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Optical Systems Design 2015: Optical Fabrication, Testing, and Metrology V
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Volume Number: 9628
Date Published: 12 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9628
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characterization of Mo/Si mirror interface roughness for different Mo layer thickness using resonant diffuse EUV scattering
Author(s): Anton Haase; Victor Soltwisch; Frank Scholze; Stefan Braun
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Fabrication and testing of STREEGO: a compact optical payload for earth observation on small satellites
Author(s): Massimiliano Rossi; Ivan Ferrario; Riccardo Ghislanzoni; Piet Holbrouck; Antonio Ritucci; Matteo Taccola; Marco Terraneo; Fabio E. Zocchi
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Process control in optical fabrication
Author(s): Oliver Faehnle
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The challenge of developing thin mirror shells for future x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Thorsten Döhring; Manfred Stollenwerk; Qingqing Gong; Laura Proserpio; Anita Winter; Peter Friedrich
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Simultaneous determination of optical constants, local thickness, and local roughness of thin films by imaging spectroscopic reflectometry
Author(s): David Nečas; Ivan Ohlídal; Jiří Vodák; Miloslav Ohlídal; Daniel Franta
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Wide spectral range characterization of antireflective coatings and their optimization
Author(s): Daniel Franta; David Nečas; Ivan Ohlídal; Jiří Jankuj
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Optical surfaces for high power laser coatings
Author(s): Lars O. Jensen; Detlev Ristau
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Measuring and quantifying scatter from a variety of sample types
Author(s): John C. Stover
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Facility for fast mapping of total scattering and transmission in the spectral range from DUV- NIR
Author(s): P. Kadkhoda; L. Jensen; D. Ristau
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The absolute radiometric calibration facility ARCF 2.0 at TNO
Author(s): B. Gür; G. Otter; R. Jansen; J. Groote-Schaarsberg; S. Brinkers
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Scattermeter for measurement of solar cells
Author(s): Pavel Nádaský; Jakub Klus; Jiří Vodák; Štěpán Šustek; Miloslav Ohlídal
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A developed method for surface testing based on the scattering interference effect
Author(s): Zhongqi Tan; Yun Huang; Suyong Wu; Xiaobao Zhang; Yibo Zhang
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Possibilities and limitations of imaging spectroscopic reflectometry in optical characterization of thin films
Author(s): Miloslav Ohlídal; Ivan Ohlidal; David Nečas; Jiří Vodák; Daniel Franta; Pavel Nádaský; František Vižd'a
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Manufacturing and testing large SiC mirrors in an efficient way
Author(s): Xuejun Zhang; Xuefeng Zeng; Haixiang Hu; Xiao Luo
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Results of a polishing study for SCHOTT XLD glasses
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Harshwadhan Yadwad; Volker Dietrich
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Mechanical design implementation and mathematical considerations for ultra precise diamond turning of multiple freeform mirrors on a common substrate
Author(s): Johannes Hartung; Matthias Beier; Thomas Peschel; Andreas Gebhardt; Stefan Risse
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Use of a NOM profilometer to measure large aspheric surfaces
Author(s): John L. Pearson; Gareth W. Roberts; Paul C. T. Rees; Samantha J. Thompson
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Reducing the cycle time of cementing processes for high quality doublets
Author(s): C. Wilde; F. Hahne; P. Langehanenberg; J. Heinisch
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Surface assessment and mitigation of DUV optics
Author(s): Jue Wang
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V-block refractometer for monitoring the production of optical glasses
Author(s): Uwe Petzold; Ralf Jedamzik; Peter Hartmann; Steffen Reichel
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Current developments on optical asphere and freeform metrology
Author(s): S. Mühlig; J. Siepmann; M. Lotz; A. Wiegmann; G. Blobel; S. Mika; A. Beutler; U. Nehse
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Conversion of radius of curvature to power (and vice versa)
Author(s): Sven Wickenhagen; Kazumasa Endo; Ulrike Fuchs; Richard N. Youngworth; Sven R. Kiontke
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The measurement of an aspherical mirror by three-dimensional nanoprofiler
Author(s): Yusuke Tokuta; Kenya Okita; Kohei Okuda; Takao Kitayama; Motohiro Nakano; Shun Nakatani; Ryota Kudo; Kazuya Yamamura; Katsuyoshi Endo
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Effective method for extracting aspheric parameters inherent in unknown aspheric surfaces
Author(s): Dong-Ik Kim; Ghiseok Kim; Geon Hee Kim
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Sensitivity of null testing for a local deformation
Author(s): A. Muñoz Potosi; L. G. Valdivieso-González; R. Díaz-Uribe; M. Campos García; F. Granados Agustin
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Two-dimension lateral shearing interferometry with dual-mode
Author(s): Zhixiang Liu; Tingwen Xin; Yadong Jiang; Baobin Lv; Fuchao Xu
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Compact low-cost lensless digital holographic microscope for topographic measurements of microstructures in reflection geometry
Author(s): A. Adinda-Ougba; B. Kabir; N. Koukourakis; F. Mitschker; N. C. Gerhardt; M. R. Hofmann
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Absolute testing of flats in sub-stitching interferometer by rotation-shift method
Author(s): Xin Jia; Fuchao Xu; Weimin Xie; Yun Li; Tingwen Xing
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Improved cavity ring-down system for high precision measurement of the specific modes' loss in ring cavity
Author(s): Wenbo Jiang; Meixiong Chen; Wei Tian; Jie Yuan; Guangming Xu
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Advances in corneal topography measurements with conical null-screens
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Cesar Cossio-Guerrero; Oliver Huerta-Carranza; Víctor Iván Moreno-Oliva
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Sinusoidal frequency modulation on laser diode for frequency stabilization and displacement measuring interferometry
Author(s): Masato Aketagawa; Thanh-Tung Vu; Ryo Yamazaki
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Analysis of defects on the slopes on a parabolic trough solar collector with null-screens
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Oliver Huerta-Carranza; Rufino Díaz-Uribe; Víctor Iván Moreno-Oliva
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An automated calibration system that combines fringe projection and 2D digital image correlation
Author(s): Philip Siegmann; Luis A. Felipe-Sesé; Francisco Díaz Garrido ; José Piñeiro-Ave
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Contribution to the standardization of 3D measurements using a high-resolution PMD camera
Author(s): Henrik Lietz; Jörg Eberhardt
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Design and development of a profilometer for the fast and accurate characterization of optical surfaces
Author(s): José A. Gómez-Pedrero; Diego Rodríguez-Ibañez; José Alonso; Juan A. Quirgoa
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3D printed freeform optical sensors for metrology application
Author(s): P. Maillard; A. Heinrich
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Two-dimensional thickness measurement using acousto-optically tuned external cavity laser diode
Author(s): Takamasa Suzuki; Shingo Abe; Samuel Choi
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Multilevel micro-structuring of glassy carbon molds for precision glass molding
Author(s): Karin Prater; Julia Dukwen; Toralf Scharf; Hans Peter Herzig; Sven Plöger; Andreas Hermerschmidt
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Optical design and laser ablation of surface textures: demonstrating total internal reflection
Author(s): Hans Gommans; Silvia Booij; Fetze Pijlman; Marcel Krijn; Siebe de Zwart; Ruslan Sepkhanov; Dave Beaumont; Hans van der Schaft; Rene Sanders
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Replication and subdivision of chromium nano-grating in atom lithography
Author(s): Xiao Deng; Jie Chen; Jie Liu; Yan Ma; Xinbin Cheng; Tongbao Li
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Enhancement of RIE: etched Diffractive Optical Elements surfaces by using Ion Beam Etching
Author(s): J. Schmitt; Ch. Bischoff; U. Rädel; M. Grau; U. Wallrabe; F. Völklein
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In-line metrology setup for periodic nanostructures based on sub-wavelength diffraction
Author(s): Martin Kreuzer; Jordi Gomis Bresco; Marianna Sledzinska; Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres
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Inkjet printed single-mode waveguides on hot-embossed foils
Author(s): Meike Hofmann; Yanfen Xiao; Stanislav Sherman; Patrick Bollgrün; Thomas Schmidt; Uwe Gleissner; Hans Zappe
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Dispersion model for optical thin films applicable in wide spectral range
Author(s): Daniel Franta; David Nečas; Ivan Ohlídal; Angelo Giglia
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Highly sensitive displacement measurement utilizing the wavelength interrogation
Author(s): J. Militky; M. Kadulova; D. Ciprian; P. Hlubina
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Precision optical device of freeform defects inspection
Author(s): S. Meguellati
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Analysis of factors important for measurements of focal length of optical systems
Author(s): P. Pokorný; J. Opat; A. Mikš; J. Novák; P. Novák
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Flow-cytometric identification of vinegars using a multi-parameter analysis optical detection module
Author(s): T. Verschooten; H. Ottevaere; M. Vervaeke; J. Van Erps; M. Callewaert; W. De Malsche; H. Thienpont
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