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8th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
Editor(s): Yadong Jiang; Bernard Kippelen; Junsheng Yu
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Volume Number: 9686
Date Published: 14 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9686
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Imaging technique based on multilinear array integrated TDICCD
Author(s): Li Qiang; Hu Yuting
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THz transmittance and electrical properties of silicon doped vanadium dioxide films tuning by annealing temperature
Author(s): Xuefei Wu; Zhiming Wu; Chunhui Ji; Zehua Huang; Jun Gou; Jun Wang; Yadong Jiang
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Research of timing design and adjusting methods of EMCCD
Author(s): Wang Peng; ZhiKuan He; Liu Qi
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A deformable plane-parallel optical plate with 16 actuated points for low order aberrations correction
Author(s): Min Zhang; Lei Zhao; Lijian Dong; Yongxin Sui; Huaijiang Yang
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Optimizing design method of static simulation for Unimorph DM
Author(s): Zhanbin Fan; Yifan Dai; Guipeng Tie; Chaoliang Guan
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A novel CPPM anti-crosstalk collision avoidance lidar with ultra-low laser power
Author(s): Jie Hao; Mali Gong; Pengfei Du; Baojie Lu; Fan Zhang; Haitao Zhang; Xing Fu
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High performance organic optoelectronic integrated device based on thermally activated delayed fluorescence material with an interlaid architecture
Author(s): Dianli Zhou; Hanyu Wang; Jiang Huang; Junsheng Yu
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Simulation of GaN/InGaN avalanche phototransistors
Author(s): Zhongliang Zhou; Min Zhu; Qi Wu; Shaohui Di; Tong Wang; Jun Chen
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PSPICE simulation of transient characteristics of GaN based MSM structure UV detector grown by MBE
Author(s): Xiangming Gao; Shuo Wang; Hongxia Ran; Ruifeng Liu; Jinshe Yuan
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Waveguide effect of Fe doped GaN alloy grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Xiangming Gao; Wenqi Zheng; Tao Fan; Yuyang Zhang; Jinshe Yuan
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Facile solution processed MoO3 thin film as hole transportation layer for polymer solar cells
Author(s): Chengxi Zhang; Jiang Cheng; Xiaoqing Liao; Lu Li; Xiaojuan Lian; Xin Yang
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The ambipolar operation of lateral and vertical PbSe quantum dots field effect phototransistors
Author(s): Haiting Zhang; Yating Zhang; Xiaoxian Song; Yu Yu; Mingxuan Cao; Yongli Che; Jianlong Wang; Haitao Dai; Guizhong Zhang; Jianquan Yao
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Quality assessment for spectral imaging
Author(s): Yuheng Chen; Xinhua Chen; Jiankang Zhou; Yiqun Ji; Weimin Shen
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Technique of multilayer to improve holographic performance of photopolymer for high density data memory
Author(s): Heng Wang; Enzhu Hou; Shifeng Xu; Dan Xu
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Detection and extraction of mixed signals in hybrid optical fiber sensing system
Author(s): Lidong Lu; Liyu Zhou; Xiaoyan Sun; Xiande Bu; Binglin Li
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Third order optical nonlinearities of TiO2/PS composite system
Author(s): Mei Xiang; Xiao-yi Lv; Bumaliya Abulimiti; Jun-wei Hou
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Influence of annealing treatment on the dielectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Author(s): Yuetao Zhao; Wenyao Yang; Yujiu Zhou; Yan Chen; Xin He; Xiling Mao; Yajie Yang; Jianhua Xu; Yadong Jiang
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Improved single image super-resolution based on edge directed interpolation
Author(s): Haiyang Zhou; Ling Yan; Lei Zhang; Rong Zheng; Feihong Yu
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Effect of the introduction of Ag on the microstructures and electrical properties of polycrystalline VO2 thin films
Author(s): Deen Gu; Zhou Xin; Zhihui Wang; Pan Tan; Yadong Jiang
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Optical properties of thermally evaporated ultra-thin Al, Ag and Cu films
Author(s): Ming Zhou; Yaopeng Li; Sheng Zhou; Li Zhang; Yuan Cai; Dingquan Liu
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Fabrication and parameters calculation of terahertz detector with resonance cavity structure
Author(s): Zhiqing Liang; Ziji Liu; Zheng dong Ma; He Yu; Tao Wan; Yadong Jiang
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Image metric analysis of laser jamming effect based on edge strength similarity and gray mean square error
Author(s): Li Shao; Yun-long Wu
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Surface modification on GaAs by in-situ pulsed UV laser
Author(s): Xiaoxiang Guo; Dayun Huo; Wei Zhang; Chao Xu; Changwei Deng; Changsi Peng
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Synthesis and structure property relationship of several dicyanomethylene malononitrile derivatives
Author(s): Juan Du; Yu Wang; Yuxia Zhao; Feipeng Wu
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A room temperature terahertz photodetector based on In0.53Ga0.47As material
Author(s): Yue Qu; Wei Zhou; Niangjuan Yao; Zhiming Huang
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The study on the generation method of two-dimensional airy beams based on digital blazed grating
Author(s): Yun-long Wu; Jin-song Nie; Li Shao; Xiao-quan Sun
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DFB fiber laser hydrophone enhanced through polyurethane end surface pulling
Author(s): Tang Bo; Junbin Huang; Hongcan Gu; Xin Mao
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Performance of terahertz photodetectors based on MSM structures of Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride under low temperature
Author(s): Wei Zhou; Yue Qu; Niangjuan Yao; Zhiming Huang
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Scratch detection in metal surface by blasting using Gabor filters
Author(s): Shuangchun Liu; Hongwei Jing
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Magnetically tunable giant Goos-Hänchen shift of reflected terahertz beam
Author(s): Meng-yao He; Jiu-sheng Li
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Fabrication and infrared absorption of tellurium doped silicon via femtosecond laser irradiation
Author(s): Lingyan Du; Zhiming Wu; Fei Tang; Rui Li; Yadong Jiang
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The new high-speed switching study of ultra-short laser pulse technology
Author(s): Bo Sun; Yongsheng Gou; Dahui Wang; Baiyu Liu; Xueqing Zhao; Yonglin Bai
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Realizing white organic light emitting device with direct hole injection structure by manipulating electron transport
Author(s): Zhu Yunke; Biao Xu; Ping Wang; Cheng Hongxue; Zhong Jian
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Synthesis and characterization of lithium tantalate thin films fabricated by sol-gel method
Author(s): Binwei Sun; Dong Pan; Zehua Huang; Jun Wang; Yadong Jiang
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Effects of annealing time on the application of vanadium dioxide films in smart windows
Author(s): Chunhui Ji; Zhiming Wu; Xuefei Wu; Haoqian Feng; Xueting Ma; Yadong Jiang
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Simulation and analysis of image sensor's TEC cooling package based on ANSYS Icepak
Author(s): Yuheng Wu; Huachuang Wang
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A bidirectional image matching algorithm based on SIFT features
Author(s): Nan Zhang; Lin Luo; Xiaorong Gao; Jinlong Li
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The method of color restoration based on CYMG complementary colors CFA pattern
Author(s): Ling Yan; Haiyang Zhou; Feihong Yu
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An automatic white balance method based on gray world and coincidence of chromaticity histogram
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Haiyang Zhou; Ling Yan; Rong Zheng; Feihong Yu
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Light field microscope with square aperture and the reconstruction algorithm
Author(s): Xia Yinxiang M.D.; Xu Feng; Yao Yujia
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Measurement of scattering laser energy density distribution in optical extinctive chambers based on CCD imaging method
Author(s): Weiwei Liang; Wenpan Zhang; Qianrong Cheng; Yongwang Hao; Hongpeng Zhao
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Thermal strain and stress distribution of ZnTe/Si(211) and CdTe/Si(211) heterostructures
Author(s): Yuan-zhang Wang
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An efficient algorithm based on the fast fuzzy theory for image and video dehazing
Author(s): Rong Zheng; Haiyang Zhou; Lei Zhang; Lin Yan; Feihong Yu
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Effect of doping copper-phthalocyanine and annealing treatment on the performance of polymer solar cells
Author(s): Shen Xing; Junsheng Yu; Hanyu Wang
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The effect of interlayer on the performance of double emitting layer OLEDs
Author(s): Run Wang; Dianli Zhou; Junsheng Yu
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Theoretical investigation of a novel logic device based on plasmon-induced transparency
Author(s): Yichen Ye; Yiyuan Xie; Yuzhu Liu; Shujian Wang; Jingping Zhang
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A general crosstalk noise analysis model for the N-port nonblocking optical router in ONoC using WDM
Author(s): Zhendong Zhang; Yiyuan Xie; Tingting Song; Chao He; Jiachao Li
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An optofluidic variable optical attenuator based on magnetohydrodynamic drive
Author(s): Fenglan Xue; Jing Wan; Lingxun Wu; Yanjun Fu; Jian Hu; Fangren Hu
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A research on high-speed and large-capacity interface technology basing on fiber channel
Author(s): Zhi-qiang Zhao; Jing Tian
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Porous silicon biosensor for Echinococcosis detection based on fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Xiaoyi Lv; Jiaqing Mo; Zhenhong Jia
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A biosensor platform based on Raman spectroscopy of porous silicon
Author(s): Jiaqing Mo; Xiaoyi Lv
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Detection of terahertz radiation using improved uncooled focal plane array detector
Author(s): Xing Zheng; Zhiming Wu; Jun Gou; ZhiQing Liang; Yadong Jiang
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Design and analysis of polarization splitter based on dual-core photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Fei Yu; Zhenpeng Wang; Chongyang Lv; Yue Wang
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A novel method to real-time offset correction for frame transfer CCD
Author(s): Zhi Chen; Yan Wen; Dalei Yao; Baotan Jiang
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Controllable preparation and optical properties of Ag columnar thin films
Author(s): Xu Huang; Yan-juan Liao; Hong Wang; Jing-nan Huang; Shao-ji Jiang
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Research on method for improving depth of focus with Gaussian beam by super-resolving pupil filters
Author(s): Xiaofeng Zhao; Changqing Liu; Hongcai Li; Chuanxun Hou; Zhili Zhang
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Ti-doped hematite photoanode prepared by spray pyrolysis method with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Author(s): Xiaojuan Lian; Jiang Cheng; Junsheng Yu; Lu Li; Xin Yang
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Large area vertical Ag columnar thin films as highly sensitive SERS substrates
Author(s): Yan-juan Liao; Xu Huang; Jing-nan Huang; Jia-yang Guo; Shao-ji Jiang
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Low-voltage organic thin film transistors with solution processed hafnium oxide and polymer dielectrics
Author(s): Biao Xu; Ping Wang; Jian Zhong
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64-element fiber laser sensing system with interferometric interrogation
Author(s): Junbin Huang; Hongcan Gu; Bo Tang; Xin Mao
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