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Videometrics, Range Imaging, and Applications XIII
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Volume Number: 9528
Date Published: 18 May 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9528
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Light-field camera design for high-accuracy depth estimation
Author(s): M. Diebold; O. Blum; M. Gutsche; S. Wanner; C. Garbe; H. Baker; B. Jähne
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Knowledge guided object detection and identification in 3D point clouds
Author(s): A. Karmacharya; F. Boochs; B. Tietz
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The analysis of selected orientation methods of architectural objects’ scans
Author(s): Jakub S. Markiewicz; Irmina Kajdewicz; Dorota Zawieska
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3D measurement with active triangulation for spectacle lens optimization and individualization
Author(s): Julia Gehrmann; Markus Tiemann; Peter C. Seitz
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Detection of defects in a transparent polymer with high resolution tomography using white light scanning interferometry and noise reduction
Author(s): A. Leong-Hoï; R. Claveau; M. Flury; W. Uhring; B. Serio; F. Anstotz; P. C. Montgomery
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3D reconstruction with single image pairs and structured light projection for short-term ultra-high-speed applications
Author(s): Christian Bräuer-Burchardt; Stefan Heist; Patrick Dietrich; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Handheld underwater 3D sensor based on fringe projection technique
Author(s): Christian Bräuer-Burchardt; Matthias Heinze; Ingo Schmidt; Lichun Meng; Roland Ramm; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Profilometry of discontinuous solids by means of co-phased demodulation of projected fringes with RGB encoding
Author(s): J. M. Padilla; M. Servin; G. Garnica
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Development of orientation method with constraint conditions using vector data
Author(s): Takashi Fuse; Keita Kamiya
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Development, comparison, and evaluation of software for radial distortion elimination
Author(s): A. I. Papadaki; A. Georgopoulos
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Relevance of ellipse eccentricity for camera calibration
Author(s): W. Mordwinzew; B. Tietz; F. Boochs; D. Paulus
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Self-calibration of a structured light based scanner for use in archeological applications
Author(s): Adam Jahraus; Derek Lichti; Peter Dawson
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Assessment of the accuracy of 3D models obtained with DSLR camera and Kinect v2
Author(s): E. Lachat; H. Macher; T. Landes; P. Grussenmeyer
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Improving automated 3D reconstruction methods via vision metrology
Author(s): Isabella Toschi; Erica Nocerino; Mona Hess; Fabio Menna; Ben Sargeant; Lindsay MacDonald; Fabio Remondino; Stuart Robson
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Determining the coordinates of lamps in an illumination dome
Author(s): Lindsay W. MacDonald; Ali Hosseininaveh Ahmadabadian; Stuart Robson
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Tracking of object deformations in color and depth video: deformation models and applications
Author(s): Andreas Jordt; Stefan Reinhold; Reinhard Koch
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Comparison between single and multi-camera view videogrammetry for estimating 6DOF of a rigid body
Author(s): Erica Nocerino; Fabio Menna; Fabio Remondino
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Fast instantaneous center of rotation estimation algorithm for a skied-steered robot
Author(s): V. V. Kniaz
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Investigating influence of UAV flight patterns in multi-stereo view DSM accuracy
Author(s): Dimitrios P. Skarlatos; Marinos Vlachos; Vasilis Vamvakousis
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Multi-image semi-global matching in object space
Author(s): F. Bethmann; T. Luhmann
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3D city models completion by fusing lidar and image data
Author(s): L. Grammatikopoulos; I. Kalisperakis; E. Petsa; C. Stentoumis
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DTM generation from STC-SIMBIO-SYS images
Author(s): C. Re; E. Simioni; G. Cremonese; R. Roncella; G. Forlani; Vania Da Deppo; G. Naletto; G. Salemi
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Stereo matching based on census transformation of image gradients
Author(s): C. Stentoumis; L. Grammatikopoulos; I. Kalisperakis; G. Karras; E. Petsa
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Single-plane versus three-plane methods for relative range error evaluation of medium-range 3D imaging systems
Author(s): David K. MacKinnon; Luc Cournoyer; J.-Angelo Beraldin
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Extracting the MESA SR4000 calibrations
Author(s): Sean A. Charleston; Adrian A. Dorrington; Lee Streeter; Michael J. Cree
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Enhancing swimming pool safety by the use of range-imaging cameras
Author(s): D. Geerardyn; S. Boulanger; M. Kuijk
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Evaluating the capability of time-of-flight cameras for accurately imaging a cyclically loaded beam
Author(s): Hervé Lahamy; Derek Lichti; Mamdouh El-Badry; Xiaojuan Qi; Ivan Detchev; Jeremy Steward; Mohammad Moravvej
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Precise deformation measurement of prestressed concrete beam during a strain test using the combination of intersection photogrammetry and micro-network measurement
Author(s): Rudolf Urban; Jaroslav Braun; Martin Štroner
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A simple and flexible calibration method of non-overlapping camera rig
Author(s): Banglei Guan; Yang Shang; Qifeng Yu; Zhihui Lei; Xiaohu Zhang
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The phase correlation algorithm for stabilization of capillary blood flow video frames
Author(s): Konstantin A. Karimov; Mikhail V. Volkov
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Efficient estimation of orthophoto images using visibility restriction
Author(s): Hiroyuki Miura; Hirofumi Chikatsu
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Action cameras and low-cost aerial vehicles in archaeology
Author(s): M. Ballarin; C. Balletti; F. Guerra
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Miniaturized 3D microscope imaging system
Author(s): Yung-Sung Lan; Chir-Weei Chang; Hsin-Yueh Sung; Yen-Chang Wang; Cheng-Yi Chang
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Improving depth estimation from a plenoptic camera by patterned illumination
Author(s): Richard J. Marshall; Chris J. Meah; Massimo Turola; Ela Claridge; Alex Robinson; Kai Bongs; Steve Gruppetta; Iain B. Styles
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Frequency-spatial cues based sea-surface salient target detection from UAV image
Author(s): Xiaoliang Sun; Xiaolin Liu; Qifeng Yu; Yan Liu
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