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Medical Laser Applications and Laser-Tissue Interactions VII
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Volume Number: 9542
Date Published: 22 July 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9542
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photodynamic effects of gold nanoparticles in a breast cancer cell line (MCF-7) in vitro
Author(s): Ivan Mfouo-Tynga; Nicolette Nadene Houreld; Heidi Abrahamse
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Metal nanoparticles of different shapes influence on optical properties of multilayered biological tissues
Author(s): Maria N. Kholodtsova; Iulia S. Samsonova; Walter Blondel; Victor B. Loschenov
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Review of dermatology use of 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy in China from 1997 to 2013
Author(s): Peiru Wang; Guolong Zhang; Xiuli Wang
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Optical properties of the deep brain in the red and NIR: changes observed under in-vivo, post-mortem, frozen and formalin-fixated conditions
Author(s): A. Pitzschke; B. Lovisa; O. Seydoux; M. Zellweger; M. Pfleiderer; M. Haenggi; M. Oertel; Y. Tardy; G. Wagnières
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Optical spectroscopy for stereotactic biopsy of brain tumors
Author(s): Niklas Markwardt; Anna von Berg; Sebastian Fiedler; Marcus Goetz; Neda Haj-Hosseini; Christoph Polzer; Herbert Stepp; Petr Zelenkov; Adrian Rühm
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In vitro study for photodynamic therapy using Fotolon in glioma treatment
Author(s): Sara Abdel Hamid; Wolfgang Zimmermann; Dirk Huettenberger; Rainer Wittig; Mahmoud Abdel Kader; Herbert Stepp
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Thulium fiber laser damage to the ureter
Author(s): Christopher R. Wilson; Luke A. Hardy; Pierce B. Irby M.D.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Endovenous laser therapy for occlusion of incompetent saphenous veins using 1940nm
Author(s): Ronald Sroka; Thomas Pongratz; Anna Esipova; Slobodan Dikic; Sahit Demhasaj; Florin Comsa; Claus-Georg Schmedt
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Impact of terahertz radiation on the epithelialization rate of scarified cornea
Author(s): I. A. Geyko; O. A. Smolyanskaya; M. I. Sulatsky; S. E. Parakhuda; E. A. Sedykh; E. L. Odlyanitskiy; M. K. Khodzitsky; A. G. Zabolotniy
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Healing process study in murine skin superficial wounds treated with the blue LED photocoagulator EMOLED
Author(s): Francesca Rossi; Riccardo Cicchi; Francesca Tatini; Stefano Bacci; Domenico Alfieri; Gaetano De Siena; Francesco S. Pavone; Roberto Pini
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Comparison of four lasers (650, 808, 980, and 1075 nm) for noninvasive creation of deep subsurface thermal lesions in tissue
Author(s): Chun-Hung Chang; Christopher R. Wilson; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Towards advanced OCT clinical applications
Author(s): Mikhail Kirillin; Olga Panteleeva; Pavel Agrba; Mikhail Pasukhin; Ekaterina Sergeeva; Elena Plankina; Varvara Dudenkova; Ekaterina Gubarkova; Elena Kiseleva; Natalia Gladkova; Natalia Shakhova; Alex Vitkin
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980 nm diode laser with automatic power control mode for dermatological applications
Author(s): Andrey V. Belikov; Mark L. Gelfond; Ksenia V. Shatilova; Svetlana A. Sosenkova; Anastasia A. Lazareva
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Analysis of radiation parameters to control the effects of Nd:YAG laser surgery on gastric malignancies
Author(s): M. L. Pelayo-Fernández; F. Fanjul-Vélez; I. Salas-García; A. Hernández-González; J. L. Arce-Diego
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Investigation of the optical properties of normal fibroblasts and fibroblasts cultured with cancer cells in terahertz frequency range
Author(s): E. A. Strepitov; E. P. Liakhov; N. S. Balbekin; M. K. Khodzitsky; O. A. Smolyanskaya; A. S. Trulyov; M. K. Serebryakova
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Terahertz pulsed imaging study of dental caries
Author(s): Burcu Karagoz; Hakan Altan; Kıvanç Kamburoglu
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Differentiation of tissue and kidney stones for laser lithotripsy using different spectroscopic approaches
Author(s): Birgit Lange; Jens Cordes; Ralf Brinkmann
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Fast and automatic depth control of iterative bone ablation based on optical coherence tomography data
Author(s): Alexander Fuchs; Steffen Pengel; Jan Bergmeier; Lüder A. Kahrs; Tobias Ortmaier
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Investigations of the damage mechanisms during ultrashort pulse laser ablation of dental tissue
Author(s): Matthias Domke; Sebastian Wick; Maike Laible; Stephan Rapp; Julia Kuznetsova; Christian Homann; Heinz P. Huber; Ronald Sroka
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Ultrafast laser machining of porcine sclera
Author(s): W. S. Góra; R. M. Carter; B. Dhillon; D. P. Hand; J. D. Shephard
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Pore size assessment during corneal endothelial cells permeabilization by femtosecond laser activated carbon nanoparticles
Author(s): C. Jumelle; C. Mauclair; J. Houzet; A. Bernard; Z. He; S. Piselli; C. Perrache; G. Egaud; E. Baubeau; P. Gain; G. Thuret
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Ultrafast laser ablation for targeted atherosclerotic plaque removal
Author(s): Thomas Lanvin; Donald B. Conkey; Laurent Descloux; Aurelien Frobert; Jeremy Valentin; Jean-Jacques Goy; Stéphane Cook; Marie-Noelle Giraud; Demetri Psaltis
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Assessment of the effective attenuation coefficient of scattering media illuminated by an LED array: effect of the beam size
Author(s): Jean-Yves Le Pommellec; Vianney Piron; Mohamed-Lamine Askoura; Jean-Pierre L'Huillier
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Histological study of subcutaneous fat at NIR laser treatment of the rat skin in vivo
Author(s): I. Yu. Yanina; Yu. I. Svenskaya; N. A. Navolokin; O. V. Matveeva; A. B. Bucharskaya; G. N. Maslyakova; D. A. Gorin; G. B. Sukhorukov; V. V. Tuchin
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Electrical stimulation vs. pulsed and continuous-wave optical stimulation of the rat prostate cavernous nerves, in vivo
Author(s): William C. Perkins; Gwen A. Lagoda; Arthur Burnett M.D.; Nathaniel M. Fried
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Experimental investigation on light propagation through apple tissue structures
Author(s): Mohamed Lamine Askoura; Vianney Piron; Fabrice Vaudelle; Jean-Pierre L'Huillier; Emmanuel Madieta; Emira Mehinagic
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Miniature LED endoilluminators for vitreoretinal surgery
Author(s): M. Hessling; P. S. Koelbl; C. Lingenfelder; F. Koch
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Precision machining of pig intestine using ultrafast laser pulses
Author(s): Rainer J. Beck; Wojciech S. Góra; Richard M. Carter; Sonny Gunadi; David Jayne; Duncan P. Hand; Jonathan D. Shephard
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Pulse mode irradiation at Radachlorin PDT shifted cell death to apoptosis in vitro
Author(s): Vladimir V. Klimenko; Alexey A. Bogdanov; Nickolay A. Knyazev; Michael V. Dubina
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