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Twelfth International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision 2015
Editor(s): Fabrice Meriaudeau; Olivier Aubreton
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Volume Number: 9534
Date Published: 27 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9534
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Real time polarization imaging of weld pool surface
Author(s): C. Stolz; N. Coniglio; A. Mathieu; O. Aubreton
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Semi-automatic classification of cementitious materials using scanning electron microscope images
Author(s): L. Drumetz; M. Dalla Mura; S. Meulenyzer; S. Lombard; J. Chanussot
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Standing tree decay detection by using acoustic tomography images
Author(s): Luis F. Espinosa ; Andres F. Arciniegas; Flavio A. Prieto; Yolima Cortes; Loïc Brancheriau
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Alternative to colour feature classification using colour contrast ocurrence matrix
Author(s): R. A. Martínez ; N. Richard; C. Fernandez
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Syntactic texture and perception for a new generic visual anomalies classification
Author(s): Simon-Frédéric Désage; Gilles Pitard; Maurice Pillet; Hugues Favrelière; Jean-Luc Maire; Fabrice Frelin; Serge Samper; Gaëtan Le Goïc
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A polynomial texture extraction with application in dynamic texture classification
Author(s): R. El Moubtahij; B. Augereau; C. Fernandez-Maloigne; H. Tairi
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Print spectral reflectance estimation using trichromatic camera
Author(s): Aboubacar Harouna S.; Benjamin Bringier; Majdi Khoudeir
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Automatic classification of skin lesions using color mathematical morphology-based texture descriptors
Author(s): Victor Gonzalez-Castro; Johan Debayle; Yanal Wazaefi; Mehdi Rahim; Caroline Gaudy-Marqueste; Jean-Jacques Grob; Bernard Fertil
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A boosting approach for prostate cancer detection using multi-parametric MRI
Author(s): Guillaume Lemaitre; Joan Massich; Robert Martí; Jordi Freixenet; Joan C. Vilanova; Paul M. Walker; Désiré Sidibé; Fabrice Mériaudeau
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Joint detection of anatomical points on surface meshes and color images for visual registration of 3D dental models
Author(s): Raphaël Destrez; Benjamin Albouy-Kissi; Sylvie Treuillet; Yves Lucas
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Breast ultrasound image segmentation: an optimization approach based on super-pixels and high-level descriptors
Author(s): Joan Massich; Guillaume Lemaître; Joan Martí; Fabrice Mériaudeau
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Innovative, non-contact wide field imaging of corneal endothelium
Author(s): S. Aberra Guebrou; G. Pataia; N. Naigeon; A. Bernard; Z. He; P. Gain; G. Thuret; J.-C. Pinoli; Y. Gavet
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Characterization of the corneal endothelial mosaic and comparison with simulated tessellations modeled with Gaussian random fields
Author(s): Klervi Rannou; Yann Gavet; Jean-Charles Pinoli
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Hardware implementation of fast pupil segmentation using region properties
Author(s): Taiq M. Khan; Yinan Kong; Muhammad A. U. Khan
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Automatic grading of carbon blacks from transmission electron microscopy
Author(s): L. Luengo; S. Treuillet; E. Gomez
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Automated visual grading of grain kernels by machine vision
Author(s): Pierre Dubosclard; Stanislas Larnier; Hubert Konik; Ariane Herbulot; Michel Devy
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CAD-guided inspection of aeronautical mechanical parts using monocular vision
Author(s): I. Viana; F. Bugarin; N. Cornille; J.-J. Orteu
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Vision based tunnel inspection using non-rigid registration
Author(s): Amir Badshah; Shan Ullah; Danish Shahzad
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Local surface orientation analysis based on reflection estimation
Author(s): Qinglin Lu; Olivier Laligant; Eric Fauvet; Anatasia Zakharova
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A machine vision based approach for timber knots detection
Author(s): Mohamad Mazen Hittawe; Désiré Sidibé; Fabrice Mériaudeau
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Cocoa bean quality assessment by using hyperspectral images and fuzzy logic techniques
Author(s): Juan Soto; Guillermo Granda; Flavio Prieto; William Ipanaque; Jorge Machacuay
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Vector anisotropic filter for multispectral image denoising
Author(s): Ahmed Ben Said; Sebti Foufou; Rachid Hadjidj
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Design and calibration of a two-camera (VNIR and SWIR) hyperspectral acquisition system for the characterization of metallic alloys from the recycling industry
Author(s): Pierre Barnabé; Godefroid Dislaire; Sophie Leroy; Eric Pirard
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An efficient method for facial component detection in thermal images
Author(s): Michael Paul; Nikolai Blanik; Vladimir Blazek; Steffen Leonhardt
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Suspicious activity recognition in infrared imagery using Hidden Conditional Random Fields for outdoor perimeter surveillance
Author(s): Savvas Rogotis; Dimosthenis Ioannidis; Dimitrios Tzovaras; Spiros Likothanassis
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Noise removal and real-time detail enhancement of high-dynamic-range infrared images with time consistency
Author(s): Frederic Garcia; Cedric Schockaert; Bruno Mirbach
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Improvement of HMM-based action classification by using state transition probability
Author(s): Yuka Kitamura; Haruki Aruga; Manabu Hashimoto
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Novel image fusion scheme based on maximum ratio combining for robust multispectral face recognition
Author(s): Faten Omri; Sebti Foufou
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A coarse to fine 3D acquisition system
Author(s): V. Daval; F. Truchetet; O. Aubreton
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A four-lens based plenoptic camera for depth measurements
Author(s): Cécile Riou; Zhiyuan Deng; Bruno Colicchio; Jean-Philippe Lauffenburger; Sophie Kohler; Olivier Haeberlé; Christophe Cudel
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A self-diagnosis under 2D projectivity for local descriptor base template matching
Author(s): Hidehiro Ohki; Rin-ichiro Taniguchi; Tokihiro Kimura; Naomichi Sueda; Keiji Gyohten
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A comparative study of multi-sensor data fusion methods for highly accurate assessment of manufactured parts
Author(s): Ammar Hannachi; Sophie Kohler; Alex Lallement; Ernest Hirsch
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Automated visual inspection of an airplane exterior
Author(s): Igor Jovančević; Jean-José Orteu; Thierry Sentenac; Rémi Gilblas
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Online fully automated three-dimensional surface reconstruction of unknown objects
Author(s): Souhaiel Khalfaoui; Antoine Aigueperse; Yohan Fougerolle; Ralph Seulin; David Fofi
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Interactive ultrasonic field simulation for nondestructive testing
Author(s): Jason Lambert; Gilles Rougeron; Sylvain Chatillon; Lionel Lacassagne
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Tiled fuzzy Hough transform for crack detection
Author(s): Kanapathippillai Vaheesan; Chanjief Chandrakumar; Senthan Mathavan; Khurram Kamal; Mujib Rahman; Amin Al-Habaibeh
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Prediction of fracture profile using digital image correlation
Author(s): G.M.S.K. Chaitanya; B. Sasi; Anish Kumar; C. Babu Rao; B. Purnachandra Rao; T. Jayakumar
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Robust crack detection strategies for aerial inspection
Author(s): Emanuel Aldea; Sylvie Le Hégarat
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A stable and unsupervised Fuzzy C-Means for data classification
Author(s): Akar Taher; Kacem Chehdi; Claude Cariou
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Ensemble approach for differentiation of malignant melanoma
Author(s): Mojdeh Rastgoo; Olivier Morel; Franck Marzani; Rafael Garcia
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Intrinsic camera calibration equipped with Scheimpflug optical device
Author(s): Peter Fasogbon; Luc Duvieubourg; Pierre-Antoine Lacaze; Ludovic Macaire
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High dynamic range adaptive real-time smart camera: an overview of the HDR-ARTiST project
Author(s): Pierre-Jean Lapray; Barthélémy Heyrman; Dominique Ginhac
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Hierarchical human action recognition around sleeping using obscured posture information
Author(s): Yuta Kudo; Takehiko Sashida; Yoshimitsu Aoki
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Calibration of asynchronous smart phone cameras from moving objects
Author(s): Oksana Hagen; Klemen Istenič; Vibhav Bharti; Maruf Ahmed Dhali; Daniel Barmaimon; Jérémie Houssineau; Daniel Clark
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Real time swallowing measurement system by using photometric stereo
Author(s): Masahiro Fujino; Kunihito Kato; Emi Mura; Hajime Nagai
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Analysis of surface parametrizations for modern photometric stereo modeling
Author(s): Roberto Mecca; Emanuele Rodolà; Daniel Cremers
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Some illumination models for industrial applications of photometric stereo
Author(s): Yvain Quéau; Jean-Denis Durou
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Photometric stereo sensor for robot-assisted industrial quality inspection of coated composite material surfaces
Author(s): Eva Weigl; Sebastian Zambal; Matthias Stöger; Christian Eitzinger
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MATLAB toolbox for the regularized surface reconstruction from gradients
Author(s): Matthew Harker; Paul O'Leary
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Perspective photometric stereo beyond Lambert
Author(s): Maryam Khanian; Ali Sharifi Boroujerdi; Michael Breuß
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3D and NDT using scanning from heating
Author(s): M. Belkacemi; C. Stolz; O. Aubreton
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Outdoor thermal monitoring of large scale structures by infrared thermography integrated in an ICT based architecture
Author(s): Jean Dumoulin; Antoine Crinière; Rodolphe Averty
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A comparative study of in-situ measurement methods of a building wall thermal resistance using infrared thermography
Author(s): Laurent Ibos; Jean-Pierre Monchau; Vincent Feuillet; Yves Candau
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Temperature measurement by IR camera of heated device to high temperature during a short time
Author(s): Nathanaëlle Sonneck-Museux; Philippe Vergé; Jean-Pierre Judic; Pierrick Edard
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Glued structures inspection based on lock-in thermography
Author(s): Laetitia Perez; Laurent Autrique
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Applications of the thermography in the animal production
Author(s): Carlos Piñeiro; Elena Vizcaino; Joaquín Morales; Alberto Manso; Immaculada Díaz; Gema Montalvo
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