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Research Using Extreme Light: Entering New Frontiers with Petawatt-Class Lasers II
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Volume Number: 9515
Date Published: 3 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9515
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP): status and perspectives
Author(s): N. V. Zamfir
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High field physics at ALLS
Author(s): A. Lachapelle; K. Otani; S. Fourmaux; S. Payeur; M. Glesser; S. MacLean; J. C. Kieffer
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High-order harmonics from relativistic laser plasmas
Author(s): Sergei V. Bulanov; Timur Zh. Esirkepov; James K. Koga; Alexander S. Pirozhkov; Kiminori Kondo; Masaki Kando
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ELI-Beamlines: development of next generation short-pulse laser systems
Author(s): B. Rus; P. Bakule; D. Kramer; J. Naylon; J. Thoma; J. T. Green; R. Antipenkov; M. Fibrich; J. Novák; F. Batysta; T. Mazanec; M. A. Drouin; K. Kasl; R. Baše; D. Peceli; L. Koubíková; P. Trojek; R. Boge; J. C. Lagron; Š. Vyhlídka; J. Weiss; J, Cupal; J. Hřebíček; P. Hříbek; M. Durák; J. Polan; M. Košelja; G. Korn; M. Horáček; J. Horáček; B. Himmel; T. Havlíček; A. Honsa; P. Korouš; M. Laub; C. Haefner; A. Bayramian; T. Spinka; C. Marshall; G. Johnson; S. Telford; J. Horner; B. Deri; T. Metzger; M. Schultze; P. Mason; K. Ertel; A. Lintern; J. Greenhalgh; C. Edwards; C. Hernandez-Gomez; J. Collier; T, Ditmire; E. Gaul; M. Martinez; C. Frederickson; D. Hammond; C. Malato; W. White; J. Houžvička
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Focal spot of femtosecond laser pulse under tight focusing condition
Author(s): Tae Moon Jeong; Stefan Weber; Bruno Le Garrec; Daniele Margarone; Tomas Mocek; Georg Korn
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Final EDP Ti: sapphire amplifiers for ELI project
Author(s): Vladimir Chvykov; Mikhail Kalashnikov; Károly Osvay
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Spin dynamics in relativistic light-matter interaction
Author(s): Heiko Bauke; Sven Ahrens; Christoph H. Keitel; Rainer Grobe
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Gamma-ray generation in the interaction of two tightly focused laser pulses with a low-density target composed of electrons
Author(s): M. Jirka; O. Klimo; S. Weber; Sergei V. Bulanov; Timur Zh. Esirkepov; G. Korn
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The non-linear Compton scattering in plasma obtained using a novel analytical solution of the strong-field Klein-Gordon
Author(s): E. Raicher; S. Eliezer; A. Zigler
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Proposal for an LSW experiment (light shining through walls) at ELI-Beamlines
Author(s): Bruno J. Le Garrec; Jakub Grosz
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World's largest high energy petawatt laser LFEX as a user's facility
Author(s): H. Shiraga; N. Miyanaga; J. Kawanaka; S. Tokita; T. Jitsuno; Y. Nakata; S. Fujioka; H. Azechi
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Research activities on high-intensity laser and high field physics at APRI-GIST
Author(s): Tae Moon Jeong
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Robust signatures of quantum radiation reaction with an electron beam in a focused laser pulse
Author(s): Jian-Xing Li; Karen Z. Hatsagortsyan
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Motion of a charge in a superstrong electromagnetic standing wave
Author(s): Timur Zh. Esirkepov; Stepan S. Bulanov; James K. Koga; Masaki Kando; Kiminori Kondo; Nikolay N. Rosanov; Georg Korn; Sergei V. Bulanov
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Petawatt laser pulses for proton-boron high gain fusion with avalanche reactions excluding problems of nuclear radiation
Author(s): Heinrich Hora; Paraskevas Lalousis; Lorenzo Giuffrida; Daniele Margarone; Georg Korn; Shalom Eliezer; George H. Miley; Stavros Moustaizis; Gérard Mourou
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Design and development of the HELL user station: beam transport, characterization, and shielding
Author(s): Gabriele Maria Grittani; Tadzio Levato; Miroslav Krus; Alberto Fasso; Tae Moon Jeong; Hyung Taek Kim; Daniele Margarone; Tomáš Mocek; Martin Precek; Roberto Versaci; Georg Korn
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Photonuclear and radiography applications of narrowband, multi-MeV all-optical Thomson x-ray source
Author(s): Sudeep Banerjee; Grigory Golovin; Ping Zhang; Daniel Haden; Shouyuan Chen; Cheng Liu; Jun Zhang; Baozhen Zhao; Kevin Brown; Jared B. Mills; Chad Petersen; Donald Umstadter
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Laser-driven multicharged heavy ion beam acceleration
Author(s): M. Nishiuchi; H. Sakaki; T. Zh. Esirkepov; K. Nishio; T. A. Pikuz; A. Ya. Faenov; A. S. Pirozhkov; A. Sagisaka; K. Ogura; M. Kanasaki; H. Kiriyama; Y. Fukuda; M. Kando; T. Yamauchi; Y. Watanabe; S. V. Bulanov; K. Kondo; K. Imai; S. Nagamiya
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Numerical investigations on a compact magnetic fusion device for studying the effect of external applied magnetic field oscillations on the nuclear burning efficiency of D-T and p-11B fuels
Author(s): S. D. Moustaizis; P. Lalousis; H. Hora; J. Larour; P. Auvray; P. Balcou; J.-E. Ducret; P. Martin
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Reduction of angular divergence of laser-driven ion beams during their acceleration and transport
Author(s): M. Zakova; Jan Pšikal; Daniele Margarone; Mario Maggiore; G. Korn
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Enhanced ion acceleration by using femtosecond laser pulses at the third harmonic frequency
Author(s): J. Psikal; O. Klimo; S. Weber; D. Margarone; J. Limpouch; G. Korn
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Magnetic reconnection research with petawatt-class lasers
Author(s): Yanjun Gu; Ondrej Klimo; Deepak Kumar; Yue Liu; Sushil Singh; Sergei V. Bulanov; Timur Zh. Esirkepov; Stefan Weber; Georg Korn
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Evolution of relativistic solitons in underdense plasmas
Author(s): Yue Liu; Ondrej Klimo; Yanjun Gu; Deepak Kumar; Sushil Singh; Sergei V. Bulanov; Timur Zh. Esirkepov; Stefan Weber; Georg Korn
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Radiochromic film diagnostics for laser-driven ion beams
Author(s): J. Kaufman; Daniele Margarone; Giacomo Candiano; I Jong Kim; Tae Moon Jeong; Jan Pšikal; F. Romano; P. Cirrone; V. Scuderi; Georg Korn
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First experimental test of quadrupole lens-free multiple profile monitor technique for electron beam emittance measurement with a PW laser system
Author(s): M. Krůs; T. Levato; H. T. Kim; G. Grittani; D. Margarone; T. M. Jeong; T. Mocek; G. Korn
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Towards the effect of transverse inhomogeneity of electromagnetic pulse on the process of ion acceleration in the RPDA regime
Author(s): K. V. Lezhnin; F. F. Kamenets; V. S. Beskin; M. Kando; T. Zh. Esirkepov; S. V. Bulanov
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