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Biosensing and Nanomedicine VIII
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Volume Number: 9550
Date Published: 22 September 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9550
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Semiconductor quantum dots as delivery and imaging platforms for intracellular assembly
Author(s): Lauren D. Field; James B. Delehanty; Scott A. Walper; Kimihiro Susumu; Igor L. Medintz
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Biodegradable bisphosphonate nanoparticles for imaging and therapeutic applications in osteosarcoma
Author(s): S. Rudnick-Glick; E. Corem-Salkmon; I. Grinberg; E. Gluz; S. Margel
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Enhanced in-vivo optical coherence tomography of live mouse brain by the use of implanted micro-lens (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Iman Hassani Nia; Daniel Dombeck; Hooman Mohseni
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A three-camera imaging microscope for high-speed single-molecule tracking and super-resolution imaging in living cells
Author(s): Brian P. English; Robert H. Singer
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Detection of cancerous biological tissue areas by means of infrared absorption and SERS spectroscopy of intercellular fluid
Author(s): M. Velicka; V. Urboniene; J. Ceponkus; M. Pucetaite; F. Jankevicius M.D.; V. Sablinskas
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Surface enhanced Raman scattering for detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum sensing compounds
Author(s): Will Thrift; Arunima Bhattacharjee; Mahsa Darvishzadeh-Varcheie; Ying Lu; Allon Hochbaum; Filippo Capolino; Katrine Whiteson; Regina Ragan
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Using Raman spectroscopy and SERS for in situ studies of rhizosphere bacteria
Author(s): Sneha Polisetti; Nameera Baig; Amber Bible; Jennifer Morrell-Falvey; Mitchel Doktycz; Paul W. Bohn
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Mid-Infrared (~2.8 μm to ~7.1 μm) interband cascade lasers
Author(s): Sven Höfling; Robert Weih; Matthias Dallner; Julian Scheuermann; Michael von Edlinger; Lars Nähle; Marc Fischer; Johannes Koeth; Martin Kamp
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Towards novel compact laser sources for non-invasive diagnostics and treatment
Author(s): Edik U. Rafailov; Karina S. Litvinova; Sergei G. Sokolovski
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Switchable bioelectronics on graphene interface (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Onur Parlak; Ashutosh Tiwari; Anthony P. F. Turner
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Evaluating mononuclear cells as nanoparticle delivery vehicles for the treatment of breast tumors
Author(s): Jaclyn K. Murton; Chelin Hu; Mona M. Ahmed; Helen J. Hathaway; Monique Nysus; Tamara Anderson Daniels; Jeffrey P. Norenberg; Natalie L. Adolphi
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Effect of Hyp delivery system on PKCα activity: What will happen after pkcα gene silencing and Hyp photo-activation?
Author(s): Matus Misuth; Jaroslava Joniova; Michaela Ferencakova; Pavol Miskovsky; Zuzana Nadova
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Modified kinetics of enzymes interacting with nanoparticles
Author(s): Sebastián A. Díaz; Joyce C. Breger; Anthony Malanoski; Jonathan C. Claussen; Scott A. Walper; Mario G. Ancona; Carl W. Brown III; Michael H. Stewart; Eunkeu Oh; Kimihiro Susumu; Igor L. Medintz
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Nanoplasmonic lenses for bacteria sorting (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Xiangchao Zhu; Ahmet A. Yanik
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Nano scaffolds and stem cell therapy in liver tissue engineering
Author(s): Laila M. Montaser; Sherin M. Fawzy
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A creatinine biosensor based on admittance measurement
Author(s): Congo Tak-Shing Ching; Tai-Ping Sun; Deng-Yun Jheng; Hou-Wei Tsai; Hsiu-Li Shieh
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Quantitative fluorescence nanoscopy for cancer biomedicine
Author(s): Tao Huang; Andrew Nickerson; Alec Peters; Xiaolin Nan
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Resonant waveguide grating imagers for single cell analysis and high throughput screening
Author(s): Ye Fang
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Motion behavior of mammalian AT-SC under evanescent field illumination
Author(s): Mukhzeer Mohamad Shahimin; Kang Nan Khor; Fhataheya Buang; M. Zulkali M. Daud; Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan; Nor Azura Malini Ahmad Hambali; Mohd Halim Abd Wahid; Vithyacharan Retnasamy; Ali Hussain Reshak
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Rational design of on-chip refractive index sensors based on lattice plasmon resonances (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Linhan Lin; Yuebing Zheng
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Ultra-broadband plasmonic super absorbers for universal surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrate (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Nan Zhang; Kai Liu; Haomin Song; Xie Zeng; Dengxin Ji; Qiaoqiang Gan
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Plasmonic nanoparticles sensors utilizing hybrid modes, electrical excitation, and anisotropic particles
Author(s): Andre Dathe; Pavel Kliuiev; Jacqueline Jatschka; Uwe Hübner; Mario Ziegler; Matthias Thiele; Steffen Trautmann; Janina Wirth; Frank Garwe; Andrea Csaki; Ondrej Stranik; Wolfgang Fritzsche
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Wafer-scale aluminum plasmonics for fluorescence based biodetection
Author(s): Arash Farhang; Matthew C. George; Brent Williamson; Mike Black; Ted Wangensteen; James Fraser; Rumyana Petrova; Kent Prestgard
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Real-time protein aggregation monitoring based on a simultaneous light scattering investigation and a Bloch surface wave-based approach
Author(s): Sara Santi; Elsie Barakat; Reinhard Neier; Hans Peter Herzig
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Fluorescent Cy5 silica nanoparticles for cancer cell imaging
Author(s): Claire O'Connell; Robert I. Nooney; MacDara Glynn; Jens Ducree; Colette McDonagh
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A new molecular model for Congo Red-β amyloid interaction: implications for diagnosis and inhibition of brain plaque formation in Alzheimer’s disease
Author(s): Kristine A. Zhang; Yat Li
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Evaluation of performance of portable respiratory monitoring system based on micro-electro-mechanical-system for respiratory gated radiotherapy
Author(s): Sun Young Moon; Jiwon Sung; Myonggeun Yoon; Mijoo Chung; Weon Kuu Chung; Dong Wook Kim
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