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Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Nanomaterials XIV
Editor(s): Sophia C. Hayes; Eric R. Bittner
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Volume Number: 9549
Date Published: 28 September 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9549
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Modeling electric field-induced quenching in conjugated polymers and oligomers
Author(s): Christian M. Legaspi; Linda A. Peteanu; David J. Yaron
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Singlet, triplet, electron and hole transport along single polymer chains
Author(s): Matthew Bird; Gina Mauro; Lori Zaikowski; Xiang Li; Obadiah Reid; Brianne Karten; Sadayuki Asaoka; Hung-Cheng Chen; Andrew R. Cook; Garry Rumbles; John R. Miller
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Photo-induced electron transfer processes in doped conjugated polymer films (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Garry Rumbles; Obadiah G. Reid; Jaehong Park; Jessica Ramirez; Hilary Marsh; Tyler T. Clikeman
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Using the Stark effect to understand charge generation in organic solar cells
Author(s): Jelissa De Jonghe-Risse; Martina Causa'; Ester Buchaca-Domingo; Martin Heeney; Jacques-E. Moser; Natalie Stingelin; Natalie Banerji
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Exciton dissociation at organic small molecule donor-acceptor interfaces (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Steven W. Robey
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Fluorescence and UV/VIS absorption spectroscopy studies on polymer blend films for photovoltaics
Author(s): Jan van Stam; Camilla Lindqvist; Rickard Hansson; Leif Ericsson; Ellen Moons
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Ultrafast excited-state dynamics at interfaces: fluorescent DNA probes at the dodecane/water interface
Author(s): Giuseppe Licari; Eric Vauthey
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Absolute polaron yield of donor-acceptor P3HT:fullerene bulk heterojunction composites
Author(s): Saptaparna Das; Alia A. Latif; William Thornbury; Barry C. Thompson; Stephen E. Bradforth
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Photo-induced carrier generation and recombination dynamics probed by combining time-resolved microwave conductivity and transient absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Jaehong Park; Obadiah G. Reid; Garry Rumbles
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Cause of absorption band shift of disperse red-13 attached on silica spheres
Author(s): Byoung-Ju Kim; Hyung-Deok Kim; Na-Rae Kim; Byeong-Gyu Bang; Eun-Hye Park; Kwang-Sun Kang
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Nano-optical spectroscopic imaging of MoS2: probing 2D materials at the length scales that matter (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): James P. Schuck
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Surface-enhanced, multi-dimensional attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Jan Philip Kraack; Davide Lotti; Peter Hamm
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Ultrafast carrier photogeneration dynamics in polymer: fullerene solar cells probed by photocurrent-detected two-dimensional coherence spectroscopy (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Carlos Silva
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Controlling electron transfer in condensed phase with bond-specific infrared excitation
Author(s): Milan Delor; Paul A. Scattergood; Igor V. Sazanovich; Theo Keane; Gregory M. Greetham; Anthony J. H. M. Meijer; Michael Towrie; Anthony W. Parker; Julia A. Weinstein
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Exciton and polaron interactions in self-assembled conjugated polymer aggregates
Author(s): John K. Grey; Alan K. Thomas; Jian Gao
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Characterization of nano-sized iron particle layers spin coated on glass substrate
Author(s): Sunil Dehipawala; Pubudu Samarasekara; Rasika Dahanayake; George Tremberger Jr.; Tak D. Cheung; Harry D. Gafney
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Influence of the molecular orientation on the optical properties and photomodification of cyanine thin film
Author(s): Anton A. Starovoytov; Elena Kaliteevskaya; Valentina Krutyakova; Tatiana Razumova
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SHG techniques to investigate the surface and the bulk of aqueous solutions
Author(s): A. Maurice; Q. Ma; F. Canto; L. Couston; O. Diat; E. Benichou; P. F. Brevet
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Super-resolution imaging with mid-IR photothermal microscopy on the single particle level
Author(s): Zhongming Li; Masaru Kuno; Gregory Hartland
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Transient absorption microscopy studies of single metal and semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Paul Johns; Mary Sajini-Devadas; Gregory V. Hartland
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Single-molecule methods to quantify adsorptive separations (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Christy Landes
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Stability studies on Promethazine unexposed and exposed to UV laser radiation
Author(s): Adriana Smarandache; Agota Simon; Tatiana Tozar; Viorel Nastasa; Mihail Lucian Pascu
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Effect of surface stoichiometry and interfacial interactions on ultrafast carrier dynamics of crystalline CdTe (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Xing He; Napat Punpongjareorn; Chengyi Wu; Karjini Rajagopal; Ding-Shyue Yang
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Coherent and incoherent second harmonic generation in liquids
Author(s): A. Maurice; E. Benichou; P. F. Brevet
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High-resolution patterning electronic polymers using dopant induced solubility control (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Adam J. Moule; Ian E. Jacobs; Jun Li; Stephanie L. Burg; David J. Bilsky; Brandon T. Rotondo; Pieter Stroeve
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Dynamic features of rod-shaped Au nanoclusters
Author(s): Woong Young So; Anindita Das; Shuxin Wang; Shuo Zhao; Hee Young Byun; Dana Lee; Santosh Kumar; Rongchao Jin; Linda A. Peteanu
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Effect of substrate surface free energy on the optoelectronic and morphological properties of organolead halide perovskite solar cell materials (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): R. Clayton Shallcross; James G. Stanfill; Neal R. Armstrong
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Optical processes in molecular junctions (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Abraham Nitzan; Michael Galperin; Maxim Sukharev
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Developing coarse-grained site models for excited electronic states of conjugated polymers
Author(s): Christopher R. Collins; David J. Yaron
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Size-dependent Hamaker constants for silver and gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Pavlo Pinchuk; Ke Jiang
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Multiscale molecular modeling of tertiary supported lipid bilayers
Author(s): Holden T. Ranz; Roland Faller
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Electronic and optical properties of novel carbazole-based donor-acceptor compounds for applications in blue-emitting organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Christian M. Legaspi; Regan E. Stubbs; David J. Yaron; Linda A. Peteanu; Matthew Y. Sfeir; Abraham Kemboi; Jesse Picker; Eric Fossum
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