tolerance to misalignment
Author(s): Marie-Josée Picard; Christine Latrasse; Carl Larouche; Yves Painchaud; Michel Poulin; François Pelletier; Martin Guy
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Ultrafast all-optical arithmetic logic based on hydrogenated amorphous silicon microring resonators
Author(s): Dusan Gostimirovic; Winnie N. Ye
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A low-cost technique for adding microlasers to a silicon photonic platform
Author(s): Joan Juvert; Iain Eddie; Colin J. Mitchell; Graham T. Reed; James S. Wilkinson; Anthony Kelly; Steven L. Neale
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Flat-top MZI filters: a novel robust design based on MMI splitters
Author(s): Matteo Cherchi; Mikko Harjanne; Sami Ylinen; Markku Kapulainen; Tapani Vehmas; Timo Aalto
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Ultra-low-power silicon photonics wavelength converter for phase-encoded telecommunication signals
Author(s): C. Lacava; M. A. Ettabib; I. Cristiani; J.-M. Fedeli; D. J. Richardson; P. Petropoulos
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Ultra-low loss fully-etched grating couplers for perfectly vertical coupling compatible with DUV lithography tools
Author(s): G. Dabos; N. Pleros; D. Tsiokos
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Microheater-integrated silicon coupled photonic crystal microcavities for low-power thermo-optic switching over a wide spectrum
Author(s): Xingyu Zhang; Swapnajit Chakravarty; Chi-Jui Chung; Zeyu Pan; Hai Yan; Ray T. Chen
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Chiral spiral waveguides based on MMI crossings: theory and experiments
Author(s): Matteo Cherchi; Sami Ylinen; Mikko Harjanne; Markku Kapulainen; Tapani Vehmas; Timo Aalto
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Nonlinear distortions in silicon microring resonator filters and their impact on integrated photonic ADCs
Author(s): Kenaish Al Qubaisi; Anatol Khilo
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Novel spot size converter for coupling standard single mode fibers to SOI waveguides
Author(s): Marco Michele Sisto; Bruno Fisette; Jacques-Edmond Paultre; Alex Paquet; Yan Desroches
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Generation of tunable, high repetition rate frequency combs with equalized spectra using carrier injection based silicon modulators
Author(s): Nagarjun K.P.; Shankar Kumar Selvaraja; V. R. Supradeepa
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Improving the opto-microwave performance of SiGe/Si phototransistor through edge-illuminated structure
Author(s): Z. G. Tegegne; C. Viana; J. L. Polleux; M. Grzeskowiak; E. Richalot
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Device characterization of the VCSEL-on-silicon as an on chip light source
Author(s): Myung-Joon Kwack; Ki-Seok Jang; Jiho Joo; Hyundai Park; Jin Hyuk Oh; Jaegyu Park; Sanggi Kim; Gyungock Kim
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Resonance-spacing tuning over whole free spectral range in a single microring resonator
Author(s): Ge Gao; Shuai Yuan; Danping Li; Jinsong Xia
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Si photonics expands to mid-wave and long-wave infrared: the fundamentals and applications
Author(s): V. K. Malyutenko
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MEMS-based IR-sources
Author(s): Sebastian Weise; Bastian Steinbach; Steffen Biermann
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