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Physics, Simulation, and Photonic Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices V
Editor(s): Alexandre Freundlich; Laurent Lombez; Masakazu Sugiyama
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Volume Number: 9743
Date Published: 21 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9743
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advances with vertical epitaxial heterostructure architecture (VEHSA) phototransducers for optical to electrical power conversion efficiencies exceeding 50 percent
Author(s): S. Fafard; F. Proulx; M. C. A. York; M. Wilkins; C. E. Valdivia; M. Bajcsy; D. Ban; A. Jaouad; B. Bouzazi; R. Arès; V. Aimez; K. Hinzer; D. P. Masson
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Energy and entropy currents for nanoscaled optoelectronics
Author(s): Fabienne Velia Michelini; Katawoura Beltako; Adeline Crépieux
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Numerical modeling of photon recycling and luminescence coupling in non-ideal multijunction solar cell
Author(s): Mengyang Yuan; Zheng Lyu; Jieyang Jia; Yusi Chen; Yi Liu; Yijie Huo; Yu Miao; James Harris
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Development of numerical modeling program for organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells by including tail/Interfacial states models
Author(s): Kuan-Ying Ho; I-Hsin Lu; Yuh-Renn Wu
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Local transport properties investigation by correlating hyperspectral and confocal luminescence images
Author(s): G. El-Hajje; D. Ory; J.-F. Guillemoles; L. Lombez
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Calibration standards and measurement accuracy of absolute electroluminescence and internal properties in multi-junction and arrayed solar cells
Author(s): Masahiro Yoshita; Lin Zhu; Changsu Kim; Toshimitsu Mochizuki; Tetsuya Nakamura; Mitsuru Imaizumi; Shaoqiang Chen; Hidehiro Kubota; Yoshihiko Kanemitsu; Hidefumi Akiyama
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A novel measurement method of luminescence coupling in multijunction solar cells based on small signal method
Author(s): Zheng Lyu; Mengyang Yuan; Jieyang Jia; Taner Bilir; Yi Liu; Yijie Huo; Yu Miao; James S. Harris
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Computational optimization and solution-processing of thick and efficient luminescent down-shifting layers for photovoltaics
Author(s): Anastasiia Solodovnyk; Christopher Kick; Andres Osvet; Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf; Edda Stern; Miroslaw Batentschuk; Karen Forberich; Christoph J. Brabec
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Rapid 2D incoherent mirror fabrication by laser interference lithography and wet etching for III-V MQW solar cells
Author(s): Wei Wang; Alex Freundlich
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Silicon solar cell using optimized intermediate reflector layer
Author(s): Ahmed E. Khalifa; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Design and fabrication of a micro CPV system based on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 microcells array
Author(s): Sebastien Jutteau; Myriam Paire; Laurent Lombez; Jean-François Guillemoles
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Carrier scattering processes and low energy phonon spectroscopy in hybrid perovskites crystals
Author(s): Jacky Even; Serge Paofai; Philippe Bourges; Antoine Letoublon; Stéphane Cordier; Olivier Durand; Claudine Katan
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Dielectric properties of hybrid perovskites and drift-diffusion modeling of perovskite cells
Author(s): L. Pedesseau; M. Kepenekian; D. Sapori; Y. Huang; A. Rolland; A. Beck; C. Cornet; O. Durand; S. Wang; C. Katan; J. Even
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Design optimization of thin-film/wafer-based tandem junction solar cells using analytical modeling
Author(s): Lauren Davidson; Fatima Toor
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Hot-carrier solar cell NEGF-based simulations
Author(s): Nicolas Cavassilas; Fabienne Michelini; Marc Bescond; Thibault Joie
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Third generation hot carrier solar cells: paths towards innovative energy contacts structures
Author(s): Francois Gibelli; Anatole Julian; Zacharie Jehl Li Kao; Jean-François Guillemoles
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Characterization and modeling of radiation damages via internal radiative efficiency in multi-junction solar cells
Author(s): Lin Zhu; Masahiro Yoshita; Tetsuya Nakamura; Mitsuru Imaizumi; Changsu Kim; Toshimitsu Mochizuki; Shaoqiang Chen; Yoshihiko Kanemitsu; Hidefumi Akiyama
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Performance impact of luminescent coupling on monolithic 12-junction phototransducers for 12 V photonic power systems
Author(s): Matthew Wilkins; Christopher E. Valdivia; Sanmeet Chahal; Masanori Ishigaki; Denis P. Masson; Simon Fafard; Karin Hinzer
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Enhanced photocarrier extraction mechanisms in ultra-thin photovoltaic GaAs n/p junctions
Author(s): Mark C. A. York; Francine Proulx; Denis P. Masson; Abdelatif Jaouad; Boussairi Bouzazi; Richard Arès; Vincent Aimez; Simon Fafard
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1.7eV Al0.2Ga0.8As solar cells epitaxially grown on silicon by SSMBE using a superlattice and dislocation filters
Author(s): Arthur Onno; Jiang Wu; Qi Jiang; Siming Chen; Mingchu Tang; Yurii Maidaniuk; Mourad Benamara; Yuriy I. Mazur; Gregory J. Salamo; Nils-Peter Harder; Lars Oberbeck; Huiyin Liu
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Quantum wells for high-efficiency photovoltaics
Author(s): Diego Alonso-Álvarez; Nicholas Ekins-Daukes
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Observation of mini-band formation in the ground and high-energy electronic states of super-lattice solar cells
Author(s): Takanori Usuki; Kouki Matsuochi; Tsubasa Nakamura; Kasidit Toprasertpong; Atsuhiko Fukuyama; Masakazu Sugiyama; Yoshiaki Nakano; Tetsuo Ikari
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Carrier dynamics in QW and bulk bismide and epitaxial lift off GaAs-In(Al)GaP double heterostructures grown by MOVPE for multi-junction solar cells
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Mark Peterson; Zachary Lingley; Stephen LaLumondiere; Steven C. Moss; Honghyuk Kim; Kamran Forghani; Yingxin Guan; Kangho Kim; Jaejin Lee; Luke J. Mawst; Thomas F. Kuech; Rao Tatavarti
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Effective drift mobility approximation in multiple quantum-well solar cell
Author(s): Kasidit Toprasertpong; Tomoyuki Inoue; Kentaroh Watanabe; Takashi Kita; Masakazu Sugiyama; Yoshiaki Nakano
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Quasi-Fermi level splitting evaluation based on electroluminescence analysis in multiple quantum-well solar cells for investigating cell performance under concentrated light
Author(s): Tomoyuki Inoue; Kasidit Toprasertpong; Amaury Delamarre; Kentaroh Watanabe; Myriam Paire; Laurent Lombez; Jean-François Guillemoles; Masakazu Sugiyama; Yoshiaki Nakano
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Carrier dynamics in type-II quantum dots for wide-bandgap intermediate-band solar cells
Author(s): Takeshi Tayagaki; Takeyoshi Sugaya
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Design optimization for two-step photon absorption in quantum dot solar cells by using infrared photocurrent spectroscopy
Author(s): R. Tamaki; Y. Shoji; Y. Okada
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Simulation study of GaAsP/Si tandem cells including the impact of threading dislocations on the luminescent coupling between the cells
Author(s): Arthur Onno; Nils-Peter Harder; Lars Oberbeck; Huiyun Liu
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Asymmetric angular-selective thermal emission
Author(s): Enas Sakr; Shailja Dhaka; Peter Bermel
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Competitive hybridization in quantum dot-based nanodevices
Author(s): Katawoura Beltako; Nicolas Cavassilas; Fabienne Michelini
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The behavior of series resistance of a p-n junction: the diode and the solar cell cases
Author(s): Poliana H. Bueno; Diogo F. Costa; Alexander Eick; André Carvalho; Davies W. L. Monteiro
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Metal/metal-oxide nanocoatings on black silicon nanograss for enhanced solar absorption and photochemical activity
Author(s): Pabitra Dahal; Raquel Flores; Elangovan Elamurugu; Nitul Rajput; Mustapha Jouiad; Jaime Viegas
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Organic photovoltaic with various plasmonic nanostructures using titanium nitride
Author(s): Sara Magdi; Qiaoqiang Gan; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Numerical analysis of the supercontinuum spectrum generation in a couple of photonic crystal fibers with different structure by using the RK4IP method
Author(s): J. P. Lauterio-Cruz; J. C. Hernández-García; J. M. Estudillo-Ayala; O. Pottiez; R. Rojas-Laguna; J. D. Filoteo-Razo; L. F. Samano-Aguilar; D. Jauregui-Vazquez
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Nanostructure-based enhancement of performance in thin-film photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Jagdish A. K.; Sibimol Luke; Praveen C. Ramamurthy; D. Roy Mahapatra; Gopalakrishna Hegde
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