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Bio-MEMS and Medical Microdevices II
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Volume Number: 9518
Date Published: 29 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9518
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measuring life: sensors and analytics for precision medicine
Author(s): Stefan Harrer
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A SU-8-based flexible microprobe for close and distal recordings from the cortical network
Author(s): Xavi Illa; Beatriz Rebollo; Gemma Gabriel; Maria V. Sánchez-Vives; Rosa Villa
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A low power on-chip class-E power amplifier for remotely powered implantable sensor systems
Author(s): Kerim Ture; Enver G. Kilinc; Catherine Dehollain
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A 64-channel ultra-low power system-on-chip for local field and action potentials recording
Author(s): Alberto Rodríguez-Pérez; Manuel Delgado-Restituto; Angela Darie; Cristina Soto-Sánchez; Eduardo Fernández-Jover; Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez
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Biological implications of lab-on-a-chip devices fabricated using multi-jet modelling and stereolithography processes
Author(s): Feng Zhu; Niall P. Macdonald; Joanna Skommer; Donald Wlodkowic
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Magnetic microfluidic system for isolation of single cells
Author(s): Richard Mitterboeck; Georgios Kokkinis; Theocharis Berris; Franz Keplinger; Ioanna Giouroudi
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A biopsymeter to support the diagnostic procedure of skin samples
Author(s): Valeria Fioravanti; Shailendra Chandrashekar; Lukas Brandhoff; Daniela Pucciarelli; Sander van den Driesche; Heimo Breiteneder; Christine Hafner; Michael J. Vellekoop
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Multifunctional biosensing with three-dimensional plasmonic nanoantennas
Author(s): Michele Dipalo; Gabriele C. Messina; Hayder Amin; Fabio Moia; Rosanna La Rocca; Victoria Shalabaeva; Alessandro Maccione; Luca Berdondini; Francesco De Angelis
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Creation of hydrophilic microfluidic devices for biomedical application through stereolithography
Author(s): Lukas Brandhoff; Sander van den Driesche; Frieder Lucklum; Michael J. Vellekoop
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High-throughput microfluidic device for rare cell isolation
Author(s): Daniel Yang; Serena Leong; Andy Lei; Lydia L. Sohn
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Integrated microfluidic technology for sub-lethal and behavioral marine ecotoxicity biotests
Author(s): Yushi Huang; Constantino Carlos Reyes Aldasoro; Guido Persoone; Donald Wlodkowic
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Miniaturized devices towards an integrated lab-on-a-chip platform for DNA diagnostics
Author(s): G. Kaprou; G. Papadakis; G. Kokkoris; V. Papadopoulos; I. Kefala; D. Papageorgiou; E. Gizeli; A. Tserepi
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Hydrodynamic stretching for prostate cancer detection
Author(s): Yuri Belotti; Michael Conneely; Scott Palmer; Tianjun Huang; Paul Campbell; Stephen McKenna; Ghulam Nabi; David McGloin
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Monolithic silicon optical microchips for broad-band Mach-Zehnder interferometry and highly sensitive label free immunosensing
Author(s): K. Misiakos; I. Raptis; A. Salapatas; M. Anastasopoulou; A. Malainou; N. Chronis; G. Jobst
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Imaging label-free biosensor with microfluidic system
Author(s): S. Jahns; P. Glorius; M. Hansen; Y. Nazirizadeh; M. Gerken
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Hybrid microneedles devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications: fabrication and preliminary results
Author(s): P. Dardano; A. Caliò; J. Politi; V. Di Palma; M. F. Bevilacqua; I. Rea; M. Casalino; A. Di Matteo; I. Rendina; L. De Stefano
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Living photonics: monitoring light propagation through cells (LiPhos)
Author(s): Damien King; Elise Røge Hedegaard; Tobias N. Ackermann; Cristina Rius; Xavier Muñoz-Berbel; Heidi Knudsen; Isaac Rodríguez-Rodríguez; Beatriz Dorado; Erica Alvarez; Jens Ducrée; Vicente Andrés; Ulf Simonsen; Andreu Llobera
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A novel strategy to monitor microfluidic in-vitro blood-brain barrier models using impedance spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Yeste; X. Illa; A. Guimerà; R. Villa
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Microfabrication of multi-layered electrodes for dielectrophoresis-based field flow fractionation
Author(s): Bobby Mathew; Anas Alazzam; Saud A. Khashan
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Design of the charge push-through electronics for fully implantable artificial cochlea
Author(s): Jaromir Zak; Zdenek Hadas; Daniel Dusek; Jan Pekarek; Vojtech Svatos; Ludek Janak; Jan Prasek
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Rapid prototyping of integrated biochips for on-demand 3D cell culture
Author(s): Mathieu Hautefeuille; Catalina Stern-Forgach; Jehú López-Aparicio; Lucia Cabriales; Edgar Jimenez-Diaz; Marina Macias-Silva; Marcela Sosa-Garrocho; Aczel Sanchez-Cedillo; Mario Vilatoba-Chapa; David Kershenobich-Stalnikowitz
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Impedance spectroscopy for detection of mold in archives with an integrated reference measurement
Author(s): P. Papireddy Vinayaka; S. Van Den Driesche; S. Janssen; M. Frodl; R. Blank; F. Cipriani; W. Lang; M.J. Vellekoop
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Simulation and characterization of hollow microbridge resonators for label-free biosensing
Author(s): S. Marquez; M. Alvarez; D. Fariña; C. Dominguez; L. M. Lechuga
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Fiber optic label-free biophotonic diagnostic tool for cardiovascular disease
Author(s): Cristina Rius; Tobias N. Ackermann; Beatriz Dorado; Xavier Muñoz-Berbel; Vicente Andrés; Andreu Llobera
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GMR microfluidic biosensor for low concentration detection of Nanomag-D beads
Author(s): J. Devkota; G. Kokkinis; M. Jamalieh; M. H. Phan; H. Srikanth; S. Cardoso; F. A. Cardoso; I. Giouroudi
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Trajectory of microscale entities in a microdevice for field-flow fractionation based on dielectrophoresis
Author(s): Bobby Mathew; Anas Alazzam; Saud A. Khashan; Bashar S. El-Khasawneh
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Merging of droplets in micro-channel independent of the droplet size and inter-droplet separation
Author(s): Mahmuda Akhtar; M. Towshif Rabbani; Michael J. Vellekoop
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Small-volume multiparametric electrochemical detection at low cost polymeric devices featuring nanoelectrodes
Author(s): Maria Kitsara; Josep Maria Cirera; Miguel Aller-Pellitero; Neus Sabaté; Jaume Punter; Jordi Colomer-Farrarons; Pere Miribel-Català; F. Javier del Campo
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Characterization of small particles in liquid suspension by fiber-optofluidic platform
Author(s): Zoran Djinovic; Milos Tomic; Marijana Stojkovic; Martin Milojkovic
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Fabrication of parylene channels embedded in silicon using a single parylene deposition step
Author(s): Elena Tolstosheeva; João Vitor Pimentel; Andreas Schander; Ludger Kempen; Michael Vellekoop; Walter Lang
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GammarusChip: innovative lab-on-a-chip technology for ecotoxicological testing using marine amphipod Allorchestes compressa
Author(s): Rhys Cartlidge; Dayanthi Nugegoda; Donald Wlodkowic
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Lab-on-a-chip technology for a non-invasive and real-time visualisation of metabolic activities in larval vertebrates
Author(s): Feng Zhu; Daniel Baker; Joanna Skommer; Mary Sewell; Donald Wlodkowic
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An integrated micromechanical large particle in flow sorter (MILPIS)
Author(s): Nurul Mohd Fuad; Joanna Skommer; Timo Friedrich; Jan Kaslin; Donald Wlodkowic
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