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Nanophotonics and Macrophotonics for Space Environments IX
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Volume Number: 9616
Date Published: 20 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9616
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Discussions on radiation and space environment exposure of replicated optical mirrors produced from carbon composites
Author(s): R. C. Romeo; R. N. Martin; K. Bollweg
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Stand-off molecular composition analysis
Author(s): Gary B. Hughes; Philip Lubin; Peter Meinhold; Hugh O'Neill; Travis Brashears; Qicheng Zhang; Janelle Griswold; Jordan Riley; Caio Motta
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Orbital simulations on the deflection of Near Earth Objects by directed energy
Author(s): Qicheng Zhang; Kevin J. Walsh; Carl Melis; Gary B. Hughes; Philip M. Lubin
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Directed energy deflection laboratory measurements
Author(s): Travis Brashears; Phillip Lubin; Gary B. Hughes; Peter Meinhold; Jonathan Suen; Payton Batliner; Caio Motta; Janelle Griswold; Miikka Kangas; Isbella Johansson; Yusuf Alnawakhtha; Kenyon Prater; Alex Lang; Jonathan Madajian
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Simulations of directed energy thrust on rotating asteroids
Author(s): Janelle Griswold; Jonathan Madajian; Isabella Johansson; Krysten Pfau; Philip Lubin; Gary B. Hughes; Aidan Gilkes; Peter Meinhold; Caio Motta; Travis Brashears; Qicheng Zhang
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Local phase control for a planar array of fiber laser amplifiers
Author(s): Patrick Steffanic; Benjamin T. Johannes; Claudia A. Sison; Gary B. Hughes; Philip Lubin; Peter Meinhold; Jonathan Suen; Hugh O'Neill; Miikka Kangas; Travis Brashears; Qicheng Zhang; Janelle Griswold; Jordan Riley; Caio Motta
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Orbital simulations of laser-propelled spacecraft
Author(s): Qicheng Zhang; Philip M. Lubin; Gary B. Hughes; Carl Melis; Kevin J. Walsh
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Directed energy interstellar propulsion of wafersats
Author(s): Travis Brashears; Philip Lubin; Gary B. Hughes; Kyle McDonough; Sebastian Arias; Alex Lang; Caio Motta; Peter Meinhold; Payton Batliner; Janelle Griswold; Qicheng Zhang; Yusuf Alnawakhtha; Kenyon Prater; Jonathan Madajian; Olivia Sturman; Jana Gergieva; Aidan Gilkes; Bret Silverstein
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Solar lens mission concept for interstellar exploration
Author(s): Travis Brashears; Philip Lubin; Slava Turyshev; Michael Shao; Qicheng Zhang
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Effects of degradation on the performance of a triphenylene based liquid crystal organic semiconductor
Author(s): Nathan J. Dawson; Michael S. Patrick; Kyle Peters; Sanjoy Paul; Brett Ellman; Rachael Matthews; Emily Pentzer; Robert J. Twieg; Kenneth D. Singer
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Using complementary tools to characterize the effects of radiation in electro-optic polymeric materials
Author(s): Javier Perez-Moreno
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Proton irradiation of MWIR HgCdTe/CdZnTe
Author(s): Stephen Fahey; Silviu Velicu; Ramana Bommena; Jun Zhao; Vincent Cowan; Christian Morath; Sivalingam Sivananthan
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MWIR unipolar barrier photodetectors based on strained layer superlattices
Author(s): David A. Ramirez; Stephen A. Myers; Elena Plis; Yuliya Kuznetsova; Christian P. Morath; Vincent M. Cowan; Sanjay Krishna
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Empirical trends of minority carrier recombination lifetime vs proton radiation for rad-hard IR detector materials
Author(s): Geoffrey D. Jenkins; Christian P. Morath; Vincent M. Cowan
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Low-frequency noise spectrum measurements of mid-wave infrared nBn detectors with superlattice absorbers
Author(s): Eli A. Garduño; Damien L. Waden; Vincent M. Cowan; Christian P. Morath
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Progress towards vertical transport study of proton-irradiated InAs/GaSb type-II strained-layer superlattice materials for space-based infrared detectors using magnetoresistance measurements
Author(s): Mitchell C. Malone; Christian P. Morath; Stephen Fahey; Brianna Klein; Vincent M. Cowan; Sanjay Krishna
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High power VCSEL devices for atomic clock applications
Author(s): L. S. Watkins; C. Ghosh; J.-F. Seurin; D. Zhou; G. Xu; B. Xu; A. Miglo
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A multi-channel tunable source for atomic sensors
Author(s): Matthew S. Bigelow; Tony D. Roberts; Shirley A. McNeil; Todd Hawthorne; Phil Battle
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Miniature atomic clock for space applications
Author(s): Lute Maleki; Anatoliy Savchenkov; Wei Liang; Danny Eliyahu; Vladimir Ilchenko; Elijah Dale; Andrey Matsko
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Compact, highly sensitive optical gyros and sensors with fast-light
Author(s): Caleb A. Christensen; Anton Zavriyev; Malcolm Cummings; A. Craig Beal; Mark Lucas; Michael Lagasse
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Polymer light harvesting composites for optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Sam-Shajing Sun; Dan Wang
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A CMOS TDI image sensor for Earth observation
Author(s): Joseph E. Rushton; Konstantin D. Stefanov; Andrew D. Holland; James Endicott; Frederic Mayer; Frederic Barbier
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Microscopic model for studying radiation degradation of electron transport and photodetection devices
Author(s): Danhong Huang; Fei Gao; D. A. Cardimona; C. P. Morath; V. M. Cowan
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Surface conduction in InAs and GaSb
Author(s): D. E. Sidor; G. R. Savich; G. W. Wicks
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Radiation effects on Yb:YLF crystals used in cryogenic optical refrigerators
Author(s): K. W. Martin; S. Melgaard; V. M. Cowan; J. Hubbs; T. Fraser; M. Sheik-Bahae
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Potential of CdSiP2 for enabling mid-infrared laser sources
Author(s): F. Kenneth Hopkins; Shekhar Guha; Bruce Claflin; Peter G. Schunemann; Kevin T. Zawilski; Nancy C. Giles; Larry E. Halliburton
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Deflection of uncooperative targets using laser ablation
Author(s): Nicolas Thiry; Massimiliano Vasile
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