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Sensing for Agriculture and Food Quality and Safety VII
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Volume Number: 9488
Date Published: 18 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9488
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High throughput pathogen screening for food safety using magnetoelastic biosensors
Author(s): Suiqiong Li; Yating Chai; Bryan A. Chin
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In-situ detection of multiple pathogenic bacteria on food surfaces
Author(s): Yating Chai; Shin Horikawa; Jiajia Hu; I-Hsuan Chen; Jing Hu; James M Barbaree; Bryan A. Chin
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Application of a LED-based reflectance sensor for the assessing in situ the lycopene content of tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Author(s): Anna G. Mignani; Leonardo Ciaccheri; Andrea A. Mencaglia; Lorenza Tuccio; Giovanni Agati
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Detection of salmonella on globe fruits using pulse excited magnetoelastic biosensors
Author(s): Howard C. Wikle III; Songtao Du; Barton C. Prorok; Bryan A. Chin
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Bioenabled SERS substrates for food safety and drinking water monitoring
Author(s): Jing Yang; Gregory L. Rorrer; Alan X. Wang
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A biosensor based on magnetic resonance relaxation
Author(s): M. Sullivan; B. C. Prorok
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Nature-inspired magnetoelastic biosentinels for the detection of pathogenic bacteria in stagnant liquids
Author(s): Shin Horikawa; Yating Chai; Howard C. Wikle III; Jing Dai; Jiajia Hu; Sang-Jin Suh; Vitaly Vodyanoy; Bryan A. Chin
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Raman-spectroscopy-based chemical contaminant detection in milk powder
Author(s): Sagar Dhakal; Kuanglin Chao; Jianwei Qin; Moon S. Kim
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Screening of adulterants in powdered foods and ingredients using line-scan Raman chemical imaging
Author(s): Jianwei Qin; Kuanglin Chao; Moon S. Kim
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Shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy: a potential tool for outdoor measurements in precision agriculture
Author(s): Martin Maiwald; André Müller; Jörn Selbeck; Jana Käthner; Manuela Zude; Dominique Fleury; Bernd Sumpf; Götz Erbert; Günther Tränkle
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Chemometric analysis for near-infrared spectral detection of beef in fish meal
Author(s): Chun-Chieh Yang; Cristóbal Garrido-Novell; Dolores Pérez-Marín; José E. Guerrero-Ginel; Ana Garrido-Varo; Moon S. Kim
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Classification of corn kernels contaminated with aflatoxins using fluorescence and reflectance hyperspectral images analysis
Author(s): Fengle Zhu; Haibo Yao; Zuzana Hruska; Russell Kincaid; Robert Brown; Deepak Bhatnagar; Thomas Cleveland
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Using NOAA/AVHRR based remote sensing data and PCR method for estimation of Aus rice yield in Bangladesh
Author(s): Mohammad Nizamuddin; Kawsar Akhand; Leonid Roytman; Felix Kogan; Mitch Goldberg
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Pest damage assessment in fruits and vegetables using thermal imaging
Author(s): Badrinath Vadakkapattu Canthadai; M. Esakki Muthuraju; Vengalrao Pachava; Dipankar Sengupta
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A rapid detection method of Escherichia coli by surface enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Feifei Tao; Yankun Peng; Tianfeng Xu
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Research on identification and determination of mixed pesticides in apples using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Chen Zhai; Yongyu Li; Yankun Peng; Tianfeng Xu; Sagar Dhakal; Kuanglin Chao; Jianwei Qin
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Rapid detection of benzoyl peroxide in wheat flour by using Raman scattering spectroscopy
Author(s): Juan Zhao; Yankun Peng; Kuanglin Chao; Jianwei Qin; Sagar Dhakal; Tianfeng Xu
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Nondestructive detection of pork quality based on dual-band VIS/NIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Wenxiu Wang; Yankun Peng; Yongyu Li; Xiuying Tang; Yuanyuan Liu
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Depth of penetration of a 785nm wavelength laser in food powders
Author(s): Kuanglin Chao; Sagar Dhakal; Jianwei Qin; Moon S. Kim; Yankun Peng; Walter F. Schmidt
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The blocking reagent optimization for the magnetoelastic biosensor
Author(s): Jiajia Hu; Yating Chai; Shin Horikawa; Howard C. Wikle; Feng'en Wang; Songtao Du; Bryan A. Chin; Jing Hu
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Production of an innovative fertilizer from organic waste: process monitoring by hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Silvia Serranti; Giuseppe Bonifazi; Andrea Fabbri; Alice Dall'Ara; Carlos Garcia Izquierdo
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