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2015 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optoelectronic Measurement Technology and Systems
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Volume Number: 9623
Date Published: 10 August 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9623
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Analysis of the pinhole array illumination source for high precision wavefront error metrology
Author(s): Zengxiong Lu; Yuejing Qi; Qingbin Meng; Jiani Su; Guangyi Liu
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Recent developments of interferometric wavefront sensing
Author(s): Dong Liu; Yongying Yang; Xiaoyu Chen; Tong Ling; Lei Zhang; Jian Bai; Yibing Shen
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Absolute angular encoder based on optical diffraction
Author(s): Jian Wu; Tingting Zhou; Bo Yuan; Liqiang Wang
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The influence of laser spot size on the micro-Doppler spectrum
Author(s): Dehua Zhang; Haiyang Zhang; Zheng Zheng; Hongzhi Yang; Changming Zhao; Suhui Yang
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Research on the electro-optical assistant landing system based on the dual camera photogrammetry algorithm
Author(s): Yuhe Mi; Yifan Huang; Lin Li
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A light efficiency uniformity detection system for medical rigid endoscope based on image processing
Author(s): Yakun Wang; Ming Liu; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Liquan Dong; Mei Hui; Xiaohao Zhai; Yonghui Li; Peng Zhou
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A design of cylindrical lens for linear CCD used in dynamic envelope curve measurement of high-speed train
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Changjie Liu; Luhua Fu; Haiqing Liu
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Phase extraction based on sinusoidal extreme strip phase shifting method
Author(s): Mei Hui; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao
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Estimating the PSF of space camera based on in-orbit wavefront sensing
Author(s): Fei Li; Xinqi Hu; Qianqian Sun
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Method for 3D coordinate measurement based on linear camera equipped with cylindrical lenses
Author(s): Haiqing Liu; Linghui Yang; Jiarui Lin; Yongjie Ren; Jigui Zhu
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High precision dual-axis tracking solar wireless charging system based on the four quadrant photoelectric sensor
Author(s): Zhilong Liu; Biao Wang; Weichao Tong
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Edge detection based on adaptive threshold b-spline wavelet for optical sub-aperture measuring
Author(s): Shiqi Zhang; Mei Hui; Ming Liu; Zhu Zhao; Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao
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Method of light path alignment for femtosecond laser tracker based on double optical wedge
Author(s): Chengjun Cui; Weihu Zhou; Dabao Lao; Wenying Zhang
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2D position guidance with single-station optical scan-based system
Author(s): Siyang Guo; Yongjie Ren; Zhe Huang; Yang Chen; Tianqi Hong
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Geometric error detection and calibration in laser trackers
Author(s): Zili Zhang; Dabao Lao; Dengfeng Dong; Weihu Zhou
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A miniaturized and integrated system to measure key parameters of ophthamic optical coherence tomography equipment
Author(s): Xiaoyu Fu; Zhixiong Hu; Chunfeng Ge; Bingtao Hao; Wenli Liu; Baoyu Hong; Dongfang Jia
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Field calibration of binocular stereo vision based on fast reconstruction of 3D control field
Author(s): Haijun Zhang; Changjie Liu; Luhua Fu; Yin Guo
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Spectral calibration for infrared hyperspectral imaging Fourier transform spectrometer based on absorption peaks
Author(s): YaSheng Li; Yan Chen; Ningfang Liao; Hang Lyu; Shufang He; Lifang Wan
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Application of multi-channel photoelastic imaging technology in array type ultrasonic nondestructive testing
Author(s): Zhen-zhong Fan; Chao Bi
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Glucose concentration measurement using photoacoustic technique
Author(s): Zhen Huang; Guodong Liu; Zhong Ren; Lvming Zeng
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Calibrating the axes of the swing arm profilometer by the four-based laser trackers
Author(s): Mingxing Gao; Hongwei Jing; Tianquan Fan; Lin Chen; Jie Li
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Research on the relationship of the probe system for the swing arm profilometer based on the point source microscope
Author(s): Mingxing Gao; Hongwei Jing; Xuedong Cao; Lin Chen; Jie Yang
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A new pose measurement system based on orthogonal beam splitting imaging configuration
Author(s): Xintong Liu; Changku Sun; Peng Wang
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Research on the multi-angle monocular coordinates measuring system for spatial points
Author(s): Yihui Zhang; Changku Sun; Peng Wang; Pengfei Sun
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A weighted-based compensation method of temperature drift for uncooled infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): Dong-xiao Zhang; Yongqiang He
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Analysis on the effect of hypersonic vehicle’s optical window on infrared thermal imaging system
Author(s): Liquan Dong; Ying Han; Lingqin Kong; Ming Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Li Zhang; Yanhong Li; Yi Tian; Renna Sa
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Primary calibration of solar cells based on DSR method at the National Institute of Metrology of China
Author(s): Yingwei He; Limin Xiong; Junchao Zhang; Haifeng Meng; Chuan Cai; Bifeng Zhang; Linlin Xie; Dingpu Liu
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A new stochastic algorithm for inversion of dust aerosol size distribution
Author(s): Li Wang; Feng Li; Ma-ying Yang
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Calibration method for spectral responsivity of infrared detector based on blackbody at multiple temperature
Author(s): Y. F. Zhang; Z. F. Shao; Y. Q. Wu
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Detection of Hg2+ in water environment by fluorescence spectroscopic methods
Author(s): Zhen Li; Jinsong Zhang; Hong Hu; Ruyi Wan; Youwei Yao
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Periodic nanostructures for SERS-active substrate
Author(s): Wenlong Zou; Zhijian Cai; Jianhong Wu
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Research on new vision-based inspection of car circlips
Author(s): Youwei Guo; Zhong Wang; Luhua Fu; Wenjing Liu
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Number theoretical design of optimal holographic targets for measurement of 3D target motion
Author(s): John J. Healy
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Apparatus and method of optical marker projection for the three-dimensional shape measurement
Author(s): Zhe Chen; Xinghua Qu; Xin Geng; Fumin Zhang
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New float equivalent calibration method for 2D image measuring system
Author(s): Jiansong Gou; Zhong Wang; Ruijun Lu; Xinlan Shen
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Intraocular lens power estimation by accurate ray tracing for eyes underwent previous refractive surgeries
Author(s): Que Yang; Shanshan Wang; Kai Wang; Chunyu Zhang; Lu Zhang; Qingyu Meng; Qiudong Zhu
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Generalized dynamic motion compensation technology for star tracker on rotating spacecraft with acceleration
Author(s): Jun Zhang; YunCai Hao; Li Wang; Da Liu
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Study of characteristics of laser beam drift
Author(s): Yusheng Zhai; Zhifeng Zhang; Yang Li; Dongdong Lv; Jintao Li; Wenlong Liu; Yuling Su; Xinjie Wang
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Design of the new rigid endoscope distortion measurement system
Author(s): Xiaohao Zhai; Xiaohua Liu; Ming Liu; Mei Hui; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao; Yakun Wang; Yonghui Li; Peng Zhou
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Analysis the processing algorithm for the frequency measurement variance of the acousto-optic spectrum analyzer
Author(s): Qi-rui He; Lu Gan; Ying Zhou; Chun-ming Gao; Xi-ren Zhang
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A novel non-contact measurement method of the inner diameter
Author(s): Bingtian Jia; Changjie Liu; Xingqiang Li; Luhua Fu; Zhong Wang
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Optimization of curved drift tubes for ultraviolet-ion mobility spectrometry
Author(s): Kai Ni; Guangli Ou; Xiaoguo Zhang; Zhou Yu; Quan Yu; Xiang Qian; Xiaohao Wang
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Design of multiplexing photon correlator based on FPGA
Author(s): Jisen Xu; Xiaobin Wu; Jian Qiu; Kaiqing Luo; Peng Han
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Improved zonal wavefront reconstruction algorithm for Hartmann type test with arbitrary grid patterns
Author(s): Mengyang Li; Dahai Li; Chen Zhang; Kewei E; Zhihan Hong; Chengxu Li
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Research on high-precision laser displacement sensor-based error compensation model
Author(s): Zhifeng Zhang; Yusheng Zhai; Zhan Su; Lin Qiao; Yiming Tang; Xinjie Wang; Yuling Su; Zhijun Song
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The application of fiber-coupled LED in straightness measurement
Author(s): Weihua Liu; Qibo Feng; Cunxing Cui
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Three-dimensional shape measurement of small object based on tri-frequency heterodyne method
Author(s): Shouqi Liu; Wei Feng; Qican Zhang; Yuankun Liu
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Normal spectral emissivity measurement of Al6061 in air environment
Author(s): Feng Zhang; Kun Yu; Kaihua Zhang; Yanlei Liu; Kaipin Xu; Yufang Liu
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A method for recognizing of concentric circles characteristic parameters based on Gaussian sub-pixel edge detection
Author(s): Mingnuo Shang; Changjie Liu; Luhua Fu
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Detection of defects in optics based on scanning
Author(s): Bin Zhou; Jian Bai; Yiyong Liang; Kaiwei Wang; Qianbo Lu; Sai Zhang
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Interference peak detection based on FPGA for real-time absolute distance ranging with dual-comb lasers
Author(s): Kai Ni; Hao Dong; Qian Zhou; Mingfei Xu; Xinghui Li; Guanhao Wu
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Implementation of a data processing platform for real-time distance measurement with dual-comb lasers
Author(s): Kai Ni; Mingfei Xu; Qian Zhou; Hao Dong; Xinghui Li; Guanhao Wu
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Research on algorithm for infrared hyperspectral imaging Fourier transform spectrometer technology
Author(s): Lifang Wan; Yan Chen; Ningfang Liao; Hang Lv; Shufang He; Yasheng Li
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