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Scanning Microscopies 2015
Editor(s): Michael T. Postek; Dale E. Newbury; S. Frank Platek; Tim K. Maugel
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Volume Number: 9636
Date Published: 13 November 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9636
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Does your SEM really tell the truth? How would you know? Part 4: Charging and its mitigation
Author(s): Michael T. Postek; András E. Vladár
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Three-dimensional characterization of Gd nanoparticles using STEM-in-SEM tomography in a dual-beam FIB-SEM
Author(s): Brandon Van Leer; Cedric Bouchet-Marquis; Huikai Cheng
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A novel approach to TEM preparation with a (7-axis stage) triple-beam FIB-SEM system
Author(s): Jamil J. Clarke
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Correlative microscopy including CLSM and SEM to improve high-speed, high-resolution laser-engraved print and embossing forms
Author(s): Markus Bohrer; Michael Schweitzer; Robert Nirnberger; Bernhard Weinberger
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Sub-diffraction-limit imaging using mode multiplexing
Author(s): Nan Wang; Jinping He; Jun Miyazaki; Hiromichi Tsurui; Takayoshi Kobayashi
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Investigation of electron beam irradiation effect on pore formation
Author(s): Seong Soo Choi; Myoung Jin Park; Chul Hee Han; Sung In Kim; Jung Ho Yoo; Kyung Jin Park; Nam Kyou Park; Yong-Sang Kim
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A compilation of cold cases using scanning electron microscopy at the University of Rhode Island
Author(s): Michael J. Platek; Otto J. Gregory
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SEM/EDS analysis for problem solving in the food industry
Author(s): Wayne D. Niemeyer
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Exploration of mXRF analysis of gunshot residue from cartridge cases
Author(s): Martin Janssen; Amalia Stamouli; Alwin Knijnenberg
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Hitachi TM3030 engages at the nexus of cross-curriculum teaching and vertical articulation
Author(s): D. Menshew
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Using a university characterization facility to educate the public about microscopes: light microscopes to SEM
Author(s): Nancy Healy; Walter Henderson
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How a lesson on microscopes supports learning about light in elementary schools
Author(s): Joyce Allen; Nancy Healy
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Continuous monitoring of tip radius during atomic force microscopy imaging
Author(s): J. Fraxedas; F. Pérez-Murano; F. Gramazio; M. Lorenzoni; E. Rull Trinidad; U. Staufer
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Lateral tip control effects in CD-AFM metrology: the large tip limit
Author(s): Ronald Dixson; Ryan S. Goldband; Ndubuisi G. Orji
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SPM metrological assurance using a heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): T. V. Kazieva; A. P. Kuznetsov; K. L. Gubskiy; V. N. Reshetov; M. V. Ponarina; A. S. Antonov; A. S. Useinov
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Photomask linewidth comparison by PTB and NIST
Author(s): D. Bergmann; B. Bodermann; H. Bosse; E. Buhr; G. Dai; R. Dixson; W. Häßler-Grohne; K. Hahm; M. Wurm
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Electron-excited energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry in the variable pressure scanning electron microscope (EDS/VPSEM): it's not microanalysis anymore!
Author(s): Dale E. Newbury; Nicholas W. M. Ritchie
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