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Optical System Alignment, Tolerancing, and Verification IX
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Volume Number: 9582
Date Published: 18 September 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9582
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Freeform capability enabled by ISO 10110
Author(s): Sven R. Kiontke; David M. Aikens; Richard N. Youngworth
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Scanning pupil approach to aspheric surface slope error tolerancing in head-up display optics
Author(s): V. P. Sivokon
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The need for fiducials on freeform optical surfaces
Author(s): Kate Medicus; Jessica D. Nelson; Matthew Brunelle
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Tolerancing aspheric surfaces in optical design
Author(s): U. Fuchs
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Slope sensitivities for optical surfaces
Author(s): John R. Rogers
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Tolerance analysis of optical systems using the Nijboer-Zernike approach
Author(s): Marco Hanft
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Design and tolerance analysis of a transmission sphere by interferometer model
Author(s): Wei-Jei Peng; Cheng-Fong Ho; Wen-Lung Lin; Zong-Ru Yu; Chien-Yao Huang; Wei-Yao Hsu
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Measuring NIRCam's position and orientation in 6 DOF using one reference mirror surface inside an environmental chamber
Author(s): Paul F. Schweiger; Torben B. Andersen
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Characterization of cryo-vacuum chamber windows for NIRCam instrument alignment and testing
Author(s): Paul F. Schweiger; Torben B. Andersen
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Dynamic alignment, tolerances, and metrology fundamentals at the nano and micro scales
Author(s): Donn M. Silberman
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1μm adjustment-tolerance for high-precision helical laser drilling
Author(s): F. Zibner; C. Fornaroli; J. Holtkamp; J. Ryll; A. Gillner
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Disruptive advancement in precision lens mounting
Author(s): Frédéric Lamontagne; Nichola Desnoyers; Michel Doucet; Patrice Côté; Jonny Gauvin; Geneviève Anctil
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State estimation in optical system alignment using monochromatic beam imaging
Author(s): Joyce Fang; Dmitry Savransky
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Alignment performance comparison between MFR and MDCO for a TMA optical system
Author(s): Hyukmo Kang; Eunsong Oh; Sug-Whan Kim
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Analysis of alignment tolerance of focal plane assembly of a telescope
Author(s): Shenq-Tsong Chang; Yu-Chuan Lin; Ming-Ying Hsu; Ting-Ming Huang; Fong-Zhi Chen
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Development of a FSMP mirror assembly
Author(s): Jihun Kim; Young-Soo Kim; Je Heon Song; Myung Cho; Ho-Soon Yang; Joohyung Lee; Ho-Sang Kim; Kyoung-Don Lee; Won Hyun Park; Byeong-Gon Park
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