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18th International School on Quantum Electronics: Laser Physics and Applications
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Volume Number: 9447
Date Published: 9 January 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9447
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Degenerate two- and three-level systems in presence of longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields
Author(s): A. D. Wilson-Gordon; L. Margalit; M. Rosenbluh
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Velocity anisotropy effect in pump-probe spectra of cesium in a micrometric thickness optical cell
Author(s): P. N. Ghosh; S. Mitra; B. Ray; A. Krasteva; D. Slavov; P. Todorov; S. Cartaleva
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Simple method for characterization of anti-relaxation coating of optical cells
Author(s): K. Nasyrov; V. Entin; N. Nikolov; N. Petrov; S. Cartaleva
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Nonclassically paired photons from sources based on cold atoms
Author(s): Małgorzata Głódź; Maciej Janowicz; Krzysztof Kowalski; Jerzy Szonert
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Parametric non-degenerate four wave mixing in hot potassium vapor
Author(s): Bojan Zlatković; Aleksandar J. Krmpot; Nikola Šibalić; Milan Radonjić; Branislav M. Jelenković
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Conversion between electromagnetically induced absorption and transparency in a four-level system
Author(s): D. Sarkisyan; A. Sargsyan; A. D. Wilson-Gordon; S. Cartaleva
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Influence of anti-relaxation coating of optical cells on the potassium D1 line saturated absorption
Author(s): S. Gozzini; A. Lucchesini; C. Marinelli; L. Marmugi; S. Gateva; S. Tsvetkov; S. Cartaleva
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Light-induced atomic desorption dynamics in cells with different coatings
Author(s): S. Tsvetkov; M. Taslakov; E. Mariotti; S. Gateva
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Magneto-optical resonance of the polarized fluorescence in a paraffin-coated 87Rb vacuum cell
Author(s): E. T. Taskova; E. A. Alipieva; G. Tz. Todorov
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Investigation of the influence of strontium carbonate on fluorescence spectra of oxy-fluoride glasses doped with samarium oxide and samarium fluoride
Author(s): Teodora Pashova; Tinko Eftimov; Irena Kostova; Dancho Tonchev
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An anisotropic stratified structure for surface plasmon excitation
Author(s): K. Zhelyazkova; M. Petrov; B. Katranchev; G. Dyankov
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LIBS and Raman spectroscopic investigation of historical copper alloy objects
Author(s): Iwona Żmuda-Trzebiatowska; Gerard Śliwiński
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Optical properties of Ag-ZnO nanostructures
Author(s): M. E. Koleva; N. N. Nedyalkov; P. A. Atanasov; N. Fukata; M. Dutta
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Pulsed laser deposition of organic semiconductor rubrene thin films
Author(s): K. Grochowska; S. Majumdar; P. Laukkanen; H. S. Majumdar; M. Sawczak; G. Śliwiński
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Laser dispersing of WC and TiC powders in light metal alloys for wear resistance enhancement
Author(s): Rafał Jendrzejewski; Gerard Śliwiński
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Fabrication of ZnO nanostructures by PLD
Author(s): A. Og. Dikovska; G. B. Atanasova; G. V. Avdeev; M. E. Koleva; N. N. Nedyalkov
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Estimation of ultrashort laser irradiation effect over thin transparent biopolymer films morphology
Author(s): A. Daskalova; C. Nathala; I. Bliznakova; D. Slavov; W. Husinsky
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Femtosecond laser system for micromachining of the materials
Author(s): R. Barbucha; M. Kocik; M. Tański; K. Garasz; T. Petrov; C. Radzewicz
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Fabrication and characterization of metal nanostructures on metal substrates
Author(s): Ru. G. Nikov; N. N. Nedyalkov; P. A. Atanasov; Ph. Delaporte; D. Grojo
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Influence of the scanning conditions on the characteristics of the nanostructures fabricated by laser ablation in liquid
Author(s): A. S. Nikolov; R. G. Nikov; N. N. Nedyalkov; T. I. Koutzarova; M. T. Alexandrov; D. B. Karashanova; C. Ristoscu; I. N. Mihailescu
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Formation of bimetallic nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation of multicomponent thin films in water
Author(s): R. G. Nikov; N. N. Nedyalkov; A. S. Nikolov; P. A. Atanasov; M. T. Alexandrov; D. B. Karashanova
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Matrix description of the differential group delay of high-speed optical communication lines with polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and polarization dependent losses (PDL)
Author(s): Vanya Plachkova; Ilya Makrelov; Petar Petrov
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CuBr laser ablation of titanium surface
Author(s): Ivaylo Balchev; Nikolay Minkovski; Krasimir Dimitrov; Atanas Atanasov; Plamen Stefanov
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Ångström coefficients calculated from aerosol optical depth data obtained over Sofia, Bulgaria
Author(s): Tsvetina T. Evgenieva; Nikolay I. Kolev; Doyno Petkov
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Ceilometer observation of Saharan dust over mountain valley of Sofia, Bulgaria
Author(s): Nikolay Kolev; Tsvetina Evgenieva; Ivan Grigorov; Atanaska Deleva; Danko Ivanov; Ventsislav Danchovski; Plamen Savov; Doyno Petkov
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Two-wavelength lidar characterization of optical, dynamical, and microphysical properties of Saharan dust layers over Sofia, Bulgaria
Author(s): Zahary Y. Peshev; Tsvetina T. Evgenieva; Tanja N. Dreischuh; Dimitar V. Stoyanov
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Considerations about the lognormality of the aerosol lidar signal fluctuations
Author(s): Ljuan L. Gurdev; Tanja N. Dreischuh; Zahary Y. Peshev; Dimitar V. Stoyanov
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Finite system response shape due distortions of the temperature and density profiles in fusion plasmas recovered using Thomson scattering lidar
Author(s): Ljuan L. Gurdev; Tanja N. Dreischuh; Dimitar V. Stoyanov
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LIDAR detection of forest fire smoke above Sofia
Author(s): Ivan Grigorov; Atanaska Deleva; Dimitar Stoyanov; Nikolay Kolev; Georgi Kolarov
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Plasmon assisted optical trapping: fundamentals and biomedical applications
Author(s): Alexandros A. Serafetinides; Mersini Makropoulou; Georgios N. Tsigaridas; Anastasios Gousetis
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Antimicrobial photodisinfection with Zn(II) phthalocyanine adsorbed on TiO2 upon UVA and red irradiation
Author(s): Vanya Mantareva; Ivelina Eneva; Vesselin Kussovski; Ekaterina Borisova; Ivan Angelov
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Excitation-emission matrices (EEMs) and synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy (SFS) investigations of gastrointestinal tissues
Author(s): Ts. Genova; E. Borisova; Al. Zhelyazkova; O. Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya; N. Penkov; M. Keremedchiev; B. Vladimirov; L. Avramov
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Laser induced autofluorescence for diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer
Author(s): E. Drakaki; M. Makropoulou; A. A. Serafetinides; N. Merlemis; I. Kalatzis; I. A. Sianoudis; O. Batsi; E. Christofidou; A. J. Stratigos; A. D. Katsambas; Ch. Antoniou
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Synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy for analysis of wine and wine distillates
Author(s): Ya. Andreeva; E. Borisova; Ts. Genova; Al. Zhelyazkova; L. Avramov
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Total attenuation coefficient of intralipid dilutions for discrete laser wavelengths between 405 and 1315 nm
Author(s): Tanja N. Dreischuh; Ljuan L. Gurdev; Orlin I. Vankov; Lachezar A. Avramov; Dimitar V. Stoyanov
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Tissue fluorescence origins evaluation using excitation-emission matrices
Author(s): A. Zhelyazkova; E. Borisova; L. Angelova; E. Pavlova; M. Keremedchiev; L. Avramov
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Laser cleaning treatment of burnt paintings
Author(s): N. Antonopoulou-Athera; E. Chatzitheodoridis; M. Doulgerides; Ch. Evangelatos; A. A. Serafetinides; A. Terlixi
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Quantum yields of the photodissociation of HbO2 in the visible and near IR spectral region
Author(s): S. A. Mamilov; S. S. Esman; M. M. Asimov; A. I. Gisbrecht
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Characterization of new drug delivery nanosystems using atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Ellas Spyratou; Elena A. Mourelatou; C. Demetzos; Mersini Makropoulou; A. A. Serafetinides
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Investigation of photothermolysis therapy of human skin diseases using optical phantoms
Author(s): M. Jędrzejewska-Szczerska; M. S. Wróbel; S. Galla; A. P. Popov; A. V. Bykov; V. V. Tuchin; A. Cenian
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Bent optical fiber tapers for refractometery and biosensing
Author(s): Emil Penchev; Tinko Eftimov; Wojtek Bock
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Femtosecond laser filament and plasma channels in focused beam in air
Author(s): Svyatoslav A. Shlenov; Alexandr A. Dergachev; Andrey A. Ionin; Valery P. Kandidov; Daria V. Mokrousova; Leonid V. Seleznev; Dmitry V. Sinitsyn; Elena S. Sunchugasheva; Anna P. Shustikova
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Analogies between solitonic bio-energy transport along polypeptide chains and nonautonomous optical solitons in structurated nonuniform fibers
Author(s): L. Morales-Lara; R. Peña-Moreno; A. Mena-Contla; V. N. Serkin; T. L. Belyaeva
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Determination of spatially- and time-resolved electron temperature in nanosecond pulsed longitudinal discharge used for excitation of powerful gas discharge lasers
Author(s): T. P. Chernogorova; K. A. Temelkov; S. I. Slaveeva; N. K. Vuchkov
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Comparison of soliton solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation and the nonlinear amplitude equation
Author(s): A. Dakova; D. Dakova; L. Kovachev
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Analogies and distinctions between hydrodynamic and optical nonlinear waves
Author(s): A. Mena-Contla; R. Peña-Moreno; L. Morales-Lara; V. N. Serkin; T. L. Belyaeva
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Dark-gray soliton transformations: possibility to study microscopic quantum phenomena by nonlinear optical methods
Author(s): C. Hernández-Tenorio; V. N. Serkin; T. L. Belyaeva; R. Peña-Moreno; L. Morales-Lara
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Scaling symmetry breaking and wave-particle duality of optical and matter-wave solitons
Author(s): V. N. Serkin; Akira Hasegawa; T. L. Belyaeva
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Evaluation of pulse front tilt measurement of femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): N. Dimitrov; L. Stoyanov; I. Stefanov; A. Dreischuh; P. Hansinger; G. G. Paulus
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Influence of intrapulse Raman scattering on the stationary pulses in the presence of linear and nonlinear gain as well as spectral filtering
Author(s): Ivan M. Uzunov; Zhivko D. Georgiev; Todor N. Arabadzhiev
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Time shift in the presence of linear and nonlinear gain, spectral filtering, third-order of dispersion and self-steepening effect
Author(s): Ivan M. Uzunov; Todor N. Arabadzhiev; Zhivko D. Georgiev
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Dynamic laser speckle measurement with enhanced visualization of activity map
Author(s): Elena Stoykova; Nataliya Berberova; Tania Nikova
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Birefringence induced in azopolymer (PAZO) films with different thickness
Author(s): Lian Nedelchev; Dimana Nazarova; Georgi Mateev; Nataliya Berberova
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Polymers in lens design for laser applications
Author(s): Stefka N. Kasarova; Nina G. Sultanova; Ivan D. Nikolov
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Aqueous solutions of MgSO3.6H2O:M (M = Co or Co+Ni) for laser applications
Author(s): P. Petkova; P. Vasilev; M. Mustafa; V. Nedkov; J. Tacheva; Y. Tzoukrovsky
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Generation of modulated microchip laser pulses
Author(s): F. Almabouada; K. E. Aiadi; D. Louhibi
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Comparison between the perfomance of Nd:YAG, Nd/Cr:GSGG and Nd/Cr:YAG ceramic lasers with quasi-solar pumping
Author(s): R. Bouadjemine; D. Louhibi; A. Kellou
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