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Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting, and Defence XI; and Optical Materials and Biomaterials in Security and Defence Systems Technology XII
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Volume Number: 9652
Date Published: 17 November 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9652
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Detection of munitions grade G-series nerve agents using Raman excitation at 1064 nm
Author(s): Eric Roy; Phillip G. Wilcox; Soren Hoffland; Ian Pardoe
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Multispectral analysis of biological agents to implement a quick tool for stand-off biological detection
Author(s): M. Carestia; R. Pizzoferrato; M. Lungaroni; J. Gabriele; G. M. Ludovici; O. Cenciarelli; M. Gelfusa; A. Murari; A. Malizia; P. Gaudio
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Tests of various colorants for application of a Fourier transform infrared imaging system to deciphering obliterated writings
Author(s): Shigeru Sugawara
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Laser desorption of explosives as a way to create an effective non-contact sampling device
Author(s): Artem E. Akmalov; Alexander A. Chistyakov; Gennadii E. Kotkovskii
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Liquid explosive detection using near infrared LED
Author(s): Hideo Itozaki; Shiori Ito; Hideo Sato-Akaba; Yuji Miyato
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CRIM-TRACK: sensor system for detection of criminal chemical substances
Author(s): Jens K. Munk; Ole T. Buus; Jan Larsen; Eleftheria Dossi; Sol Tatlow; Lina Lässig; Lars Sandström; Mogens H. Jakobsen
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Magnetic induction imaging with optical atomic magnetometers: towards applications to screening and surveillance
Author(s): Luca Marmugi; Sarah Hussain; Cameron Deans; Ferruccio Renzoni
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Principal limitation of standard THz time-domain spectroscopy method of the detection and identification of substance and way of its overcoming
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova; Irina G. Zakharova; Dmitry Yu. Zagursky
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Embedded security system for multi-modal surveillance in a railway carriage
Author(s): Rhalem Zouaoui; Romaric Audigier; Sébastien Ambellouis; François Capman; Hamid Benhadda; Stéphanie Joudrier; David Sodoyer; Thierry Lamarque
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Automatic inference of geometric camera parameters and inter-camera topology in uncalibrated disjoint surveillance cameras
Author(s): Richard J. M. den Hollander; Henri Bouma; Jan Baan; Pieter T. Eendebak; Jeroen H. C. van Rest
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Incremental concept learning with few training examples and hierarchical classification
Author(s): Henri Bouma; Pieter T. Eendebak; Klamer Schutte; George Azzopardi; Gertjan J. Burghouts
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Posture estimation for improved photogrammetric localization of pedestrians in monocular infrared imagery
Author(s): Mikolaj E. Kundegorski; Toby P. Breckon
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Detecting abandoned objects using interacting multiple models
Author(s): Stefan Becker; David Münch; Hilke Kieritz; Wolfgang Hübner; Michael Arens
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Multi-feature-based robust face detection and coarse alignment method via multiple kernel learning
Author(s): Bo Sun; Di Zhang; Jun He; Lejun Yu; Xuewen Wu
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Video content analysis on body-worn cameras for retrospective investigation
Author(s): Henri Bouma; Jan Baan; Frank B. ter Haar; Pieter T. Eendebak; Richard J. M. den Hollander; Gertjan J. Burghouts; Remco Wijn; Sebastiaan P. van den Broek; Jeroen H. C. van Rest
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Versatile illumination platform and fast optical switch to give standard observation camera gated active imaging capacity
Author(s): R. Grasser; Benjamin Peyronneaudi; Kevin Yon; Marie Aubry
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Towards a real-time wide area motion imagery system
Author(s): R. I. Young; S. B. Foulkes
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Sensor for real-time determining the polarization state distribution in the object images
Author(s): Barbara Kilosanidze; George Kakauridze; Teimuraz Kvernadze; Georgi Kurkhuli
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SIFT fusion of kernel eigenfaces for face recognition
Author(s): Dakshina R. Kisku; Massimo Tistarelli; Phalguni Gupta; Jamuna K. Sing
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FRIT characterized hierarchical kernel memory arrangement for multiband palmprint recognition
Author(s): Dakshina Ranjan Kisku; Phalguni Gupta; Jamuna Kanta Sing
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Different strategies for the detection of bioagents using electrochemical and photoelectrochemical genosensors
Author(s): Diego Voccia; Francesca Bettazzi; Ilaria Palchetti
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Bio-inspired materials for electrochemical devices
Author(s): A. Pawlicka; A. Firmino; F. Sentanin; R. C. Sabadini; D. E. Q. Jimenez; C. C. Jayme; M. Mindroiu; R. G. Zgarian; G. T. Tihan; I. Rau; M. M. Silva; A. F. Nogueira; J. Kanicki; F. Kajzar
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Absorption spectrum analysis based on singular value decomposition for photoisomerization and photodegradation in organic dyes
Author(s): Yutaka Kawabe; Toshio Yoshikawa; Toshifumi Chida; Kazuhiro Tada; Masuki Kawamoto; Takashi Fujihara; Takafumi Sassa; Naoto Tsutsumi
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Hybrid organic-inorganic composites for applications in Vis-NIR photodiodes
Author(s): Beata Luszczynska; Marek Z. Szymanski
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Fabrication and characterization of an inkjet-printed DNA biopolymer-based UV photodetector
Author(s): J. P. Lombardi III; Roberto S. Aga Jr.; Emily M. Heckman; Carrie M. Bartsch
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Ultrafast conformational changes in biomolecules studied by time-resolved circular dichroism
Author(s): P. Changenet-Barret; F. Hache
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Influence of various solvents on the nonlinear optical properties of metallophthalocyanines (MPcs)
Author(s): Beata Derkowska-Zielinska
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Optical properties of polymethacrylate with styrylquinoline side chains
Author(s): B. Derkowska-Zielinska; V. Figà; O. Krupka; V. Smokal
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Proposal of all-optical sensor based on nonlinear MMI coupler for multi-purpose usage
Author(s): M. Tajaldini; M. Z. MatJafri
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