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International Conference on Photonics Solutions 2015
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Volume Number: 9659
Date Published: 2 December 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9659
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Pushing photonic ideas into innovation through crowdfunding
Author(s): Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn
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A hybrid digital holographic microscopy for biological applications
Author(s): O. Matoba; X. Quan; P. Xia; Y. Awatsuji
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Optical frequency comb profilometry for large volume metrology
Author(s): Yoshio Hayasaki; Quang Duc Pham
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Computational imaging based on multi-aperture optics
Author(s): Jun Tanida; Ryoichi Horisaki
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Generalized phase-shifting digital holography for single-exposure
Author(s): Takanori Nomura; Masatoshi Imbe
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High-speed 3D imaging by parallel phase-shifting digital holography
Author(s): Yasuhiro Awatsuji; Peng Xia; Osamu Matoba
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Color speckle in laser displays
Author(s): Kazuo Kuroda
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Photonic signal processing using acousto-optic effects
Author(s): Joewono Widjaja
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Analysis of refractive index single mode optical fiber for fiber-to-the-home application
Author(s): Vikram Palodiya; Sanjeev Kumar Raghuwanshi
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Conversion of 640 Gbit/s RZ-OOK to NRZ-OOK with a single fiber Bragg grating in transmission
Author(s): Ya Gao
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The laser calibration system of the TOP detector
Author(s): M. Benettoni; A. Gaz; S. Lacaprara; M. Posocco; P. Sartori; R. Stroili; E. Torassa; R. Mussa; U. Tamponi
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Reconstruction of incoherent Fresnel-like hologram by a rotational shearing interferometer
Author(s): Kaho Watanabe; Takanori Nomura
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Properties of Wigner-Ville distribution’s coefficients in in-line particle hologram analysis
Author(s): S. Dawprateep; J. Widjaja; P. Chuamchaitrakool; P. Meemon
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Application of optical tweezers and excimer laser to study protoplast fusion
Author(s): Titirat Kantawang; Sompid Samipak; Jumras Limtrakul; Nattaporn Chattham
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Dimer formation effect on the red-shift in fluorescent spectra of dye solutions
Author(s): Saksit Sukprasong; Yongyut Manjit; Apichart Limpichaipanit; Athipong Ngamjarurojana
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Description of states of two-photon interference in optical gating Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Ekkarat Pongophas; Asawin Sinsarp; Sujin Suwanna; Withoon Chunwachirasiri; Wisit Singhsomroje
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Phase shift on reflection from polystyrene colloidal photonic crystal film on hydrogel surface
Author(s): T. Rutirawut; A. Sinsarp; K. Tivakornsasithorn; T. Srikhirin; T. Osotchan
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The design of omnidirectional terahertz mirror and TM mode filter based on one-dimensional photonic crystal: potential for THz communication system
Author(s): A. Aming; R. Chitaree
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A demonstration of the simple optical fiber filter in visible and near-infrared wavelengths from green laser and red laser pointers
Author(s): W. Talataisong; R. Chitaree; K. Arayathanitkul
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Polarizing triangular cyclic interferometer for characterizing optical samples with birefringent properties
Author(s): R. Kaewon; C. Pawong; A. Bhatranand; R. Chitaree
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System for quantifying the formation stages of corneal arcus
Author(s): Aulia Nasution; Sally Fahdarina; Deny I. Cahya
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Study of stress distribution on a circular disk by photostress analysis
Author(s): Yongyut Manjit; Saksit Sukprasong; Apichart Limpichaipanit; Athipong Ngamjarurojana
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Cl app: android-based application program for monitoring the residue chlorine in water
Author(s): Yuttana Intaravanne; Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn; Supanit Porntheeraphat; Kosom Chaitavon; Sirajit Vuttivong
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Highly accurate and fast optical penetration-based silkworm gender separation system
Author(s): Chakkrit Kamtongdee; Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn; Sataporn Chanhorm
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Multi spectral three-dimensional imaging by hyperbolic-holography using single detector
Author(s): S. Ogasawara; M. Obara; K. Yoshimori
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Three-dimensional imaging characteristics and depth resolution in digital holographic three-dimensional imaging spectrometry
Author(s): Masaki Obara; Kyu Yoshimori
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A simplified nitrogen laser setup operated at atmospheric pressure
Author(s): Artit Ruangsri; Piyachat Wungmool; Siripong Tesana; Suchat Suwanatus; Tongchai Hormwantha; Surasak Chiangga; Chaiya Luengviriya
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Laser scattering measurement for laser removal of graffiti
Author(s): Watcharawee Tearasongsawat; Phumipat Kittiboonanan; Chaiya Luengviriya; Amarin Ratanavis
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Laser cleaning of oil spill on coastal rocks
Author(s): Phumipat Kittiboonanan; Jidapa Rattanarojpan; Amarin Ratanavis
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Role of negative-third order dispersion, intrapulse Raman scattering and self steepening effect on soliton intra-channel interaction
Author(s): Bhupeshwaran Mani; A. Jawahar; A. Sivasubramanian; K. Chitra
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A development of arc discharge drawing silica nanowires
Author(s): Rattanachai Kowong; Wuttichai Putchana; Amarin Ratanavis
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Synthesis and characterization of hydrothermally grown zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods for optical waveguide application
Author(s): Chandan Abhishek Pandey; Rafis Rahim; S. Manjunath; Gabor L. Hornyak; Waleed S. Mohammed
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Theoretical modeling of index contrast towards all-optical switching in fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Shradha C. Koli; Chandan Abhishek Pandey; Gabor L. Hornyak; Waleed S. Mohammed
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Digital holography system for undergraduate student laboratory
Author(s): P. Buranasiri; S. Plaipichit; W. Yindeesuk; K. Yoshimori
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Design and implementation of a portable TEC-based heat-to-electricity converting module
Author(s): Yuttana Intaravanne; Sataporn Chanhorm; Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn; Kosom Chaitavon
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Imaging enhancement of digital holography using photorefractive effect
Author(s): K. Sidakum; P. Buranasiri; S. Plaipichit; W. Yindeesuk; K. Yoshimori
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The investigation of thermal effect on dynamical shape changing of solder paste by using double-view digital holography
Author(s): T. Thong-on; T. Prakobsang; W. Pethsanthad; C. Boonsri; S. Plaipichit; P. Buranasiri; K. Yoshimori
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Influence of gamma radiation on optical fibers and devices
Author(s): Vladimir Vasinek; Lukas Hajek; Lukas Bednarek; Ales Vanderka; Tomas Hlavinka; Ondrej Marcinka
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Hyperspectral anomaly detection based on maximum likelihood method
Author(s): Edisanter Lo
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Multi-dimensional imaging by coherence measurement
Author(s): Kyu Yoshimori
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Temperature tuning of lasing emission from dye-doped liquid crystal at intermediate twisted phase
Author(s): Kuan-Cheng Liao; Ja-Hon Lin; Li-Hao Jian; Yao-Hui Chen; Jin-Jei Wu
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design of optical component structure for AlxGa1-xN photocathodes
Author(s): Mingzhu Yang; Benkang Chang; Guanghui Hao
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Side diode pumped ultra-compact Er:glass laser
Author(s): Vladimir V. Vitkin; Vadim M. Polyakov; Artem A. Kharitonov; Vyacheslav A. Buchenkov; Andrey Yu. Rodionov
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Three-dimensional motion detection of a sub-50 nm gold nanoparticle
Author(s): Kazufumi Goto; Yoshio Hayasaki
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Development of near infrared spectrometer for gem materials study
Author(s): W. Jindata; W. Meesiri; W. Wongkokua
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Transient photocurrent of bulk heterojunction solar cell characterized by ns-laser and sub-ms LED
Author(s): Yingyot Infahsaeng; Daniele Danna; Zheng Tang; Torbjorn Pascher; Olle Inganas; Villy Sundstrom; Arkady Yartserv
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Raman spectrometry of carbon nanotubes using an Al-catalyst supported layer on nickel film deposited on silicon substrate
Author(s): J. Saengpeng; U. Pakdee; S. Chiangga; W. Rattanasakulthong
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Durable and efficient laser for a space-based rangefinder
Author(s): V. M. Polyakov; V. V. Vitkin
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Study of copper sulfide counter electrode on the performances of CdS/CdSe/ZnS-sensitized hierarchical TiO2 spheres quantum dots solar cells
Author(s): Nattha Buatong; I-Ming Tang; Weeraphat Pon-On
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Nonlinear frequency conversion effect in a one-dimensional graphene-based photonic crystal
Author(s): S. Wicharn; P. Buranasiri
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Fluorescence study of sugars
Author(s): Sunida Thongjamroon; Apichart Pattanaporkratana
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Temperature measurement inside metallic cables using distributed temperature system
Author(s): Jakub Jaros; Martin Papes; Andrej Liner; Vladimir Vasinek; Veleslav Mach; David Hruby; Tomas Kajnar; Frantisek Perecar
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Mid-infrared supercontinuum in a Ge11:5 As24 Se64:5 chalcogenide waveguide
Author(s): Panarit Sakunasinha; Suksan Suwanarat; Surasak Chiangga
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Concrete deflection measurement using fiber optic distributed strain system
Author(s): Martin Papes; Jakub Jaros; Marcel Fajkus; Jan Hurta; Andrej Liner; David Hruby; Vladimir Vasinek
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Measurement of turbulences influence on the laser beam polarization state
Author(s): Jan Latal; Jan Vitasek; Lukas Hajek; Petr Koudelka; Petr Siska; Stanislav Hejduk; Ales Vanderka; Vladimir Vasinek
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Parametric study of axial trapping forces on an elliptically symmetric dielectric in the ray optics regime
Author(s): Kristine Faith J. Roque; Giovanni A. Tapang; Caesar A. Saloma
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Geometric and potential dynamics interpretation of the optic ring resonator bistability
Author(s): S. Chiangga; T. Chittha; T. D. Frank
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Novel optical fiber design for DTS measurement purposes
Author(s): Petr Siska; Lukas Hajek; Vladimir Vasinek; Petr Koudelka; Jan Latal
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Study of LED modulation effect on the photometric quantities and beam homogeneity of automotive lighting
Author(s): Petr Koudelka; Patrik Hanulak; Jakub Jaros; Martin Papes; Jan Latal; Petr Siska; Vladimir Vasinek
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