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Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems XVIII
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Volume Number: 9641
Date Published: 23 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9641
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Overview of remote sensing activities at the Institute of Maritime Technology, South Africa
Author(s): W. H. Gunter; C. K. Wainman
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Shortwave infrared for night vision applications: illumination levels and sensor performance
Author(s): Uwe Adomeit; Jürgen Krieg
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Ultimate turbulence experiment: simultaneous measurements of Cn2 near the ground using six devices and eight methods
Author(s): Lydia Yatcheva; Rui Barros; Max Segel; Detlev Sprung; Erik Sucher; Christian Eisele; Szymon Gladysz
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Influence of aerosols on atmospheric transmission at the Baltic Sea: comparison of experimental results with model simulations using MODTRAN
Author(s): Silke Vogelbacher; Detlev Sprung; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Karin Stein
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The shower curtain effect paradoxes
Author(s): Gregoire Tremblay; Robert Bernier; Gilles Roy
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Polarimetric active imaging in dense fog
Author(s): Robert Bernier; Xiaoying Cao; Grégoire Tremblay; Gilles Roy
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Prediction of optical communication link availability: real-time observation of cloud patterns using a ground-based thermal infrared camera
Author(s): Clément Bertin; Sylvain Cros; Laurent Saint-Antonin; Nicolas Schmutz
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Laser beam propagation through turbulence and adaptive optics for beam delivery improvement
Author(s): Stephane Nicolas
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Investigation of dual-wavelength laser beam propagation along the in-door atmospheric path
Author(s): Alina V. Gorelaya; Elena V. Shubenkova; Dmitriy I. Dmitriev; Anna D. Dmitrieva; Alexis V. Kudryashov; Igor L. Lovchiy; Egor V. Shalymov; Yulia V. Sheldakova; Arkadii D. Tsvetkov; Dmitriy V. Venediktov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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Turbulent phase noise on asymmetric two-way ground-satellite coherent optical links
Author(s): Clélia Robert; Jean-Marc Conan; Peter Wolf
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Analysis of perspective elongation for sodium laser guide star
Author(s): Feng Wang; Wei Zhang; Tianjiang Chen; Wenchao Zhou; Hong Yan
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Robust remote-pumping sodium laser for advanced LIDAR and guide star applications
Author(s): Bernhard Ernstberger; Martin Enderlein; Axel Friedenauer; Robin Schwerdt; Daoping Wei; Vladimir Karpov; Patrick Leisching; Wallace R. L. Clements; Wilhelm G. Kaenders
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Residual distortions caused by the size of a reference source
Author(s): V. P. Lukin
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Enhanced monolithic diffraction gratings with high efficiency and reduced polarization sensitivity for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Peter Triebel; Torsten Diehl; Tobias Moeller; Alexandre Gatto; Alexander Pesch; Lars H. Erdmann; Matthias Burkhardt; Alexander Kalies
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Fast PSF estimation under anisoplanatic conditions
Author(s): Francisco Molina-Martel; Roberto Baena-Gallé; Szymon Gladysz
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Image enhancement methods for turbulence mitigation and the influence of different color spaces
Author(s): Claudia S. Huebner
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The real-time atmospheric turbulence modeling and compensation with use of adaptive optics
Author(s): Anna Lylova; Alexis Kudryashov; Julia Sheldakova; Gilles Borsoni
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Bumps of the wave structure function in non-Kolmogorov turbulence
Author(s): Chunhong Qiao; Lu Lu; Pengfei Zhang; Haitao Wang; Honghua Huang; Chengyu Fan
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Measurements of parabolic mirrors aberrations in hyperspectral microscope
Author(s): Anna Lylova; Georgy Kalenkov; Julia Sheldakova; Sergey Kalenkov; Alexis Kudryashov; Alexander Shtanko
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Airborne experiment results for spaceborne atmospheric synchronous correction system
Author(s): Wenyu Cui; Weining Yi; Lili Du; Xiao Liu
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New optical receiving system design for portable camera lidar
Author(s): Laian Qin; Feng He; Xu Jing; Fengfu Tan
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