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International Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics 2015
Editor(s): Zhiping Zhou
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Volume Number: 9656
Date Published: 22 August 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9656
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Diffraction imaging characteristics of slit for ultra-short laser pulse
Author(s): Xiang-yang Yu; Kun-xi Wu; Long-zhao Lu
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Second harmonic measurement of multi-beam laser heterodyne with ultra-precision for the small angle
Author(s): Y. Chao Li; Q. Ding; Y. Qiao Wang; J. Ru Yang; C. Yu Liu; C. Hui Wang; J. Feng Sun
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Waveguide laser in Nd:YAG planar waveguide produced by 1.4 GeV Kr ion irradiation
Author(s): Yazhou Cheng; Hongliang Liu; Feng Chen
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852nm up-conversion lasing characteristics based on Er3+-doped silica fiber
Author(s): Xi Zhang; Yang Liu; Chang-yong Lu
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Research on ultrasonic vibration aided femtosecond laser machining process of transparent materials
Author(s): Yutang Dai; Bin Liu; Guanglin Yin; Tao Li; Joseph Muna Karanja
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Nonlinear Cerenkov radiation in a LiTaO3 waveguide with annular poling domain
Author(s): C. D. Chen; X. P. Hu
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Using an active temporal compensating system to achieve the super-Gaussian pulses in high-power lasers
Author(s): Yulei Wang; Rui Liu; Hang Yuan; Sensen Li; Zhaohong Liu; Xuehua Zhu; Weiming He; Zhiwei Lv
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A low cost design to eliminate polarization induced phase shift for dual Mach-Zehnder fiber interferometer
Author(s): Rui Li; Sheng Liang; Qianzhe Liu; Wen Xiao
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Sub-picosecond double-clad photonic crystal fiber oscillator and amplifier system
Author(s): Pingxue Li; Mengmeng Zhang; Boxing Liang; Junjie Chi
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High-energy, high-peak power single-frequency 10 ns pulsed fiber amplifier
Author(s): Pingxue Li; Haowei Hu; Yifei Yao; Junjie Chi; Chun Yang; Ziqiang Zhao; Guangju Zhang; Mengmeng Zhang; Boxing Liang; Chunmei Ma
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Simulation study on transverse mode of laser resonator
Author(s): H. Zou; L. F. Zhou; Z. Yang
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The simulation of scattering and absorption coefficient in the course of laser transmission
Author(s): Lian-fen Wang; Yang Qiao; Xiao-fang Shen; Ai-jun Li; Hong-hui Sun
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Investigation of Raman spectra of polyethylene terephthalate
Author(s): Changjun Zhu; Na Tong; Lixin Song; Guoqing Zhang
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An image mosaic method based on corner
Author(s): Zetao Jiang; Heting Nie
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Fast image mosaic algorithm based on the improved Harris-SIFT algorithm
Author(s): Zetao Jiang; Min Liu
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Preparation of boron doped silicon films for its application in solar cells
Author(s): Chao Song; Xiang Wang; Yanqing Guo; Jie Song; Rui Huang
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The compensation effects of temperature variation in long-term videometric measurement
Author(s): Zhichao Chao; Guangwen Jiang; Sihua Fu; Qifeng Yu
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Multi-curvities femtosecond laser aided microstructures for magnetic field sensing
Author(s): Joseph Muna Karanja; Yutang Dai; Xian Zhou; Bin Liu
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Dispersion and compensation of optical coherence tomography using double-path rapid scanning optical delay line
Author(s): Hai Ye; Dongxiong Ling; Yongzhao Xu; Xiaoyuan Huang
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Research on duality of optical effect based on inverse operation of tensor
Author(s): Yinan Zhao; Zhizhong Guo; Yukun Wang; Jianan Liu
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Measurement method of sky background infrared radiation characteristic based on infrared image inversion
Author(s): Ming Shao; Xiangzheng Cheng; Liwen Zhang; Huxiang Hu
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Study on the elemental mercury absorption cross section based on differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Haiming Zheng; Penghui Yao
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Ambient temperature normalization for infrared face recognition based on the second-order polynomial model
Author(s): Zhengzi Wang
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Biasing dependent circuit modeling and optimization of resonant cavity enhanced PIN photodetectors (RCE-PIN-PDs)
Author(s): Yasser M. El-Batawy; Marina Medhat
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Electroluminescence spectrum in amorphous-Si/ silicon oxynitride multilayer structures
Author(s): Xiang Wang; Chao Song; Jie Song; Yanqing Guo; Rui Huang
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Strong blue light emission from Eu-doped SiOC prepared by magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Zhenxu Lin; Yanqing Guo; Xiang Wang; Chao Song; Jie Song; Yi Zhang; Rui Huang
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Infrared gas detection based on an adaptive Savitzky-Golay algorithm
Author(s): Hao Deng; Jingsong Li; Pengfei Li; Yu Liu; Benli Yu
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High bandwidth based on a tapped delay line equalization in visible light communications
Author(s): Minglun Zhang; Xujing Guo; Hetian Zhu; Chao Wang; Xiaonan Bai; Xiangwen Zhai
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Effect of oxygen partial pressure and anneal temperature on BaTiO3 thin film crystal structure
Author(s): Jing Zhang; De-gui Sun; Xiuhua Fu; Dong-mei Liu; Yong-gang Pan; Fei Yang
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An automatic blood cell segmentation method based on hyperspectral imaging technology
Author(s): Qian Wang; Qingli Li; Hongying Liu; Mei Zhou; Fangmin Guo
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TCAD analysis of graphene silicon Schottky junction solar cell
Author(s): Yawei Kuang; Yushen Liu; Yulong Ma; Jing Xu; Xifeng Yang; Jinfu Feng
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Study on fiber Bragg grating strain sensing array detecting multi-crack damage of cantilever beam
Author(s): Pei Luo; Jianwei Tian
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The study of stereo vision technique for the autonomous vehicle
Author(s): Pei Li; Xi Wang; Jiang-feng Wang
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