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Advanced Environmental, Chemical, and Biological Sensing Technologies XII
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Volume Number: 9486
Date Published: 26 May 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9486
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Light-directed functionalization methods for high-resolution optical fiber based biosensors
Author(s): Leyla Nesrin Kahyaoglu; Rajtarun Madangopal; Matthew Stensberg; Jenna L. Rickus
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Plasmonics-active gold nanostars for chemical and biological sensing using SERS detection
Author(s): Yang Liu; Hsiangkuo Yuan; Andrew M. Fales; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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On-chip silicon photonic thermometers: from waveguide Bragg grating to ring resonators sensors
Author(s): Nikolai N. Klimov; Thomas Purdy; Zeeshan Ahmed
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Dispersive Raman spectroscopy excited at 1064nm to classify the botanic origin of honeys from Calabria and quantify the sugar profile
Author(s): A. G. Mignani; L. Ciaccheri; A. A. Mencaglia; R. Di Sanzo; S. Carabetta; M. T. Russo
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FTIR monitoring of methane from a local landfill
Author(s): Tiffani Johnson; Scott Reeve
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A method for continuous in-situ pathlength calibration of integrating sphere based gas cells
Author(s): S. Bergin; J. Hodgkinson; D. Francis; R. P. Tatam
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Real-time measurement of the NO2 concentration in ambient air using a multi-mode diode laser and cavity enhanced multiple line integrated absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Michael Fernez; Andreas Karpf; Gottipaty N. Rao
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Active stand-off detection of gas leaks using an open-path quantum cascade laser sensor in a backscatter configuration
Author(s): Adrian Diaz; Benjamin Thomas; Paulo Castillo; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary
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Development of differential absorption lidar (DIAL) for detection of CO2, CH4 and PM in Alberta
Author(s): Michael Wojcik; Blake Crowther; Robert Lemon; Prasad Valupadas; Long Fu; Bonnie Leung; Zheng Yang; Quamrul Huda; Allan Chambers
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Combined microphone array and lock-in amplifier operations for outdoor photo-acoustic sensing
Author(s): Mohammad Islam; Joshua Lay; Chen-Chia Wang; Sudhir Trivedi; Alan Samuels; Jacob Khurgin; Fow Sen-Choa
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Standoff detection of trace chemicals with laser dispersion spectrometer
Author(s): Michal Nikodem
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Microfluidics for spectrochemical applications
Author(s): R. Shatford; D. Kim; Vassili Karanassios
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Multispectral light scattering imaging and multivariate analysis of airborne particulates
Author(s): Stephen Holler; Charles R. Skelsey; Stephen D. Fuerstenau
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Universal optical platform for monitoring of bioprocess variables
Author(s): Neha Sardesai; Govind Rao; Yordan Kostov
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An agent-based mathematical model about carp aggregation
Author(s): Yu Liang; Chao Wu
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Global nuclear radiation monitoring using plants
Author(s): Mohammad Islam; Carlos Romero-Talamas; Dan Kostov; Wanpeng Wang; Zhongchi Liu; Daniel S. Hussey; Eli Baltic; David L. Jacobson; Jerry Gu; Fow-Sen Choa
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A plastic optical fiber biosensor for e. coli
Author(s): Domingos M. C. Rodrigues; Regina C. S. B. Allil; Vanessa M. Queiroz; Rafaela N. Lopes; Alexandre Silva Allil; Marcelo M. Werneck
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Oil and gas deposits determination by ultraspectral lidar
Author(s): A. P. Zhevlakov; V. G. Bespalov; A. S. Grishkanich; A. A. Il’inskiy; D. V. Kosachiov; I. S. Sidorov; S. V. Kascheev
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Lidar for monitoring methane hydrate in the arctic permafrost
Author(s): A. S. Grishkanich; V. G. Bespalov; I. S. Sidorov; A. S. Gusarov; S. V. Kascheev; V. V. Elizarov; A. P. Zhevlakov
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Monitoring radioactive contamination by hyperspectral lidar
Author(s): A. S. Grishkanich; V. G. Bespalov; S. K. Vasiev; A. S. Gusarov; S. V. Kascheev; V. V. Elizarov; A. P. Zhevlakov
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Chemical agent registration method on the basis of surface optical sensitization and surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): S. Vinogradov; M. Kononov
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Quality control in the recycling stream of PVC cable waste by hyperspectral imaging analysis
Author(s): Valentina Luciani; Silvia Serranti; Giuseppe Bonifazi; Peter Rem
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On-chip surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)-linked immuno-sensor assay (SLISA) for rapid environmental-surveillance of chemical toxins
Author(s): Vinay Bhardwaj; Supriya Srinivasan; Anthony J. McGoron
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Endmember signature based detection of flammable gases in LWIR hyperspectral images
Author(s): Fatih Omruuzun; Yasemin Yardimci Cetin
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Ring resonators in polymer foils for sensing of gaseous species
Author(s): Elke Pichler; Konrad Bethmann; Urs Zywietz; Christian Spad; Uwe Gleissner; Christian Kelb; Bernhard Roth; Carsten Reinhardt; Ulrike Willer; Wolfgang Schade
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New possibilities to analyse non-standard explosives and post blast residues in forensic practice
Author(s): Marek Kotrlý; Ivana Turková
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