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Zoom Lenses V
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Volume Number: 9580
Date Published: 18 September 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9580
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Challenges of designing a zoom lens for planetarium projection
Author(s): D. Doering; T. Milde; M. Hanft
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"Perfect Zoom System" which enables both a zoom ratio of 25:1 and a high-resolution in stereo microscope
Author(s): Norio Miyake; Masahiro Mizuta; Nobuhiro Shinada; Hiroaki Nakayama; Yumiko Ohuchi
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Understanding how entrance and exit pupils have determined the evolution of the modern zoom lens design (tutorial)
Author(s): Ellis Betensky
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Toward a paraxial pre-design of zoom lenses
Author(s): T. Milde; T. Zimmermann
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New tools for finding first-order zoom lens solutions and the analysis of zoom lenses during the design process
Author(s): Anthony J. Yee; Daniel J. L. Williams; Gustavo A. Gandara-Montano; Peter McCarthy; Julie Bentley; Duncan T. Moore
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Modular optical design for flexible beam expansion
Author(s): U. Fuchs; S. Wickenhagen
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Zoom lens design for tilted objects
Author(s): Robert M. Malone; Daniel K. Frayer; Morris I. Kaufman; Heather R. Leffler; Kevin D. McGillivray; Alfred Meidinger; David H. Phillips
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Compensator selection considerations for a zoom lens
Author(s): John R. Rogers
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To zoom or not to zoom: do we have enough pixels?
Author(s): Richard N. Youngworth; Eric Herman
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Increasing dual band infrared zoom ranges
Author(s): Jay Vizgaitis
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Optical design study and prototyping of a dual-field zoom lens imaging in the 1-5 micron infrared waveband
Author(s): Dmitry Reshidko; Pavel Reshidko; Ran Carmeli
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Optical design study of a VIS-SWIR 3X zoom lens
Author(s): Rebecca Berman; James A. Corsetti; Kejia Fang; Eryn Fenning; Peter McCarthy; Greg R. Schmidt; Anthony J. Visconti; Daniel J. L. Williams; Anthony J. Yee; Yang Zhao; Julie Bentley; Duncan T. Moore; Craig Olson
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Chromatic correction for a VIS-SWIR zoom lens using optical glasses
Author(s): Yang Zhao; Daniel J. L. Williams; Peter McCarthy; Anthony J. Visconti; Julie L. Bentley; Duncan T. Moore
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Cine-servo lens technology for 4K broadcast and cinematography
Author(s): Ryuji Nurishi; Tsuyoshi Wakazono; Fumiaki Usui
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Extreme retrofocus zoom lens for single-shot single-lens HDR photography and video
Author(s): Anthony Vella; Julie Bentley
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All-reflective optical power zoom objectives
Author(s): Heinrich Grüger
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Design of a wide angle zoom lens using an asphere to achieve superior solutions
Author(s): Takanori Yamanashi
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Change of optical design thought about focusing of zoom lens
Author(s): Hitoshi Hagimori
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Multi-channel compact optical zoom module by using microlenses
Author(s): Wei-Hsiang Liao; Guo-Dung J. Su
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Design study for a 16x zoom lens system for visible surveillance camera
Author(s): Anthony Vella; Heng Li; Yang Zhao; Isaac Trumper; Gustavo A. Gandara-Montano; Di Xu; Daniel K. Nikolov; Changchen Chen; Nicolas S. Brown; Andres Guevara-Torres; Hae Won Jung; Jacob Reimers; Julie Bentley
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Novel optical system for very thin zoom lenses
Author(s): Akira Yabe
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A study of high ratio zoom optics with intermediate image
Author(s): Chih-Ta Yen; Yi-Chin Fang
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Liquid lens driven by elastomer actuator
Author(s): Boya Jin; Ji-Hyeon Lee; Zuowei Zhou; Gi-Bbeum Lee; Hongwen Ren; Changwoon Nah
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