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AOPC 2015: Optical Fiber Sensors and Applications
Editor(s): Yanbiao Liao; Weixu Zhang; Desheng Jiang; Wei Wang; Gilberto Brambilla
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Volume Number: 9679
Date Published: 23 October 2015

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9679
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Analysis and optimization of all-fiber polarization transformers
Author(s): Yue-yu Xiao; Yi-wei Gao; Hui-xiang Yang
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A new deformation measurement method for heavy-duty machine tool base by multipoint distributed FBG sensors
Author(s): Ruiya Li; Yuegang Tan; Yi Liu; Zude Zhou; Mingyao Liu
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Study on spatial resolution improvement of distributed temperature sensor system by linear fitting algorithm
Author(s): Miao Sun; Yuquan Tang; Jun Li; Shuang Yang; Fengzhong Dong
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Phase noise measurement of phase modulation microwave photonic links
Author(s): Quanyi Ye; Zhengyu Chen; Zhiguo Xu; Yingjie Gao
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Research progress of the resonant fiber optic gyroscope technology
Author(s): Linglan Wang; Yuchao Yan; Huilian Ma; Zhonghe Jin
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Study on the characteristics of different infrared transmission in atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Zhe Wang; Jing-yuan Wang; Zhi-yong Xu; Shuai Chang; Ji-yong Zhao; Yi-wang Chen; Rong Wang; Yi-mei Wei
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Demonstration of 20Gb/s polarization-insensitive wavelength switching system for high-speed free-space optical network
Author(s): Feng-chen Qian; Ya-lin Ye; Yu Wen; Tao Duan; Huan Feng
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Selected cladding mode recoupling based on cascaded LPG and TFBG for satellites vibration environment monitoring
Author(s): Weisheng Liu; Tuan Guo; Chao Liu; Hwa-yaw Tam
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Design and optimization of power current transformer based on FBG sensing
Author(s): N. K. Ren; Y. L. Xiong; H. Liang; S. Meng; M. Z. Wu
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Stabilization technique of optic fiber delay lines for photonic sensing
Author(s): Chun Xiao; Jun-jiang Ren; Wen-jie Wei; Cheng-lin Xu; Jian-ping Huang
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A new method for testing the scale-factor performance of fiber optical gyroscope
Author(s): Zhengxin Zhao; Haicheng Yu; Jing Li; Chao Li; Haiyang Shi; Bingxin Zhang
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The temperature and tension characteristics of the FBGs embedded in the polythene sheath of an optical cable
Author(s): Guanghui Chen; Ming Zhao; Jianbo Sha; Jun Zhang; Bingyan Wu; Chen Lin; Mingliang Zhang; Kan Gao
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A high-speed transceiver with optical SerDes
Author(s): Chaolong Xu; Zhang Luo; Jinwen Li; Kefei Wang; Zhengbin Pang
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Using the combination refraction-reflection solid to design omni-directional light source used in underwater wireless optical communication
Author(s): Jionghui Rao; Wenming Yao; Linqiang Wen
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Design and realization of a test system for 50Gbit/s optical transmission
Author(s): Shu Liu; Shaojing Su
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Improved artificial bee colony algorithm for wavefront sensor-less system in free space optical communication
Author(s): Chaojun Niu; Xiang’e Han
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Optimization of receiving power distribution using genetic algorithm for visible light communication
Author(s): Yuhan Liu; Yunfeng Peng; Yumin Liu; Keping Long
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Filtering and analysis on the random drift of FOG
Author(s): Yun-Peng Tian; Xiao-Jun Yang; Yun-Zeng Guo; Feng Liu
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Reducing PAPR of optical OFDM system based on PTS and companding joint algorithm
Author(s): Yangjing Jia; Ping Li; Dongming Lei; Ailin Chen; Jinpeng Wang; Nianyu Zou
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Hydrogen loading to the optic fibers for fiber grating sensors
Author(s): Zhi-yong Pan; Xiao-qiang Zhang; Chun Xiao; Yuan Zhu; Wen-jie Wei
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The effects and inhibition of frequency offset on differential phase-shift keying detection
Author(s): Hao Guo; Jing Zhou; Shaojing Su; Zhongming Pan
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Research of single-polarization hollow-core photonic crystal fiber active resonator
Author(s): Wenshuai Song; Lishuang Feng; Junjie Wang; Hongchen Jiao
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A novel dispersion flattened and single-mode terahertz photonic crystal fiber with material-filled structure
Author(s): Jianhua Li; Jingyuan Wang; Zhiyong Xu; Chuanxin Wu; Huali Wang; Baofu Zhang
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All-optical signal processing technique for secure optical communication
Author(s): Feng-chen Qian; Bing Su; Ya-lin Ye; Qian Zhang; Shao-feng Lin; Tao Duan; Jie Duan
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Low-flattened dispersion photonic crystal fiber with high birefringence and low effective mode area
Author(s): Limin Wu; Peng Song
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The research and analysis of the uniformity of the magnetic field of the square Helmholtz coil
Author(s): Xin Pan; Jun Liu; Chen Wu; Jun Lu
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Phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometer for distributed fence-perimeter intrusion detection
Author(s): Xuhui Yu; Deliang Zhou; Bin Lu; Sufang Liu; Ming Pan
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A source number estimation method for single optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Junpeng Hu; Zhiping Huang; Shaojing Su; Yimeng Zhang; Chunwu Liu
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Refractive index insensitive curvature sensor based on cladding-mode resonance of specialty triple-clad fiber
Author(s): Xinghu Fu; Haiyang Xie; Guangwei Fu; Qiang Liu; Weihong Bi
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Optical inclinometer based on a single long-period fiber grating combined with a large lateral offset
Author(s): Ming Deng; Feng-yang Yin; Lei-lei Shi; Tao Zhu
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High temperature sensitivity fiber sensor based on M-Z interferometer fabricated by suspended dual-core hollow fiber
Author(s): Hongyi Zeng; Tao Geng; Wenlei Yang; Maowei An; Fan Yang
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Improved optical pulse heterodyne demodulation scheme for fiber-optic interferometric sensors
Author(s): Haiqiang Lai; Jianfei Wang; Xiaobo Tu; Zhou Meng
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Study on pattern recognition method based on fiber optic perimeter system
Author(s): Haiyan Xu; Xuewu Zhang; Zhuo Zhang; Min Li
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Field trail of fiber optic ocean bottom cable
Author(s): Wentao Zhang; Wenzhu Huang; Zhaogang Wang; Yingbo Luo; Fang Li
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A direction detective asymmetrical twin-core fiber curving sensor
Author(s): Maowei An; Tao Geng; Wenlei Yang; Hongyi Zeng; Jian Li
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Impact of dither-based Electro-Optic Modulator bias control on distributed Brillouin sensing system
Author(s): Qiao Sun; Xiaobo Tu; Shilin Sun; Xiaoyang Hu; Zhou Meng
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Theoretical investigations of terahertz polarimetric devices
Author(s): Zhen Zhou; Yongli Chen; Lishuang Feng
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Analysis of the polarization characteristic of a satellite-to-ground laser communication optical system
Author(s): Chao Wang; Lun Jiang; Yan An; Ke-yan Doug; Ya-lin Zhang
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Effect of the glass transition of coating adhesive on temperature performance of fiber optic gyroscope and its optimization
Author(s): Yueze Wang; Tieshui Wang; Lin Ma; Hao Yu; Bohan Liu
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Investigation of the MQAM modulation schemes in downlink of space optical communication system
Author(s): Mi Li; Ning Wang; Bowen Li; Xuping Zhang; Yuejiang Song; Yingjie Zhang; Guojie Tu
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Channel estimation for OFDM system in atmospheric optical communication based on compressive sensing
Author(s): Qingsong Zhao; Shiqi Hao; Hongjian Geng; Han Sun
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Design and achievement of an efficient low-order pointer multiplexing and mapping scheme
Author(s): Yangyi Chen; Shaojing Su; Zhen Zuo; Zhiping Huang; Yimeng Zhang
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The theory research of multi-user quantum access network with Measurement Device Independent quantum key distribution
Author(s): Yi-Ming Ji; Yun-Xia Li; Lei Shi; Wen Meng; Shu-Min Cui; Zhen-Yu Xu
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Research on polarization noise of hollow-core photonic crystal fiber resonator optic gyroscope
Author(s): Lishuang Feng; Hongchen Jiao; Wenshuai Song
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An optical fiber point liquid level sensor
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Ying Gong; Junfeng Ge; Bin Hua; Hongjie Zhang; Lin Ye
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Analyze and experiment on AC magnetic field’s effect to fiber optic gyroscopes in compact stabilization control systems
Author(s): Chao Zhang; Yao Mao; Jing Tian; Zhijun Li
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Tunable and integrated RF photonic phase shifter based on phase modulation and FBG filtering
Author(s): Yongfeng Wei; Shanguo Huang; Shiyue Hou; Xinlu Gao; Wanyi Gu
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Simultaneous measurement of temperature and strain by using a wide-band fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Lunlun Xian; Peng Wang; Hongpu Li
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