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Remote Sensing and Modeling of Ecosystems for Sustainability XII
Editor(s): Wei Gao; Ni-Bin Chang; Jinnian Wang
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Volume Number: 9610
Date Published: 2 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9610
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Site suitability evaluation for ecotourism potential areas using RS and GIS: a case study of Wadi Wurayah, Fujairah, UAE
Author(s): Ahmad Abou-Elnour; Varkki Pallathucheril; Ali Abou-Elnour
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Evaluations of CMIP5 simulations over cropland
Author(s): Min Xu; Forrest Hoffman
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Combined UV irradiance from TOMS-OMI satellite and UVMRP ground measurements across the continental U.S.
Author(s): Zhibin Sun; John Davis; Wei Gao
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Continuous evaluation of land cover restoration of tsunami struck plains in Japan by using several kinds of optical satellite image in time series
Author(s): H. Hashiba
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In situ hyperspectral data analysis for canopy chlorophyll content estimation of an invasive species spartina alterniflora based on PROSAIL canopy radiative transfer model
Author(s): Jinquan Ai; Wei Gao; Runhe Shi; Chao Zhang; Zhibin Sun; Wenhui Chen; Chaoshun Liu; Yuyan Zeng
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Land cover fraction estimation with global endmembers using collaborative SUnSAL
Author(s): Uttam Kumar; Cristina Milesi; S. Kumar Raja; Ramakrishna R. Nemani; Sangram Ganguly; Weile Wang
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Effects of bias in solar radiation inputs on ecosystem model performance
Author(s): Shinichi Asao; Zhibin Sun; Wei Gao
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Using artificial neural network and satellite data to predict rice yield in Bangladesh
Author(s): Kawsar Akhand; Mohammad Nizamuddin; Leonid Roytman; Felix Kogan; Mitch Goldberg
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Influence of canopy biochemical and biophysical variables on reflectance spectra based on canopy radiative transfer model with adding noise
Author(s): Pudong Liu; Runhe Shi; Hong Wang; Chaoshun Liu; Zhibin Sun; Wei Gao
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A study on China’s LUCC and carbon-sink response with remote sensing
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Xiangyu Zheng; Jicai Ning; Chaoshun Liu
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Impacts of global non-leading teleconnection signals on terrestrial precipitation across the United States
Author(s): N. B. Chang; S. Imen; K. Bai
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Climate change impacts on the U.S. agricultural economy
Author(s): You Wu; Xin-Zhong Liang; Wei Gao
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Temporal variation (seasonal and interannual) of vegetation indices of maize and soybeans across multiple years in central Iowa
Author(s): J. H. Prueger; J. L. Hatfield
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Two-stage reference channel calibration for collocated UV and VIS Multi-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometers
Author(s): Maosi Chen; John Davis; Zhibin Sun; Wei Gao
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Water stress detection of lilac leaves using a polarized laser
Author(s): Songxin Tan; A. S. M. Kabir Khan
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Raman spectroscopy for the control of the atmospheric bioindicators
Author(s): E. V. Timchenko; P. E. Timchenko; L. A. Shamina; L. A. Zherdeva
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Study of emissivity changes presented by inorganic and organic soil under drying at ambient temperature
Author(s): C. Villaseñor-Mora; A. Gonzalez-Vega; P. Martinez-Torres; H. Hernández-Arellano
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A new method to classify hyperspectral data of Landsat TM image
Author(s): Yixiang Wang; Zhibin Sun; Shangbin Bai
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Evaluation of WRF microphysics and cumulus parameterization schemes in simulating a heavy rainfall event over Yangtze River delta
Author(s): Yu Kan; Chaoshun Liu; Yanan Liu; Cong Zhou
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A tool for NDVI time series extraction from wide-swath remotely sensed images
Author(s): Zhishan Li; Runhe Shi; Cong Zhou
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Detecting harmful algal blooms using Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) data in Bohai Sea, China
Author(s): Mingzhu Xu; Zhiqiang Gao; Chaoshun Liu
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Salinity and soil moisture retrieval algorithms in western Jilin Province of China using passive microwave remote sensing data
Author(s): Haoyang Fu; Lingjia Gu; Ruizhi Ren
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Dynamic analysis on coastline and sea reclamation in the efficient ecological economic zone of the Yellow River Delta based on 30-years satellite data
Author(s): Xiangyu Zheng; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Qingshui Lu
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Snow depth retrieval algorithm of saline-alkali land in the western Jilin Province of China using passive microwave remote sensing data
Author(s): Mingbo Sun; Lingjia Gu; Ruizhi Ren; Haoyang Fu
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Study on coastline change in Shandong Province based on geo-information TuPu
Author(s): Xiangyang Liu; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Wei Gao
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Scaling effect on the estimation of chlorophyll content using narrow band NDVIs based on radiative transfer model
Author(s): Hong Wang; Runhe Shi; Pudong Liu; Zhou Cong
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Retrieval of aerosol optical depth over Beijing using Landsat8/OLI data
Author(s): Lu Zhang; Runhe Shi; Chaoshun Liu; Cong Zhou
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Comparative analysis of land surface emissivity retrieval methods and the impact on the land surface temperature based on Landsat-8 thermal infrared data
Author(s): Zenghui Kan; Chaoshun Liu; Cong Zhou; Zhijun Li
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Sensitivity of the reference evapotranspiration to key climatic variables in Shandong Province, China
Author(s): Jialin Yang; Chaoshun Liu; Cong Zhou
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Validation of the OMI-TOMS and OMI-DOAS total ozone column data using ground-based observations over China
Author(s): Mingliang Ma; Runhe Shi; Wei Gao
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Remote estimation of GPP in temperate grassland: implications of the uncertainty in GPP estimation in semi-arid ecosystems using MODIS data
Author(s): Shishi Liu; Yi Peng; Nathaniel Brunsell; Qingfeng Guan
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Simulation and analysis of NDVI performance based on vegetation canopy radiative transfer model
Author(s): Yuyan Zeng; Runhe Shi; Pudong Liu; Jinquan Ai; Cong Zhou
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Changes on albedo after a large forest fire in Mediterranean ecosystems
Author(s): Carmen Quintano; Alfonso Fernández-Manso; Victor Fernández-García; Elena Marcos; Leonor Calvo
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Data fusion of CO2 retrieved from GOSAT and AIRS using regression analysis and fixed rank kriging
Author(s): Cong Zhou; Runhe Shi; Wei Gao
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The estimation of Aerosol Optical Depth in eastern China based on regression analysis
Author(s): Jing Wang; Runhe Shi; Chaoshun Liu; Cong Zhou
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Optical methods for control of heavy metals impact on aquatic plants
Author(s): E. V. Timchenko; P. E. Timchenko; N. V. Tregub; A. A. Asadova; L. A. Zherdeva
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Retrieval of water and heat flux based on fusion of LANDSAT TM/ETM+ and MODIS data
Author(s): Jicai Ning; Zhiqiang Gao; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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