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Detection and Sensing of Mines, Explosive Objects, and Obscured Targets XX
Editor(s): Steven S. Bishop; Jason C. Isaacs
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Volume Number: 9454
Date Published: 28 May 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9454
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Forecasting the soil-dependent performance of ground-penetrating radar by means of a conventional field-moisture sensor
Author(s): M. Loewer; J. Igel
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Stand-off explosive detection utilizing low power stimulated emission nuclear quadrupole resonance detection and subwavelength focusing wideband super lens
Author(s): John Apostolos; William Mouyos; Judy Feng; Walter Chase
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Minimally disruptive schedule repair for MCM missions
Author(s): Matthew Molineaux; Bryan Auslander; Philip G. Moore; Kalyan Moy Gupta
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Fusion of iECO image descriptors for buried explosive hazard detection in forward-looking infrared imagery
Author(s): Stanton R. Price; Derek T. Anderson; Timothy C. Havens
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Detection of concealed targets using spintronic microwave sensor
Author(s): Lei Fu; Y. S. Gui; Y. Xiao; M. Jaidann; H. Guo; H. Abou-Rachid; C.-M. Hu
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Differential excitation spectroscopy for detection of common explosives: ammonium nitrate and urea nitrate
Author(s): Boyd V. Hunter; Jason M. Cox; Michael A. Miller; Richard V. Hunter; Levi Van Bastian; Paul Harrison; William P. Walters
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Using a blackboard architecture or expert system to identify obfuscated targets from symptoms
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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Efficiency of using the spectral dynamics analysis for pulsed THz spectroscopy of both explosive and other materials
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova
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Fuzzy logic based sensor performance evaluation of vehicle mounted metal detector systems
Author(s): Canicious Abeynayake; Minh Dao-Johnson Tran
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Approach to explosive hazard detection using sensor fusion and multiple kernel learning with downward-looking GPR and EMI sensor data
Author(s): Anthony Pinar; Matthew Masarik; Timothy C. Havens; Joseph Burns; Brian Thelen; John Becker
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Extended-range electromagnetic induction concepts
Author(s): Jonathan S. Miller; Chet Bassani; Gregory Schultz
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Buried threat detection using a handheld ground penetrating radar system
Author(s): Mary Knox; Peter Torrione; Leslie Collins; Kenneth Morton Jr.
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Multiple instance dictionary learning for subsurface object detection using handheld EMI
Author(s): Alina Zare; Matthew Cook; Brendan Alvey; Dominic K. Ho
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Phase response of high to very high frequency metal/anomaly detector
Author(s): Daniel C. Heinz; Michael L. Brennan; Michael B. Steer; Adam W. Melber; John T. Cua
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A queuing model for designing multi-modality buried target detection systems: preliminary results
Author(s): Jordan M. Malof; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Ground vehicle based ladar for standoff detection of road-side hazards
Author(s): Jim Hollinger; Ryan Close
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Airborne thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging of buried objects
Author(s): Marc-André Gagnon; Philippe Lagueux; Jean-Philippe Gagnon; Simon Savary; Pierre Tremblay; Vincent Farley; Éric Guyot; Martin Chamberland
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Extended adaptive mutation operator for training an explosive hazard detection prescreener in forward looking infrared imagery
Author(s): Ravinder Singh; Stanton R. Price; Derek T. Anderson
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Design of a buried explosive hazard pre-screener in forward looking imagery based on shearlet filtering and image post-processing
Author(s): Stanton R. Price; Derek T. Anderson; James M. Keller
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Near real-time, on-the-move multisensor integration and computing framework
Author(s): Chris Burnette; Matt Schneider; Sanjeev Agarwal; Diane Deterline; Chris Geyer; Chung D. Phan; Richard M. Lydic Jr.; Kevin Green; Bruce Swett
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Near real-time, on-the-move software PED using VPEF
Author(s): Kevin Green; Chris Geyer; Chris Burnette; Sanjeev Agarwal; Bruce Swett; Chung Phan; Diane Deterline
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Real-time buried threat detection and cueing capability in VPEF environment
Author(s): Bo Ling; Sanjeev Agarwal; Santiago Olivera; Zlatko Vasilkoski; Chung Phan; Chris Geyer
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Multi-scale HOG prescreening algorithm for detection of buried explosive hazards in FL-IR and FL-GPR data
Author(s): K. Stone; J. M. Keller; D. Shaw
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An application of log-Gabor filter on road detection in arid environments for forward looking buried object detection
Author(s): P. Plodpradista; J. M. Keller; M. Popescu
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A method for detecting ultra-low quantities of explosives with use a picosecond laser FAIMS analyzer
Author(s): Alexander A. Chistyakov; Gennadii E. Kotkovskii; Ivan P. Odulo; Alexey V. Sychev; Artem S. Bogdanov; Anatoly N. Perederiy; Evgeny M. Spitsyn; Alexander V. Shestakov
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Raman detection of improvised explosive device (IED) material fabricated using drop-on-demand inkjet technology on several real world surfaces
Author(s): Mikella E. Farrell; Ellen L. Holthoff; Paul M. Pellegrino
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Detection of homemade explosives using Raman excitation at 1064 nm
Author(s): Eric G. Roy; Claire Dentinger; Claude Robotham
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Clutter and target discrimination in forward-looking ground penetrating radar using sparse structured basis pursuits
Author(s): Joseph A. Camilo; Jordan M. Malof; Peter A. Torrione; Leslie M. Collins; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.
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Deep belief networks for false alarm rejection in forward-looking ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): John Becker; Timothy C. Havens; Anthony Pinar; Timothy J. Schulz
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An apodization approach for processing forward-looking GPR for buried target detection
Author(s): Adam Webb; Timothy C. Havens; Timothy J. Schulz
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A synthetic aperture acoustic prototype system
Author(s): Robert H. Luke III; Steven S. Bishop; Aaron M. Chan; Peter M. Gugino; Thomas P. Donzelli; Mehrdad Soumekh
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Explosive hazard detection using MIMO forward-looking ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Darren Shaw; K. C. Ho; Kevin Stone; James M. Keller; Mihail Popescu; Derek T. Anderson; Robert H. Luke III; Brian P. Burns
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Automatic target detection and discrimination algorithm applicable to ground penetrating radar data
Author(s): Canicious Abeynayake; Minh D. Tran
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Design and validation of inert homemade explosive simulants for ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Brian W. VanderGaast; John E. McFee; Kevin L. Russell; Anthony A. Faust
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Deep convolutional neural networks for classifying GPR B-scans
Author(s): Lance E. Besaw; Philip J. Stimac
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GPR anomaly detection with robust principal component analysis
Author(s): Matthew P. Masarik; Joseph Burns; Brian T. Thelen; Jack Kelly; Timothy C. Havens
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A layer tracking approach to buried surface detection
Author(s): Peter J. Dobbins; Joseph N. Wilson; Brandon Smock
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Target signature localization in GPR data by jointly estimating and matching templates
Author(s): Daniël Reichman; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Jordan M. Malof; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Fast 3D subsurface imaging with stepped-frequency GPR
Author(s): Matthew P. Masarik; Joseph Burns; Brian T. Thelen; Lena Sutter
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Fusion of forward-looking infrared camera and down-looking ground penetrating radar for buried target detection
Author(s): Seniha E. Yuksel; Gozde Bozdagi Akar; Serhat Ozturk
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Detection of deeply buried non-metal objects by ground penetrating radar using non-negative matrix factorization
Author(s): Daniel Nabelek; K. C. Ho
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Recognizing subsurface target responses in ground penetrating radar data using convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Rayn T. Sakaguchi; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione
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Anomaly detection of subsurface objects using handheld ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): K. C. Ho; Samuel Harris; Alina Zare; Matthew Cook
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Improving buried threat detection in ground-penetrating radar with transfer learning and metadata analysis
Author(s): Kenneth A. Colwell; Peter A. Torrione; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.; Leslie M. Collins
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Leveraging robust principal component analysis to detect buried explosive threats in handheld ground-penetrating radar data
Author(s): Dmitry Kalika; Mary T. Knox; Leslie M. Collins; Peter A. Torrione; Kenneth D. Morton Jr.
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Tagged neutron capabilities for detecting hidden explosives
Author(s): V. F. Batyaev; S. G Belichenko; R. R Bestaev; A. V. Gavryuchenkov; M. D Karetnikov
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Information surfing with the JHU/APL coherent imager
Author(s): Christopher R. Ratto; Kara R. Shipley; Nathaniel Beagley; Kevin C. Wolfe
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Multiple pass collaborative search in the presence of false alarms
Author(s): John G. Baylog; Thomas A. Wettergren
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Optimal relative view angles for an object viewed multiple times
Author(s): Syed U. Gilani; Apoorva Shende; Bao Nguyen; Daniel J. Stilwell
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Possibilistic context identification for SAS imagery
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Du; Alina Zare; J. Tory Cobb
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Investigation of measureable parameters that correlate with automatic target recognition performance in synthetic aperture sonar
Author(s): Julia Gazagnaire; J. Tory Cobb; Jason C. Isaacs
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Unsupervised 3D scene understanding and prediction to enable adaptable solutions to the art gallery problem and watchman route problem
Author(s): Bruce A. Johnson; Vatana An; Hairong Qi
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Automated area segmentation for ocean bottom surveys
Author(s): John C. Hyland; Cheryl M. Smith
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