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SPECKLE 2015: VI International Conference on Speckle Metrology
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Volume Number: 9660
Date Published: 24 August 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9660
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Comparison between thermographic and holographic techniques for nondestructive testing of composites: similarities, differences and potential cross-fertilization
Author(s): Marc P. Georges
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Quality assessment of de-noising algorithms in digital Fresnel holography
Author(s): Silvio Montrésor; Pierre-Yves Quéhé; Sophie Verhaeghe; Pascal Picart
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Local strain field measurement using phase gradient estimation from holographic speckle correlation
Author(s): Mikael Sjödahl; Yiling Li
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Bending moment evaluation of a long specimen using a radial speckle pattern interferometer in combination with relaxation methods
Author(s): Anderson Pacheco; Filipe Fontana; Matias R. Viotti; Celso L. N. Veiga; Lívia R. Lothhammer; Armando Albertazzi G. Jr.
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Evaluation of the uncertainty of phase-difference measurements in (quasi-)Fourier transform digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Ángel F. Doval; Cristina Trillo; José Carlos López Vázquez; José L. Fernández
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Optimal single beam wave-field reconstruction with application to speckle field recovery
Author(s): Konstantinos Falaggis; Tomasz Kozacki; Malgorzata Kujawinska
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Monitoring of cadmium influence on ultra short-term growth dynamics of plants using a highly sensitive interferometric technique, SIT
Author(s): Kokge Thilini Kanchana Muthumali De Silva; Hirofumi Kadono
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Proposal of a bio-speckle descriptor for computing machine take decisions
Author(s): Fabio Vega; Cesar Torres
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Analysis of the speckle pattern produced by mixtures of polystyrene microspheres: an attempt to explain fruits ripening process
Author(s): Christelle Abou Nader; Rana Nassif; Fabrice Pellen; Bernard Le Jeune; Guy Le Brun; Marie Abboud
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Enhanced axial localization of rough objects using statistical fringe processing algorithm
Author(s): Percival F. Almoro; Timothy Joseph T. Abregana
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Digital holographic interferometry as a tool to obtain shapes
Author(s): Ubaldo Uribe López; María del Socorro Hernández-Montes; Silvino Muñoz-Solís
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A flexible method for residual stress measurement of spray coated layers by laser made hole drilling and SLM based beam steering
Author(s): W. Osten; G. Pedrini; P. Weidmann; R. Gadow
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Temperature measurement of axi- symmetric butane diffusion flame under the influence of upward decreasing gradient magnetic field using digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Varun Kumar; Manoj Kumar; Chandra Shakher
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Combination of temporal phase unwrapping and long-wave infrared digital holographic interferometry for metrology of mosaic detector under space simulated conditions
Author(s): Jean-François Vandenrijt; Cédric Thizy; Florent Beaumont; José Garcia; Laurent Martin; Christophe Fabron; Eric Prieto; Thierry Maciaszek; Marc P. Georges
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Time-averaged phase-stepped ESPI with CO2 laser and shearography in the visible for identification of vibration mode shapes
Author(s): Jean-François Vandenrijt; Cédric Thizy; Marc P. Georges
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Transient response of a plate convolved with a mechanical shaker using high speed optical interferometry
Author(s): C. Perez-Lopez; J. Sanchez Preciado
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Digital image correlation used to analyze a brick under compression test
Author(s): Alonso Saldaña Heredia; Pedro A. Márquez Aguilar; Arturo Molina Ocampo; Álvaro Zamudio Lara
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Analysis of alcohol-water diffusion process using digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Shilpi Agarwal; Manoj Kumar; Varun Kumar; Chandra Shakher
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Speckle-based wavemeter
Author(s): Steen G. Hanson; Michael Linde Jakobsen; Maumita Chakrabarti
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Stimulated Raman scattering imaging for studying specific species
Author(s): Eynas Amer; Per Gren; Mikael Sjödahl
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Hybrid Young interferometer for high resolution measurement of dynamic speckle using high birefringence liquid crystal
Author(s): N. Bennis; Z. Holdynski; I. Merta; P. Marc; P. Kula; R. Mazur; W. Piecek; L. R. Jaroszewicz
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Real-time monitoring of corks' water absorption using laser speckle temporal correlation
Author(s): Rana Nassif; Christelle Abou Nader; Fabrice Pellen; Bernard Le Jeune; Guy Le Brun; Marie Abboud
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Generation of high-resolution dynamic wavefronts for speckle-based measurements of complex surface shapes
Author(s): Laura M. Aulbach; Alexander W. Koch
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Two configurations of miniature Mirau interferometry for swept-source OCT imaging: applications in dermatology and gastroendoscopy
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki
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Observation of drying process of multilayered paint using fOCT based on dynamic speckles
Author(s): T. Fukai; H. Kadono
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Measurement of elastic and thermal properties of composite materials using digital speckle pattern interferometry
Author(s): Manoj Kumar; Gufran Sayeed Khan; Chandra Shakher
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Non-destructive optical methods for the study of soft tissues
Author(s): Cynthia V. Santiago-Lona; María del Socorro Hernández-Montes; Silvino Muñoz; Fernando Mendoza
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Optimum beam ratio of speckle deformation interferometry using only two speckle patterns
Author(s): Y. Arai
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Signal formation in depth-scanning 3D interference microscopy at high numerical apertures
Author(s): Peter Lehmann; Weichang Xie
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Dynamic speckle interferometry of microscopic processes in solid state and thin biological objects
Author(s): A. P. Vladimirov
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Instantaneous phase-shifting Fizeau interferometry with high-speed pixelated phase-mask camera
Author(s): Toyohiko Yatagai; Boaz Jessie Jackin; Akira Ono; Kosuke Kiyohara; Masato Noguchi; Minoru Yoshii; Motosuke Kiyohara; Hayato Niwa; Kazuyuki Ikuo; Takashi Onuma
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Synthetic aperture double exposure digital holographic interferometry for wide angle measurement and monitoring of mechanical displacements
Author(s): M. Kujawinska; P. Makowski; G. Finke; J. Zak; M. Józwik; T. Kozacki
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Interferometric comparison of the performance of a CMOS and sCMOS detector
Author(s): J. M. Flores-Moreno; Manuel H. De la Torre I.; M. Socorro Hernández-Montes; Carlos Pérez-López; Fernando Mendoza S.
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Speckle fields polarimetry: statistical analysis and polarization singularities measurements
Author(s): Jan Dupont; Xavier Orlik
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Coherence and polarization of polarization speckle generated by depolarizers and their changes through complex ABCD matrix
Author(s): Ning Ma; Steen G. Hanson; Tim K. Lee; Mitsuo Takeda; Wei Wang
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Single-shot dual-polarization holography: measurement of the polarization state of a magnetic sample
Author(s): Davood Khodadad; Eynas Amer; Per Gren; Emil Melander; Emil Hällstig; Mikael Sjödahl
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Single-shot common-path polarization holographic interferometer for studying flows
Author(s): Jean Michel Desse; Pascal Picart
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3D optical phase reconstruction within PMMA samples using a spectral OCT system
Author(s): Manuel de J. Briones-R.; Manuel H. De La Torre-Ibarra; Fernando Mendoza Santoyo
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Finding small displacements of recorded speckle patterns: revisited
Author(s): Steen G. Hanson; Michael Linde Jakobsen; Maumita Chakrabarti; H. T. Yura
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Application of dynamic speckle interferometry for diagnosis of metabolism change in cultured cells
Author(s): A. P. Vladimirov; J. A. Mikhailova; A. A. Baharev; A. S. Malygin; I. A. Novosyolova; D. I. Yakin
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Visualization of deep blood vessels in speckle imaging using homogeneity measurement of the co-occurrence matrix
Author(s): Jose Angel Arias-Cruz; Cruz Elizabeth Perez-Corona; Hayde Peregrina-Barreto; Ruben Ramos-Garcia; Julio Cesar Ramirez-San-Juan
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Metaxial Talbot effect in free space
Author(s): Emiro S. Arrieta; Cesar O. Torres; Nestor Bolognini
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Dynamic speckle study of microbial growth
Author(s): F. M. Vincitorio; C. Mulone; P. A. Marcuzzi; N. Budini; C. Freyre; A. J. Lopez; A. Ramil
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Interference of speckle patterns projected by multimode fibers
Author(s): M. Lomer; L. Rodriguez-Cobo; F. Madruga; J. M. Lopez-Higuera
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Ex-vivo assessment of tissue viability using dynamic laser speckle
Author(s): E. E Ramírez-Miquet; L. M. Miquet Romero; J. G. Darias; R. A. Martínez-Celorio
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Portable equipment for determining ripeness in Hass avocado using a low cost color sensor
Author(s): Jessica Toro; Carolina Daza; Fabio Vega; Leonardo Diaz; Cesar Torres
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Implementation of focusing and redirecting light through highly scattering media
Author(s): B. Coyotl-Ocelotl; R. Porras-Aguilar; R. Ramos-Garcia; J. C. Ramirez-San-Juan
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A simple and efficient algorithm to reconstruct digital color holograms
Author(s): Junchang Li; Qinghe Song; Zujie Peng; Pascal Picart
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Evaluation of Activity Images in Dynamic Speckle: In Search of Objective Estimators
Author(s): Marcos Avendaño Montecinos; Victor Mora Canales; Nelly Cap; Eduardo Grumel; Hector Rabal; Marcelo Trivi; Erik Baradit
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