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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring VII
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Volume Number: 9459
Date Published: 2 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9459
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spatial multiplexing for blue lasers for undersea communications
Author(s): Joshua Baghdady; Matthew Byrd; Wenzhe Li; Kaitlyn Morgan; Aaron Pung; Keith Miller; Eric Johnson
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Underwater optical impulse response measurement using a chaotic lidar sensor
Author(s): Luke K. Rumbaugh; Mahesh K. Banavar; William D. Jemison
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Experimental validation of a Monte Carlo model for determining the temporal response of the underwater optical communications channel
Author(s): Brandon M. Cochenour; Alan Laux
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FMCW optical ranging technique in turbid waters
Author(s): David W. Illig; Alan Laux; Robert W. Lee; William D. Jemison; Linda J. Mullen
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Pulse compression techniques to improve modulated pulsed laser line scan systems
Author(s): Robert W. Lee; Justin K. Nash; Brandon Cochenour; Linda J. Mullen
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Distributed compressive sensing vs. dynamic compressive sensing: improving the compressive line sensing imaging system through their integration
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Weilin Hou; Frank M. Caimi; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Anni K. Vuorenkoski; Sue Gong
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Semi-empirical inversion technique for retrieval of quantitative attenuation profiles with underwater scanning lidar systems
Author(s): Anni K. Vuorenkoski; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Michael S. Twardowski; Bing Ouyang; Charles C. Trees
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Analysis of polarimetric image by full stokes vector imaging camera for retrieval of target polarization in underwater environment
Author(s): Yalong Gu; Carlos Carrizo; Ahmed El-Habashi; Alexander Gilerson
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The influence of the choice of the oceanic phase function on imaging under water
Author(s): K. Braesicke; E. Repasi
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A controlled laboratory environment to study EO signal degradation due to underwater turbulence
Author(s): Silvia Matt; Weilin Hou; Wesley Goode; Guigen Liu; Ming Han; Andrey V. Kanaev; Sergio Restaino
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A miniature fiber-optic sensor for high-resolution and high-speed temperature sensing in ocean environment
Author(s): Guigen Liu; Ming Han; Weilin Hou; Silvia Matt; Wesley Goode
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An expansion of glider observation strategies to systematically transmit and analyze preferred waypoints of underwater gliders
Author(s): Lucy F. Smedstad; Charlie N. Barron; Rachel N. Bourg; Michael W. Brooking; Danielle A. Bryant; Robert J. Carr; Kevin D. Heaney; Edward A. Holmberg; Andrea C. Mask; Bryan L. Mensi
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Are the satellite-observed narrow, streaky chlorophyll filaments locally intensified by the submesoscale processes?
Author(s): Igor Shulman; Bradley Penta; James Richman; Gregg Jacobs; Stephanie Anderson; Peter Sakalaukus
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Bio-optical model of remote sensing signals in a stratified ocean
Author(s): James H. Churnside
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Ocean and polarization observations from active remote sensing: atmospheric and ocean science applications
Author(s): D. Josset; W. Hou; J. Pelon; Y. Hu; S. Tanelli; R. Ferrare; S. Burton; N. Pascal
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Detecting oil on water using polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Amber L. Iler; Patrick D. Hamilton
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A fast and robust implementation of the adaptive destriping algorithm for SNPP VIIRS and Terra/Aqua MODIS SST
Author(s): Karlis Mikelsons; Alexander Ignatov; Marouan Bouali; Yury Kihai
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Evaluation of VIIRS SST fields through the analysis of overlap regions between consecutive orbits
Author(s): Jean-François P. Cayula; Douglas A. May; Robert A. Arnone; Ryan A. Vandermeulen
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Seasonal trends of ACSPO VIIRS SST product characterized by the differences in orbital overlaps for various water types
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Ryan Vandermeulen; Alexander Ignatov; Jean François Cayula
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Suppressing the noise in SST retrieved from satellite infrared measurements by smoothing the differential terms in regression equations
Author(s): B. Petrenko; A. Ignatov; Y. Kihai
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A deterministic inversion technique for sea surface temperature retrieval from MODIS radiances
Author(s): Prabhat K. Koner; Andy Harris
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Sensor stability for SST (3S) monitoring system
Author(s): Kai He; Alexander Ignatov; Yury Kihai; Xingming Liang; Changyong Cao; John Stroup
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Identification of sea surface temperature (SST) variability areas through a statistical approach using remote sensing and numerical ocean model data
Author(s): Jesus Loeches; Raul Vicen-Bueno; Giuliana Pennucci; Aniello Russo
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