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2015 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optoelectronic Imaging and Processing Technology
Editor(s): Guangming Shi; Xuelong Li; Bormin Huang
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Volume Number: 9622
Date Published: 10 August 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9622
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spatial difference shaping to improve range resolution in 3D super resolution range gated imaging
Author(s): Xinwei Wang; Yinan Cao; Dezhen Lu; Xiaoquan Liu; Songtao Fan; Yan Zhou; Youfu Li
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Color enhancement and image defogging in HSI based on Retinex model
Author(s): Han Gao; Ping Wei; Jun Ke
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Measurement of nano-particle diffusion in the simulated dynamic light scattering by contrast of dynamic images
Author(s): Xiaobin Wu; Jian Qiu; Kaiqing Luo; Peng Han
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Hybrid phase retrieval from a single defocused image
Author(s): Bing Dong; Genglei Jia; Rui Wang
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The L_infinity constrained global optimal histogram equalization technique for real time imaging
Author(s): Qiongwei Ren; Yi Niu; Lin Liu; Yang Jiao; Guangming Shi
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Compressive spectral imaging systems based on linear detector
Author(s): Yanli Liu; Xiaoming Zhong; Haibo Zhao; Huan Li
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Evaluation of a single-pixel one-transistor active pixel sensor for low-dose indirect-conversion X-ray imaging
Author(s): Xinghui Liu; Hai Ou; Jun Chen; Kai Wang
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Terahertz polarization imaging based on the continuous wave terahertz radiations
Author(s): Ying Liu; Yanchun Shen; Guozhong Zhao
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CS-based fast ultrasound imaging with improved FISTA algorithm
Author(s): Jie Lin; Yugao He; Guangming Shi; Tingyu Han
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A hyperspectral classification method based on experimental model of vegetation parameters and C5.0 decision tree of multiple combined classifiers
Author(s): Xuemei Gong; Juan Lin; Kun Gao; Liu Ying; Meng Wang
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Turbulence mitigation and moving object detection for underwater imaging
Author(s): Kalyan K. Halder; Murat Tahtali; Sreenatha G. Anavatti
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The lucky image-motion prediction for simple scene observation based soft-sensor technology
Author(s): Yan Li; Yun Su; Bin Hu
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In-situ defect detection systems for R2R flexible PV barrier films
Author(s): F. Gao; H. Muhamedsalih; D. Tang; M. Elrawemi; L. Blunt; X. Jiang; S. Edge; D. Bird; P. Hollis
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Multi-patch matching for person re-identification
Author(s): Hocine Labidi; Sen-Lin Luo; Mohamed Bachir Boubekeur; Tarek Benlefki
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Transmissive diffractive membrane optic for large aperture lightweight optical telescope
Author(s): Yue Zhang; Jianchao Jiao; Baohua Wang; Jiangao Jin; Yun Su
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A depth camera for natural human-computer interaction based on near-infrared imaging and structured light
Author(s): Yue Liu; Liqiang Wang; Bo Yuan; Hao Liu
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Night vision imaging system design, integration and verification in spacecraft vacuum thermal test
Author(s): Yonghong Shang D.D.S.; Jing Wang; Zhe Gong; Xiyuan Li; Yifei Pei; Tingzhu Bai; Haijing Zhen
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Polarization information processing and software system design for simultaneously imaging polarimetry
Author(s): Yahui Wang; Jing Liu; Weiqi Jin; Renjie Wen
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Indoor integrated navigation and synchronous data acquisition method for Android smartphone
Author(s): Chunsheng Hu; Wenjian Wei; Shiqiao Qin; Xingshu Wang; Ayman Habib; Ruisheng Wang
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Non-contact Real-time heart rate measurements based on high speed circuit technology research
Author(s): Jizhe Wu; Xiaohua Liu; Lingqin Kong; Cong Shi; Ming Liu; Mei Hui; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao
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Realization of video electronics system in the space-borne multispectral imager
Author(s): Peng Rong; Ning Lei; Ganglin Cheng; Jing Huang
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Research on the zoom range of liquid-solid composite lens
Author(s): Xiuping Song; Jianguo Xin; Qiang Huang
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Algorithm design for a gun simulator based on image processing
Author(s): Yu Liu; Ping Wei; Jun Ke
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Visual pattern degradation based image quality assessment
Author(s): Jinjian Wu; Leida Li; Guangming Shi; Weisi Lin; Wenfei Wan
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Design and realization of an AEC&AGC system for the CCD aerial camera
Author(s): Hai ying Liu; Bing Feng; Peng Wang; Yan Li; Hao yun Wei
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Remote weapon station for automatic target recognition system demand analysis
Author(s): Zhang Lei; Sheng-cai Li; Cai Shi
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Design and realization of an image mosaic system on the CCD aerial camera
Author(s): Hai ying Liu; Peng Wang; Hai bin Zhu; Yan Li; Shao jun Zhang
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Depth map super resolution and edge enhancement by utilizing RGB information
Author(s): Xu-le Yan; Ping An; Shuai Zheng; Yi-fan Zuo; Zhixiang You
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A novel track-before-detect algorithm based on optimal nonlinear filtering for detecting and tracking infrared dim target
Author(s): Yuexin Tian; Kun Gao; Ying Liu; Lu Han
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Real-time implementation of SIFT feature extraction algorithms in FPGA
Author(s): A-jun Shao; Wei-xian Qian; Guo-hua Gu; Kai-li Lu
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Detection technology of polarization target based on curvelet transform in turbid liquid
Author(s): Su Zhang; Jin Duan; Qiang Fu; Juntong Zhan; Wanzhuo Ma
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A stereo matching method for actual binocular system
Author(s): Tingting Zhou; Bo Yuan; Liqiang Wang
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Study of target tracking techniques based on non-scanning imaging lidar
Author(s): Sui Chen; Qianqian Wang; Shuhao Zhang; Bin Shan; Xiaoyang Li; Zhong Peng
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Tracking and registration method based on vector operation for augmented reality system
Author(s): Yanfei Gao; Hengyou Wang; Xiaoning Bian
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Temporal high-pass non-uniformity correction algorithm based on grayscale mapping and hardware implementation
Author(s): Minglei Jin; Weiqi Jin; Yiyang Li; Shuo Li
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Design and recognition of three dimensional calibration target based on coded marker
Author(s): You Zhai; Wei Xiong; Luan Zeng; Dalong Gu
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Quantitative analysis of alteration mineral content and characteristic spectra of Hyperion image at oil and gas microseepage area
Author(s): Na Liu; Xiaomei Chen; Qianqian Li
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ECG signals denoising using wavelet transform and independent component analysis
Author(s): Manjin Liu; Mei Hui; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Zhu Zhao; Yuejin Zhao
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Targets detection in smoke-screen image sequences using fractal and rough set theory
Author(s): Xiaoke Yan
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The correction of the distortion of human face based on three-dimensional modeling methods
Author(s): Qingmin Ye; Kuo Chen; Huajun Feng; Zhihai Xu; Qi Li
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Linear Bregman algorithm implemented in parallel GPU
Author(s): Pengyan Li; Jue Ke; Dong Sui; Ping Wei
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Camouflage target reconnaissance based on hyperspectral imaging technology
Author(s): Wenshen Hua; Tong Guo; Xun Liu
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Fast resolving of the nonconvex optimization with gradient projection
Author(s): Fangfang Shen; Guangming Shi; Guanghui Zhao; Yi Niu
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A perceptual preprocess method for 3D-HEVC
Author(s): Yawen Shi; Yongfang Wang; Yubing Wang
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Preliminary results of centroiding experiment for the STEP mission
Author(s): Haitao Li; Baoquan Li; Yang Cao; Ding Chen; Ligang Li
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Automated seamline detection along skeleton for remote sensing image mosaicking
Author(s): Hansong Zhang; Jianyu Chen; Xin Liu
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Fast sub-pixel accuracy stereo image matching based on disparity plane
Author(s): Nan Jiang; Yufu Qu; Yueping Li
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Measurement of PSF for the extended depth of field of microscope based on liquid lens
Author(s): Yujia Xue; Yufu Qu; Shenyu Zhu
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Wavefront correction in the active imaging system based on spatial heterodyne detection
Author(s): Bo Chen; Xu Yang; Xiaoyang Li
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Remote sensing image registration algorithm based on circle correlation
Author(s): Changqing Yang; Tianhua Xie
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Perceptual image quality in normalized LOG domain for Adaptive Optics image post-processing
Author(s): Shiping Guo; Rongzhi Zhang; Jisheng Li; Jianhua Zou; Changhai Liu; Weizhe Gao
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