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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XVII
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Volume Number: 9637
Date Published: 24 November 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9637
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Estimation of crop parameters using multi-temporal optical and radar polarimetric satellite data
Author(s): Julie Betbeder; Remy Fieuzal; Yannick Philippets; Laurent Ferro-Famil; Frederic Baup
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Seasonal parameter extraction of paddy rice fields in West Java using multi-temporal MODIS imagery datasets
Author(s): Riswan S. Sianturi; Willem Nieuwenhuis; V. G. Jetten
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Using remote sensing to calculate plant available nitrogen needed by crops on swine factory farm sprayfields in North Carolina
Author(s): Elizabeth Christenson; Marc Serre
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A critique of field spectroscopy and the challenges and opportunities it presents for remote sensing for agriculture, ecosystems, and hydrology
Author(s): A. Mac Arthur; I. Robinson
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Determination of pasture quality using airborne hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): R. Reddy Pullanagari; G. Kereszturi; Ian J. Yule; M. E. Irwin
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An advanced fluorescence LIDAR system for the acquisition of interleaved active (LIF) and passive (SIF) fluorescence measurements on vegetation
Author(s): Valentina Raimondi; Lorenzo Palombi; Paola Di Ninni
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Estimation of leaf chlorophyll content in winter wheat using variable importance for projection (VIP) with hyperspectral data
Author(s): Peng He; Xingang Xu; Baolei Zhang; Zhenhai Li; Haikuan Feng; Guijun Yang; Yongfeng Zhang
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Disease stress detection on citrus using a leaf optical model and field spectroscopy
Author(s): Mrunalini R. Badnakhe; Surya Durbha; J. Adinarayana
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Complementing airborne laser bathymetry with UAV-based lidar for capturing alluvial landscapes
Author(s): Gottfried Mandlburger; Martin Pfennigbauer; Ursula Riegl; Alexander Haring; Martin Wieser; Philipp Glira; Lukas Winiwarter
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The inversion model of soil organic matter of cultivated land based on hyperspectral technology
Author(s): Xiaohe Gu; Yancang Wang; Xiaoyu Song; Xingang Xu
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Mangrove species mapping in Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Forest, Perak using high resolution airborne data
Author(s): B. C. Beh; M. Z. MatJafri; H. S. Lim
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RGB picture vegetation indexes for High-Throughput Phenotyping Platforms (HTPPs)
Author(s): Shawn C. Kefauver; George El-Haddad; Omar Vergara-Diaz; José Luis Araus
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Water balance indicators from MODIS images and agrometeorological data in Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Author(s): Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Janice F. Leivas; Ricardo G. Andrade; Daniel de C. Victoria; Edson L. Bolfe; Gustavo B. S. da Silva
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Evaluation of disaggregated thermal images for evapotranspiration estimation in Barrax test site
Author(s): M. Bisquert; J. M. Sánchez; V. Caselles; R. López-Urea
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Testing two temporal upscaling schemes for the estimation of the time variability of the actual evapotranspiration
Author(s): A. Maltese; F. Capodici; G. Ciraolo; G. La Loggia
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Modelling radiation and energy balances with Landsat 8 images under different thermohydrological conditions in the Brazilian semi-arid region
Author(s): Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Janice F. Leivas; Ricardo G. Andrade; Fernando B. T. Hernandez; Franco R. A. Momesso
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Determination of water body structures for small rivers using remote sensing data
Author(s): Pierre Karrasch; Daniel Henzen; Sebastian Hunger; Max Hörold
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Monitoring irrigation volumes using high-resolution NDVI image time series: calibration and validation in the Kairouan plain (Tunisia)
Author(s): S. Saadi; V. Simonneaux; G. Boulet; B. Mougenot; Z. Lili Chabaane
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GLORI: a new airborne GNSS reflectometry instrument for land surface monitoring
Author(s): Erwan Motte; Pascal Fanise; Mehrez Zribi
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Application of a regularized model inversion system (REGFLEC) to multi-temporal RapidEye imagery for retrieving vegetation characteristics
Author(s): Rasmus Houborg; Matthew F. McCabe
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Modelling canopy radiation budget through multiple scattering approximation: a case study of coniferous forest in Mexico City Valley
Author(s): Jose L. Silván-Cárdenas; Nirani Corona-Romero
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Algorithm developing of gross primary production from its capacity and a canopy conductance index using flux and global observing satellite data
Author(s): Kanako Muramatsu; Shinobu Furumi; Motomasa Daigo
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Interpreting snowpack radiometry using currently existing microwave radiative transfer models
Author(s): Do-Hyuk Kang; Shurun Tang; Edward J. Kim
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Extracting fields snow coverage information with HJ-1A/B satellites data
Author(s): Wenquan Dong; Jihua Meng
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Mapping of bare soil surface parameters from TerraSAR-X radar images over a semi-arid region
Author(s): A. Gorrab; M. Zribi; N. Baghdadi; Z. Lili Chabaane
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A multi-scale soil moisture and temperature regularly automatic monitoring network aim at multi-satellite data validation in Tibet Plateau
Author(s): Lixin Dong; Shihao Tang
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Analysis of principal elements of land surface temperature retrieval from AVHRR over Tibetan Plateau
Author(s): Qingni Huang; Guangzhen Cao; Lixin Dong
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Winter wheat GPC estimation with fluorescence-based sensor measurements of canopy
Author(s): Xiaoyu Song; Jihua Wang; Xiaohe Gu; Xingang Xu
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Performance of fluorescence retrieval methods and fluorescence spectrum reconstruction under various sensor spectral configurations
Author(s): Rong Li; Feng Zhao
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Monitoring the ratio of leaf carbon to nitrogen in winter wheat with hyperspectral measurements
Author(s): Xin-gang Xu; Xiao-dong Yang; Xiao-he Gu; Hao Yang; Hai-kuan Feng; Gui-jun Yang; Xiao-yu Song
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Endmember identification from EO-1 Hyperion L1_R hyperspectral data to build saltmarsh spectral library in Hunter Wetland, NSW, Australia
Author(s): Sikdar M. M. Rasel; Hsing-Chung Chang; Tim Ralph; Neil Saintilan
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The impact of different reference panels on spectral reflectance coefficients of some biological water pollutants
Author(s): Agnieszka Jenerowicz; Piotr Walczykowski
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The applicability of FORMOSAT-2 images to coastal waters/bodies classification
Author(s): Ana Teodoro; Lia Duarte; Pedro Silva
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Derivation from the Landsat 7 NDVI and ground truth validation of LAI and interception storage capacity for wetland ecosystems in Biebrza Valley, Poland
Author(s): Joanna Suliga; Jarosław Chormański; Sylwia Szporak-Wasilewska; Małgorzata Kleniewska; Tomasz Berezowski; Ann van Griensven; Boud Verbeiren
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Processing of airborne laser scanning data to generate accurate DTM for floodplain wetland
Author(s): Sylwia Szporak-Wasilewska; Dorota Mirosław-Świątek; Mateusz Grygoruk; Robert Michałowski; Ignacy Kardel
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Fire detection from hyperspectral data using neural network approach
Author(s): Alessandro Piscini; Stefania Amici
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Mapping areas invaded by Prosopis juliflora in Somaliland on Landsat 8 imagery
Author(s): Felix Rembold; Ugo Leonardi; Wai-Tim Ng; Hussein Gadain; Michele Meroni; Clement Atzberger
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Dielectric properties of marsh vegetation
Author(s): Tatiana D. Kochetkova; Valentin I. Suslyaev; Anna S. Shcheglova
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Altimetry backscattering signatures at Ku and S bands over land and ice sheets
Author(s): Fabien Blarel; Frédéric Frappart; Benoît Legrésy; Denis Blumstein; Frédérique Rémy; Christophe Fatras; Eric Mougin; Fabrice Papa; Catherine Prigent; Fernando Niño; Pierre Borderies; Sylvain Biancamaria; Stéphane Calmant
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Forecasting of cereals yields in a semi-arid area using the agrometeorological model «SAFY» combined to optical SPOT/HRV images
Author(s): Aicha Chahbi; Mehrez Zribi; Zohra Lili-Chabaane; Bernard Mougenot
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Winter wheat growth spatial variation monitoring through hyperspectral remote sensing image
Author(s): Xiaoyu Song; Ting Li; Jihua Wang; Xiaohe Gu; Xingang Xu
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Application of agrometeorological spectral model in rice area in southern Brazil
Author(s): Janice F. Leivas; Antonio Heriberto de C. Teixeira; Ricardo G. Andrade; Daniel de C. Victoria; Gustavo Bayma-Silva; Edson L. Bolfe
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Delay-tolerant mobile network protocol for rice field monitoring using wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Alexandre Guitton; Frédéric Andres; Jarbas Lopes Cardoso Jr.; Asanee Kawtrakul; Silvio E. Barbin
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Mapping crop based on phenological characteristics using time-series NDVI of operational land imager data in Tadla irrigated perimeter, Morocco
Author(s): Jamal-eddine Ouzemou; Abderrazak El Harti; Ali EL Moujahid; Naima Bouch; Rabii El Ouazzani; Rachid Lhissou; El Mostafa Bachaoui
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Identification and characterization of agro-ecological infrastructures by remote sensing
Author(s): D. Ducrot; S. Duthoit; A. d'Abzac; C. Marais-Sicre; V. Chéret; C. Sausse
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Early pest detection in soy plantations from hyperspectral measurements: a case study for caterpillar detection
Author(s): Matías Tailanián; Enrique Castiglioni; Pablo Musé; Germán Fernández Flores; Gabriel Lema; Pedro Mastrángelo; Mónica Almansa; Ignacio Fernández Liñares; Germán Fernández Liñares
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Investigation variation of carbon dioxide based on GOSAT data in peninsular Malaysia
Author(s): C. K. Sim; H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri
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An assessment of the impact of climate change effects on forest land cover based on satellite data
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Adrian I. Dida
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Estimating canopy water content of wetland vegetation using hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing data
Author(s): Yonghua Sun; Yihan Wang; Jin Huang
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