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High-Power, High-Energy, and High-Intensity Laser Technology II
Editor(s): Joachim Hein
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Volume Number: 9513
Date Published: 4 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9513
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
DiPOLE100: A 100 J, 10 Hz DPSSL using cryogenic gas cooled Yb:YAG multi slab amplifier technology
Author(s): Paul D. Mason; Saumyabrata Banerjee; Klaus Ertel; P. Jonathan Phillips; Thomas J. Butcher; Jodie M. Smith; Mariastefania De Vido; Stephanie Tomlinson; Oleg Chekhlov; Waseem Shaikh; Steve Blake; Paul Holligan; Martin Divoky; Jan Pilar; Cristina Hernandez-Gomez; Justin Greenhalgh; John L. Collier
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High-energy picosecond hybrid fiber/crystal laser for thin films solar cells micromachining
Author(s): Jean-Bernard Lecourt; Simon Boivinet; Anthony Bertrand; Didier Lekime; Yves Hernandez
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Amplification of picosecond pulses to 100 W by an Yb:YAG thin-disk with CVBG compressor
Author(s): Martin Smrž; Michal Chyla; Ondřej Novák; Taisuke Miura; Akira Endo; Tomáš Mocek
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High average power picosecond and nanosecond laser operating at 1342nm wavelength
Author(s): Aleksej M. Rodin; Mikhail Grishin; Andrejus Michailovas
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Method of aligning a four-grating compressor for the petawatt-class PEARL-X laser system
Author(s): Ivan Yakovlev
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Multi petawatt laser design for the SHENGUANG II laser facility
Author(s): Xinglong Xie; Jianqiang Zhu; Qingwei Yang; Jun Kang; Haidong Zhu; Ailin Guo; Ping Zhu; Qi Gao
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Timing jitter measurement and stabilization of a mode-locked ytterbium fiber laser
Author(s): Jakub Měsíček; Jens Linnemann; Martin Smrž; Taisuke Miura; Akira Endo; Tomáš Mocek
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Industrial mJ-class all-fiber front end with spatially coherent top-hat beam output used as seeder for high power laser
Author(s): Jean-François Gleyze; A. Perrin; Pierre Calvet; Pierre Gouriou; Florent Scol; Constance Valentin; Géraud Bouwmans; E. Lecren; Emmanuel Hugonnot
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Reliable pump sources for high-energy class lasers
Author(s): Martin Wölz; Agnieszka Pietrzak; Alex Kindsvater; Jürgen Wolf; Jens Meusel; Ralf Hülsewede; Jürgen Sebastian
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AlGaInN laser diode bar and array technology for high power and individually addressable applications
Author(s): Stephen P. Najda; Piotr Perlin; Tadek Suski; Lucja Marona; Mike Boćkowski; Mike Leszczyński; Przemek Wisniewski; Robert Czernecki; Robert Kucharski; Grzegorz Targowski
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AOM optimization with ultra stable high power CO2 lasers for fast laser engraving
Author(s): Markus Bohrer
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Large aperture adaptive optics for intense lasers
Author(s): François Deneuville; Laurent Ropert; Paul Sauvageot; Sébastien Theis
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Alignment system for high-power large aperture laser systems
Author(s): Roberto Ziano; Jean-Baptiste Accary; Birgit Ploetzeneder; Roberto Versaci; Bruno LeGarrec
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High reflective diffraction grating for ultrafast pulse compression
Author(s): Galina Kalinchenko; Stepan Vyhlidka; Daniel Kramer; Alexander Lerer; Bedrich Rus
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Thermally induced depolarization in the optical elements of the transition configuration: thick disks and short rods
Author(s): A. V. Starobor; O. V. Palashov
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Yb:Lu2SiO5 crystal : characterization of the laser emission along the three dielectric axes
Author(s): Guido Toci; Angela Pirri; Alena Beitlerova; Yasuhiro Shoji; Akira Yoshikawa; Jiri Hybler; Martin Nikl; Matteo Vannini
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Graded Yb:YAG ceramic structures: design, fabrication and characterization of the laser performances
Author(s): Guido Toci; Antonio Lapucci; Marco Ciofini; Laura Esposito; Jan Hostaša; Andreana Piancastelli; Leonida A. Gizzi; Luca Labate; Paolo Ferrara; Angela Pirri; Matteo Vannini
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Investigation of Yb3+-doped alumino-silicate glasses for high energy class diode pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Jörg Körner; Joachim Hein; Mirko Tiegel; Stefan Kuhn; Joachim Buldt; Fangxin Yue; Reinhard Seifert; Andreas Herrmann; Christian Rüssel; Malte C. Kaluza
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Multi-mJ, kHz picosecond deep UV source based on a frequency-quadrupled cryogenic Yb:YAG laser
Author(s): Kyung-Han Hong; Chun-Lin Chang; Peter Krogen; Houkun Liang; Gregory J. Stein; Jeffrey Moses; Chien-Jen Lai; Franz X. Kärtner
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Picosesond pulses in deep ultraviolet produced by a 100 kHz solid-state thin disk laser
Author(s): H. Turčičová; O. Novák; M. Smrž; T. Miura; A. Endo; T. Mocek
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Experimental benchmarking of the code for Yb:YAG multi-slab gas-cooled laser system operating at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): M. Sawicka-Chyla; O. Slezak; Martin Divoky; Antonio Lucianetti; Tomás Mocek
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Thermal distortion real-time detection and correction of a high-power laser beam-splitter mirror based on double Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors
Author(s): Yu Ning; Quan Sun; Hongyan Wang; Wuming Wu; Shaojun Du; Xiaojun Xu
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Wavelength-tunable erbium-doped fiber laser using silicon-on-insulator (SOI) based micro-ring with narrow laser linewidth
Author(s): L. G. Yang; C. W. Chow; C. H. Yeh; H. K. Tsang
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Active mode control of solid state laser using an intra-cavity beam shaper
Author(s): Wenguang Liu; Qiong Zhou; Baozhu Yan; Zongfu Jiang
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Temperature dependent absorption measurement of various transition metal doped laser materials
Author(s): Lucie Horackova; Jan Šulc; Helena Jelinkova; Venkatesan Jambunathan; Antonio Lucianetti; Tomás Mocek
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Development of a mode-locked fiber laser system for a high finesse enhancement cavity
Author(s): R. Suzuki; T. Kobayashi; K. Sakaue; M. Washio; A. Endo
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Demonstration of an optical enhancement cavity with 10 micron wavelength
Author(s): K. Sakaue; M. Washio; A. Endo
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Multiple pulses and harmonic mode locking from passive mode-locked Ytterbium doped fiber in anomalous dispersion region
Author(s): Ja-Hon Lin; Hung-Yi Lee; Wen-Feng Hsieh
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Sub-picosecond laser induced damage test facility for petawatt reflective optical components characterizations
Author(s): Martin Sozet; Jérôme Néauport; Eric Lavastre; Nadja Roquin; Laurent Gallais; Laurent Lamaignère
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Generation of 1.6 ns Q-switched pulses based on Yb:YAG/Cr:YAG microchip laser
Author(s): Jan Šulc; Helena Jelínková; Karel Nejezchleb; Václav Škoda
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Research on thermal effects of beam-splitter mirror in high-power laser system
Author(s): Quan Sun; Yu Ning; Zongfu Jiang; Wenguang Liu; Shaojun Du
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Different mode-locking methods in high energy all-normal dispersion Yb femtosecond all-fiber lasers
Author(s): Jan Szczepanek; Maria Michalska; Tomasz Kardaś; Czesław Radzewicz; Yuriy Stepanenko
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An intra-cavity device with a discharge-drived CW DF chemical laser
Author(s): Baozhu Yan; Wenguang Liu; Qiong Zhou; Shengfu Yuan; Qisheng Lu
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