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Next-Generation Robotics II; and Machine Intelligence and Bio-inspired Computation: Theory and Applications IX
Editor(s): Misty Blowers; Dan Popa; Muthu B. J. Wijesundara
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Volume Number: 9494
Date Published: 19 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9494
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
EHD printing of PEDOT: PSS inks for fabricating pressure and strain sensor arrays on flexible substrates
Author(s): Caleb Nothnagle; Joshua R. Baptist; Joe Sanford; Woo Ho Lee; Dan O. Popa; Muthu B. J. Wijesundara
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Multi-material additive manufacturing of robot components with integrated sensor arrays
Author(s): Matt Saari; Bryan Cox; Matt Galla; Paul S. Krueger; Edmond Richer; Adam L. Cohen
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Micro-force sensing mobile microrobots
Author(s): Wuming Jing; David J. Cappelleri
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Force estimation in a 2-DoF piezoelectric actuator by using the inverse-dynamics based unknown input observer technique
Author(s): Vincent Trenchant; Micky Rakotondrabe; Yassine Haddab
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Sensor study for high speed autonomous operations
Author(s): Anne Schneider; Zachary La Celle; Alberto Lacaze; Karl Murphy; Mark Del Giorno; Ryan Close
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Multi-modal sensor and HMI integration with applications in personal robotics
Author(s): Rommel Alonzo; Sven Cremer; Fahad Mirza; Sandesh Gowda; Larry Mastromoro; Dan O. Popa
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Robotic situational awareness of actions in human teaming
Author(s): Dave Tahmoush
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Performance evaluation and clinical applications of 3D plenoptic cameras
Author(s): Ryan Decker; Azad Shademan; Justin Opfermann; Simon Leonard; Peter C. W. Kim; Axel Krieger
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Surface EMG and intra-socket force measurement to control a prosthetic device
Author(s): Joe Sanford; Rita Patterson; Dan Popa
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Resolving ranges of layered objects using ground vehicle LiDAR
Author(s): Jim Hollinger; Brett Kutscher; Ryan Close
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Performances analysis of piezoelectric cantilever based energy harvester devoted to mesoscale intra-body robot
Author(s): Kanty Rabenorosoa; Micky Rakotondrabe
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Untethered microscale flight: mechanisms and platforms for future aerial MEMS microrobots
Author(s): Syed A. Hussain; Spencer Ward; Omid Mahdavipour; Ratul Majumdar; Igor Paprotny
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Automated actuation of multiple bubble microrobots using computer-generated holograms
Author(s): M. Arifur Rahman; Julian Cheng; Qihui Fan; Aaron T. Ohta
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An ontology to enable optimized task partitioning in human-robot collaboration for warehouse kitting operations
Author(s): Ashis Gopal Banerjee; Andrew Barnes; Krishnanand N. Kaipa; Jiashun Liu; Shaurya Shriyam; Nadir Shah; Satyandra K. Gupta
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Control of a powered prosthetic device via a pinch gesture interface
Author(s): Oguz Yetkin; Kristi Wallace; Joseph D. Sanford; Dan O. Popa
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Multi-mode vibration suppression in 2-DOF piezoelectric systems using zero placement input shaping technique
Author(s): Yasser Al Hamidi; Micky Rakotondrabe
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Simultaneous suppression of badly damped vibrations and cross-couplings in a 2-DoF piezoelectric actuator by using feedforward standard Hinfinity approach
Author(s): Didace Habineza; Micky Rakotondrabe; Yann Le Gorrec
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Evolving spiking neural networks: a novel growth algorithm exhibits unintelligent design
Author(s): J. David Schaffer
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Experimental analysis of a Lotka-Volterra neural network for classification
Author(s): Christopher L. Sukhu; Joseph Stanton; Marc Aylesworth
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Collaborative mining and transfer learning for relational data
Author(s): Georgiy Levchuk; Mohammed Eslami
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Bio-inspired approach for intelligent unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Nicolas Hueber; Pierre Raymond; Christophe Hennequin; Alexander Pichler; Maxime Perrot; Philippe Voisin; Jean-Pierre Moeglin
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Subset selection of training data for machine learning: a situational awareness system case study
Author(s): M. McKenzie; S. C. Wong
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Realistic computer network simulation for network intrusion detection dataset generation
Author(s): Garrett Payer
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Change detection in Arctic satellite imagery using clustering of sparse approximations (CoSA) over learned feature dictionaries
Author(s): Daniela I. Moody; Cathy J. Wilson; Joel C. Rowland; Garrett L. Altmann
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