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AOPC 2015: Optical Design and Manufacturing Technologies
Editor(s): Lin Li; Kevin P. Thompson; Ligong Zheng
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Volume Number: 9676
Date Published: 27 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9676
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Satellite-rocket docking ring recognition method based on mathematical morphology
Author(s): Zhiqiang Xu; Yang Shang; Xuan Ma
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Optimized design and research of secondary microprism for dense array concentrating photovoltaic module
Author(s): Guanghui Yang; Bingzhen Chen; Youqiang Liu; Limin Guo; Shun Yao; Zhiyong Wang
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Optical design of temperature self-adaptive dual-field infrared system
Author(s): Ming LI; Li-juan Hong; Min Jin; Teng-peng Zhang
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A videometrics method of cooperative object pose-measurement
Author(s): Yueqiang Zhang; Yang Shang; Jianliang Ou; Xuan Ma
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Research on auto-calibration technology of the image plane's center of 360-degree and all round looking camera
Author(s): Shaojun Zhang; Xiping Xu
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Infrared zoom lens design based on target correlation recognition and tracking
Author(s): Su Zhang; Jin Duan; Qiang Fu; Wen-sheng Wang
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Starlight emergence angle error analysis of star simulator
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Guo-yu Zhang
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The measurement of pointing accuracy of two-dimensional scan mirror
Author(s): Hui Xing; Chao An; Junru Song; Xuhua He
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Magnetically tunable multi-way splitters based on unidirectional properties of magnetic metamaterials
Author(s): Wenyao Liang; Yuxia Zhang; Wuhe Chen; Huangzhong Yu
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Sensor fault diagnosis for fast steering mirror system based on Kalman filter
Author(s): Hongju Wang; Qiliang Bao; Haifeng Yang; Sunjie Tao
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Spectral calibration of programmable imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Guojun Du; Zhibo Liao; Wenchun Jiao; Xiaoying Zong; Xuhua He; Haichao Wang
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Optical design of MWIR detection system for near-space infrared detecting
Author(s): Pei-pei Yan; Kai Liu; Gang Li; Qiusha Shan; Jing Duan; Kai Jiang
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Open loop liquid crystal adaptive optics systems: progresses and results
Author(s): Zhao-liang Cao; Quan-quan Mu; Huan-yu Xu; Pei-guang Zhang; Li-shuang Yao; Li Xuan
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Design of the relay lens for infrared system coupled with imaging fiber bundle
Author(s): Xingtao Yan; Fu Li; Jianfeng Yang; Bin Xue; Xiaolong Ma; Juan Lv; Yinghong He; Yiyi Zhao
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Analysis of the imaging performance of panoramic annular lens with conic conformal dome
Author(s): Xiao Huang; Jian Bai
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The research of calibration method on lens-tilt displacement transmission-type system based on the aberration bounded model
Author(s): Chun-mei Xu; Bing-qi Liu; Li Li; Fu-yu Huang; Chu Zhang
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Research on surface control technology of precession bonnet polishing for optical processing
Author(s): Li-peng Zhang; Hui Yang; Long-xiang Bao; Jing Li
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Polarization-difference imaging of objects in smoke environment
Author(s): Lu Liu; Binkang Li; Shaohua Yang; Mingan Guo; Ming Yan; Tongding Luo; Gang Li; Shuai Gao
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Design of laser beam expander in underwater high-repetition-rate range-gated imaging system
Author(s): Wei Zhong; Xiaohui Zhang
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Research on the space-variant image sensor based on optical method
Author(s): Yufei Zhao; Yong Song; Lin Li; Qun Hao; Shaochun Han; Wansong Li; Shangnan Zhao
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Research on precision windowed track mode for in-orbit calibration on star tracker
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Yun-cai Hao; Li Wang
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Design of collimating and rearrangement systems of laser diode array beam
Author(s): Runmei Gao; Tao Fang; Rulian Fu; Jianquan Yao
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Research on non-direct reflection columnar microstructure
Author(s): B. Q. Wu; X. Z. Wang; L. H. Dong
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Design and fabrication of an elliptical micro-lens array with grating for laser safety
Author(s): L. H. Li; B. Q. Wu; C. Y. Chan; W. B. Lee; L. H. Dong
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The application of frequency characteristics test in fast control mirror system
Author(s): Xun Gan; Yu Jang; Zong You Wang; Yao Mao
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Analysis and judgment of key issues in data process for optical tracking and measurement
Author(s): Shuhua Cui; Si Shen; Yuanyuan Kang; Shaolin Hu
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Novel PbS detector chip pattern with extinction function
Author(s): Fengjin Chen; Junjie Si; Xianjun Su; Yanqiu Lv; Zhengfeng Shi
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Application of independent component analysis in target trajectory prediction based on moving platform
Author(s): Chao Deng; Yao Mao; Xun Gan; Jing Tian
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The effect of physical parameters of inertial stabilization platform on disturbance rejection ability and its improvement method
Author(s): Yao Mao; Chao Deng; Xun Gan; Jing Tian
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An application of PECHAN prism in infrared search and track system
Author(s): Hua Qiang; Yuan Li; Shan Gao; Yulan He; Nanxi Wang; Ling Wang; Li Liu; Hong Yang
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Thermal/structural/optical integrated design for optical window of a high-speed aerial optical camera
Author(s): Gaopeng Zhang; Hongtao Yang; Chao Mei; Kui Shi; Dengshan Wu; Mingrui Qiao
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Lens customization method to minimize aberration in integral imaging
Author(s): Matheus Miranda; Jonghyun Kim; Keehoon Hong; Byoungho Lee
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Optical system design of dual-spectrum autocollimator
Author(s): Yongjing Wei; Yiming Wu; Maosen Xiao; Weiguo Lu
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Design of infrared diffractive telescope imaging optical systems
Author(s): ZhouFeng Zhang; BingLiang Hu; QinYe Yin; YongJun Xie; FuZeng Kang; YanJun Wang
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The study of laser beam riding guided system based on 980nm diode laser
Author(s): Zhou Qu; Haifeng Xu; Xin Sui; Kun Yang
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Research on large spatial coordinate automatic measuring system based on multilateral method
Author(s): Dongjing Miao; Jianshuan Li; Lianfu Li; Yuanlin Jiang; Yao Kang; Mingzhao He; Xiangrui Deng
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Feasibility analysis of digital single lens reflex applied in the field of aerospace measurement
Author(s): Xinghao Feng; Manliang Li; Xuehai Tang
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Efficient manufacturing technology of metal optics
Author(s): Jizhen Zhang; Yanxiong Wu; Xin Zhang; Liping Zhang; Lingjie Wang; Hemeng Qu
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An optical system design that converts a Gaussian to a flattop annular beam
Author(s): Chaochen Li; Tengfei Wu; Yu Wang
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Optical system design for lens with large relative aperture
Author(s): Kaisheng Zhang; Zhi Zhang; Zhaohui Zhang; Zefeng Wang; Aqi Yan; Jiaqi Fei; Chao Mei; Gaopeng Zhang
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The finite element analysis of zoom optical system with no moving parts
Author(s): PuRui Shi; Lin Li; Yifan Huang; Xing Han; Bin Ma
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Anodic fluoride passivation of InAs/GaSb type II superlattice infrared detector
Author(s): Lixue Zhang; Xiancun Cao; Guansheng Yao; Liang Zhang; Junjie Si; Weiguo Sun
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3D model-based detection and tracking for space autonomous and uncooperative rendezvous
Author(s): Yang Shang; Yueqiang Zhang; Haibo Liu
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