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Quantum Information and Computation XIII
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Volume Number: 9500
Date Published: 16 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9500
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Performance limits for single-photons, correlated-photons, and entangled photons for quantum key distribution over fiber optics network topologies
Author(s): Eric Donkor; Fahad Althowibi; Ryan Williams
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A continuous-variable quantum key distribution using correlated photons
Author(s): Eric Donkor; Reinhard Erdmann; Patrick D. Kumavor
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Quantum teleportation for keyless cryptography
Author(s): Abhishek Parakh
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Implementing Diffie-Hellman key exchange using quantum EPR pairs
Author(s): Sayonnha Mandal; Abhishek Parakh
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Provably secure time distribution for the electric grid
Author(s): A. M. Smith; P. G. Evans; B. P. Williams; W. P. Grice
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Secret key generation via a modified quantum secret sharing protocol
Author(s): A. M. Smith; P. G. Evans; B. Lawrie; M. Legré; P. Lougovski; W. Ray; B. P. Williams; B. Qi; W. P. Grice
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Analysis of the secrecy of the running key in quantum encryption channels using coherent states of light
Author(s): Vladimir V. Nikulin; David H. Hughes; John Malowicki; Vijit Bedi
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Complementary imaging with compressive sensing
Author(s): Gregory A. Howland; James Schneeloch; Daniel J. Lum; Samuel H. Knarr; John C. Howell
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Sensors based on quantum hyper-entanglement: efficiency and performance in the presence of other photon sources
Author(s): James F. Smith III
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Finding analytical solution for mirror inverse gate operations in quantum systems with diagonal interactions
Author(s): R. C. Garigipati; P. Kumar
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Towards scalable quantum information processing with cold atoms and Rydberg blockade
Author(s): M. Saffman; T. Xia; M. Lichtman; K. Maller; Y. Sun
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Scalable quantum computing architecture with mixed species ion chains
Author(s): John Wright; Carolyn Auchter; Chen-Kuan Chou; Richard D. Graham; Thomas W. Noel; Tomasz Sakrejda; Zichao Zhou; Boris B. Blinov
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Superconducting metamaterials and qubits
Author(s): B. L. T. Plourde; Haozhi Wang; Francisco Rouxinol; M. D. LaHaye
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Induced dipole-dipole forbidden transitions in rare-earth elements and their prospects for quantum information processing
Author(s): Eric Donkor; Ryan Williams; Fahad Althowibi
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How often must we apply syndrome measurements?
Author(s): Y. S. Weinstein
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Demonstrating continuous-variable Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering with a finite number of measurements
Author(s): James Schneeloch; Samuel H. Knarr; Gregory A. Howland; John C. Howell
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Considerations on collapse of the wavefunction
Author(s): J. Reintjes; Mark Bashkansky
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Staged quantum energy teleportation
Author(s): Michael R. Frey
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Diagrammatic quantum mechanics
Author(s): Louis H. Kauffman; Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr.
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Principal fiber bundle description of number scaling for scalars and vectors: application to gauge theory
Author(s): Paul Benioff
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Clocking in the face of unpredictability beyond quantum uncertainty
Author(s): F. Hadi Madjid; John M. Myers
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Topological and geometrical quantum computation in cohesive Khovanov homotopy type theory
Author(s): Juan Ospina
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Heterotic quantum and classical computing on convergence spaces
Author(s): D. R. Patten; D. W. Jakel; R. J. Irwin; H. A. Blair
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Quantum probabilistic logic programming
Author(s): Radhakrishnan Balu
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Theoretical analysis of on-chip linear quantum optical information processing networks
Author(s): Edwin E. Hach III; Stefan F. Preble; Jeffrey A. Steidle
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A bright PPKTP waveguide source of polarization entangled photons
Author(s): Michael L. Fanto; Christopher C. Tison; Gregory A. Howland; Stefan F Preble; Paul M. Alsing; A. Matthew Smith
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High spectral purity silicon ring resonator photon-pair source
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Steidle; Michael L. Fanto; Christopher C. Tison; Zihao Wang; Stefan F. Preble; Paul M. Alsing
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High heralding-efficiency of near-IR fiber coupled photon pairs for quantum technologies
Author(s): P. Ben Dixon; Ryan Murphy; Danna Rosenberg; Matthew E. Grein; Veronika Stelmakh; Ryan S. Bennink; Franco N. C. Wong
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High-purity single-mode photon source for integrated quantum photonics
Author(s): Xiyuan Lu; Wei C. Jiang; Jidong Zhang; Qiang Lin
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Superconducting circuitry for quantum electromechanical systems
Author(s): Matthew D. LaHaye; Francisco Rouxinol; Yu Hao; Seung-Bo Shim; Elinor K. Irish
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Analog quantum computing (AQC) by revisiting the underlying physics
Author(s): Paul J. Werbos
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A CNOT gate in a glass chip
Author(s): Paul M. Alsing; Grigoriy Kreymerman; Warner A. Miller
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Characterizing a four-qubit planar lattice for arbitrary error detection
Author(s): Jerry M. Chow; Srikanth J. Srinivasan; Easwar Magesan; A. D. Córcoles; David W. Abraham; Jay M. Gambetta; Matthias Steffen
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A novel quantum random number generation algorithm used by smartphone camera
Author(s): Nan Wu; Kun Wang; Haixing Hu; Fangmin Song; Xiangdong Li
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Calculation of key reduction for B92 QKD protocol
Author(s): Miralem Mehic; Pavol Partila; Jaromir Tovarek; Miroslav Voznak
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