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Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Applications XVI
Editor(s): Israel Gannot
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Volume Number: 9702
Date Published: 23 May 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9702
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photoacoustic imaging by using a bundle of thin hollow-optical fibers
Author(s): A. Seki; K. Iwai; T. Katagiri; Y. Matsuura
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Towards mid-infrared fiber-optic devices and systems for sensing, mapping and imaging
Author(s): D. Jayasuriya; B. Wilson; D. Furniss; Z. Tang; E. Barney; T. M. Benson; A. B. Seddon
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Fiber-optic Fourier transform infrared (FO-FTIR) spectroscopy for detecting endotoxin contamination in ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDS) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Moinuddin Hassan; Ilko Ilev
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Manufacture of micro fluidic devices by laser welding using thermal transfer printing techniques
Author(s): R. Klein; K. F. Klein; T. Tobisch; D. Thoelken; M. Belz
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Exploring the nanoscale dynamics of biomolecules with optical microcavities (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Frank Vollmer
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Ultra-sensitive near-infrared fiber-optic gas sensors enhanced by metal-organic frameworks
Author(s): Xinyuan Chong; Ki-Joong Kim; Erwen Li; Yujing Zhang; Paul R. Ohodnicki Jr.; Chih-Hung Chang; Alan X. Wang
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Label-free tracking of single extracellular vesicles in a nano-fluidic optical fiber (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Edwin van der Pol; Stefan Weidlich; Yoav Lahini; Frank A. W. Coumans; Auguste Sturk; Rienk Nieuwland; Markus A. Schmidt; Sanli Faez; Ton G. van Leeuwen
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Blood glucose measurement in vivo using hollow-fiber based, mid-infrared ATR probe with multi-reflection prism
Author(s): Saiko Kino; Suguru Omori; Yuji Matsuura
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Investigation on laser-assisted tissue repair with NIR millisecond-long light pulses and Indocyanine Green-biopolymeric patches
Author(s): Paolo Matteini; Martina Banchelli; Maximilien Cottat; Iacopo Osticioli; Marella de Angelis; Francesca Rossi; Roberto Pini
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Closure of incision in cataract surgery in-vivo using a temperature controlled laser soldering system based on a 1.9µm semiconductor laser
Author(s): Ilan Gabay; Svetlana Basov; David Varssano; Irina Barequet; Mordechai Rosner M.D.; Marcel Rattunde; Joachim Wagner; Max Platkov; Mickey Harlev; Uri Rossman; Abraham Katzir
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Active depth-guiding handheld micro-forceps for membranectomy based on CP-SSOCT
Author(s): Gyeong Woo Cheon; Phillip Lee; Berk Gonenc; Peter L. Gehlbach; Jin U. Kang
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A simple way to establish a dual-core hollow fiber for laser surgery applications
Author(s): Chengbin Jing; Wesley Kendall; James A. Harrington
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Endoluminal non-contact soft tissue ablation using fiber-based Er:YAG laser delivery
Author(s): Dennis Kundrat; Alexander Fuchs; Andreas Schoob; Lüder Alexander Kahrs; Tobias Ortmaier
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Improved fiber probe for laser tissue ablation with integrated distributed temperature sensor
Author(s): Yu Liu; Riccardo Gassino; Hao Yu; Andrea Braglia; Alberto Vallan; Guido Perrone; Daniele Tosi
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Comparison of surface micro-structured and plasmonic all-fiber delivery probes for laser-induced thermotherapy of tumor cells
Author(s): Riccardo Gassino; Papiya Dhara; Yu Liu; Hao Yu; Andrea Braglia; Massimo Olivero; Alberto Vallan; Guido Perrone
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Improved uniformity of sensor gratings in offset core fibers with fiber lensing mitigation
Author(s): P. S. Westbrook; K. S. Feder; T. Kremp; T. F. Taunay; E. Monberg; R. Ortiz; G. Puc
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High-index-contrast multilayer hollow waveguides for mid-IR laser delivery
Author(s): Jeffrey E. Melzer; Wesley Y. Kendall; James A. Harrington
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Novel localized surface plasmon resonance based optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Harald Ian D. I. Muri; Dag Roar Hjelme
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Monte Carlo simulation for coherent backscattering with diverging illumination (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Wenli Wu; Andrew J. Radosevich; Adam Eshein; The-Quyen Nguyen; Vadim Backman
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Advanced biosensing methodologies developed for evaluating performance quality and safety of emerging biophotonics technologies and medical devices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ilko K. Ilev; Bennett Walker; William Calhoun; Moinuddin Hassan
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Biophotonic low-coherence sensors with boron-doped diamond thin layer
Author(s): D. Milewska; K. Karpienko; M. Sobaszek; M. Jędrzejewska-Szczerska
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Fiber optic biofluorometer for physiological research on muscle slices
Author(s): Mathias Belz; Andreas Dendorfer; Jan Werner; Daniel Lambertz; Karl-Friedrich Klein
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Detection of analyte refractive index and concentration using liquid-core photonic Bragg fibers
Author(s): Jingwen Li; Hang Qu; Maksim Skorobogatiy
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Label-free oligonucleotide biosensor based on dual-peak long period fiber grating
Author(s): Xianfeng Chen; Chen Liu; Marcos R. Cardoso; Cleber R. Mendonça; David A. Nagel; Anna V. Hine; Lin Zhang
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Estimating needle-tissue interaction forces for hollow needles using fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Saurabh Kumar; V. Shrikanth; Amrutur Bharadwaj; Sundarrajan Asokan; M. S Bobji
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Sensorization of a surgical robotic instrument for force sensing
Author(s): Kaspar S. Shahzada; Aaron Yurkewich; Ran Xu; Rajni V. Patel
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Shape sensing for torsionally compliant concentric-tube robots
Author(s): Ran Xu; Aaron Yurkewich; Rajni V. Patel
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Quantitative optical coherence elastography based on fiber-optic probe with integrated Fabry-Perot force sensor
Author(s): Yi Qiu; Yahui Wang; Yiqing Xu; Namas Chandra; James Haorah; Basil Hubbi; Bryan J. Pfister; Xuan Liu
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Mechanical properties of polyimide coated optical fibers at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Lei Huang; Robert S. Dyer; Ralph J. Lago; Andrei A. Stolov; Jie Li
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Silver hollow optical fibers with acrylic silicone resin coating as buffer layer for sturdy structure
Author(s): Katsumasa Iwai; Hiroyuki Takaku; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Yi-Wei Shi; Xiao-Song Zhu; Yuji Matsuura
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Fiber optic probes based on silver-only coated hollow glass waveguides for ionizing beam radiation dosimetry
Author(s): Arash Darafsheh; Haoyang Liu; Jeffrey E. Melzer; Reza Taleei; James A. Harrington; Alireza Kassaee; Timothy C. Zhu; Jarod C. Finlay
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Medical diagnosis and remote sensing at fiber-tip: picosecond resolved FRET sensor
Author(s): Nabarun Polley; Samir Kumar Pal
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Spectral characterization of tracheal and esophageal tissues using a hyperspectral camera and fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Corinne D. Nawn; Brian E. Souhan; Robert Carter III; Caitlin Kneapler; Nicholas Fell; Jing Yong Ye
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Bowel perforation detection using metabolic fluorescent chlorophylls
Author(s): Jung Hyun Han; Young Goun Jo; Jung Chul Kim; Sujeong Choi; Hoonsoo Kang; Yong-Chul Kim; In-Wook Hwang
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A study on the efficiency improvement of a single fiber guided illumination system for disposable flexible endoscope (DFE)
Author(s): Hyeon Jin Bang; Byung Jun Park; Young Jae Won; Seungrag Lee
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Optical coherence tomography application by using optical phase shift based on fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Seung Suk Lee; Joo Ha Kim; Tae Joong Eom; Eun Seo Choi
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Novel light diffusing fiber for use in medical applications
Author(s): W. Spencer Klubben; Stephan L. Logunov; Edward J. Fewkes; Jeff Mooney; Paul M. Then; Peter G. Wigley; Horst Schreiber; Kaitlyn Matias; Cynthia J. Wilson; Manuela Ocampo
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