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2015 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optoelectronic Devices and Optical Signal Processing
Editor(s): Yi Dong; Chao Lu; Jian Wu; Zhaohui Li
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Volume Number: 9619
Date Published: 12 August 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9619
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Transitions of various operation states in a dissipative soliton mode-locked fiber laser
Author(s): Xin Zou; Ming Li; Jifang Qiu; Jindan Shi; Jian Wu
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Polarization diversity heterodyne receiver for high-sensitivity optical frequency modulated continuous wave system
Author(s): Weikang Wang; Yi Dong; Qian Zhou; Jie Qin; Hongxiao Shi; Weisheng Hu
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Evaluation of impacts of laser parameters on laser cell efficiencies
Author(s): Yichen Zhang; Changming Zhao; Suhui Yang; Yunshi Wang; Qihai Zhu; Jieyao Ke; Peng Xu; Zhe Guan; Haiyang Zhang
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Bandwidth limitation in QPSK optical coherent receiver with DAML carrier phase estimation
Author(s): Jian Chen; Tianping Feng; Yuanwei Fan; Zhaohui Ma; Xiaodi You
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An SOI-based 1550-nm 4×4 multimode interference coupler used for OADC
Author(s): Ye Tian; Shile Wei; Jifang Qiu; Jian Wu; Daolin Zhang; Yue Wang
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A flexible decision-aided maximum likelihood phase estimation method
Author(s): Jian Chen; Ping Wang; Xiaodi You; Changyuan Yu
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Emulating long-range atmospheric turbulence in lab based on spatial light modulator
Author(s): Donghao Zheng; Yan Li; Ling Zhu; Tong Xu; Jian Wu; Wei Li
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The laser phase measurement by phase-smooth unwrapping algorithm and its application in phase error compensation of OFMCW
Author(s): Qian Zhou; Jie Qin; Weilin Xie; Yan Xu; Yi Dong; Weisheng Hu
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Precise linearization of broadband frequency chirp for coherent optical frequency domain reflectometry
Author(s): Jie Qin; Hongxiao Shi; Weilin Xie; Qian Zhou; Yi Dong; Weisheng Hu
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Improving the performance of continuous variable quantum key distribution using fading effects of free-space channel
Author(s): Zeyu Zhang; Chengrui Zhu; Guangqiang He
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Stable coherent dual comb generator with dual-heterodyne phase error transfer and heterodyne optical phase-locked loop
Author(s): Yitian Tong; Zhangweiyi Liu; Baiyu Li; Qian Zhou; Yi Dong; Weisheng Hu
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The link availability analysis of GEO satellite-to-ground laser communication
Author(s): Erhu Chen; Haiping Mei; Changquan Zhang; Chengwu Chang
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VLC indoor positioning system based on iterative algorithm
Author(s): Duobo Wu; Lihui Feng; Aiying Yang
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Research on the application of GN-Model in optical coherent transmission systems
Author(s): Yanya Hao; Wanli Wang; Yaojun Qiao
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The distribution of highly stable millimeter-wave signals over different optical fiber links with accurate phase-correction
Author(s): Zhangweiyi Liu; Xiaocheng Wang; Dongning Sun; Yi Dong; Weisheng Hu
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Singularity analysis and elimination of CMA in multistage PMD channel model
Author(s): Xinhui Nie; Yan Li; Wentao Du; Haiquan Cheng; Jian Wu; Wei Li; Jintong Lin; Jianxin Lu; Jian Xu; Guoyi Zhang; Huihong Luo
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Research on field of view of optical receiving antenna based on indoor visible light communication system
Author(s): Mingguang Gao; Tian Lan; Tao Zhao; Yilun Zhang; Zhenghua Cui; Guoqiang Ni
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Experimental investigation on the high chip rate of 2D incoherent optical CDMA system
Author(s): Guorui Su; Rong Wang; Tao Pu; Tao Fang; Jilin Zheng; Huatao Zhu; Weijiang Wu
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A new designed OAM fiber enabling the integration of classical and quantum optical fiber communications
Author(s): Min Zhu; Xiaoguang Zhang; Wenbo Zhang; Lixia Xi; Xianfeng Tang
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Study on an improved wavelet threshold denoising for the time-resolved photoacoustic signals of the glucose solution
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Zhen Huang
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Determination of glucose concentration based on pulsed laser induced photoacoustic technique and least square fitting algorithm
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Zhen Huang
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Demonstration of 1x32 LCOS-based wavelength selective switch
Author(s): Ying Chen; Xiao Chen; Yunshu Gao; Miao Tian; Ran Chen; Shan Wang; Genxiang Chen; Yiquan Wang
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Investigation of elliptical vortex beams propagating in atmospheric turbulence by numerical simulations
Author(s): Taozheng
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Development level of space optical transceiver and the design of network communication on optical transceiver
Author(s): Tao Zhang Sr.; Bo Wang; Huilin Jiang
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Experimental demonstration of security-enhanced WDM-PON based on chaotic optical communications
Author(s): Hongxi Yin; Xiaolei Chen; Hehe Yue; Qingchun Zhao; Yang Hao; Chenguang Wu; Nan Zhao
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Decrease scattering loss induced by surface roughness through waveguide structure optimization
Author(s): Chuanlu Deng; Tao Zhu; Lili Guo; Jianhui Wang; Zhiqiang Song; Yana Shang; Fufei Pang; Tingyun Wang
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PAPR reduction in optical OFDM systems using asymmetrically clipping and signal scrambling technique
Author(s): Lin Chen; Yong Fang; Qinghua Huang; Yanzan Sun
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Measurement and analysis on transmission characteristics of laser in atmosphere in Beijing
Author(s): Zhenlong Dong; Xuejian Li
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Capacity analyze of WDM indoor visible light communication based on LED for standard illumination
Author(s): Heqing Huang; Yi Tang; Lu Cui; Qingwei Zhu; Jiabin Luo
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Automatic polarization control in optical sampling system
Author(s): Zhao Zhao; Aiying Yang; Lihui Feng
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Design of a reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer based on tunable Fabry-Perot array
Author(s): Jiansen Ye; Xin Wang; Zhuo Li; Yang Yang; Rui Xu; Rui Shi
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OSNR monitoring based on the correction to the error of OSNR for coherent optical systems
Author(s): Jingyue Xu; Aiying Yang; Lihui Feng
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