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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning IV
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Volume Number: 9428
Date Published: 23 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9428
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Etch patterning for advanced devices
Author(s): E. Leobandung
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Challenges in high-aspect ratio contact (HARC) etching for DRAM capacitor formation
Author(s): Yongjin Kim; Sangdo Lee; Taewoo Jung; Byoungseok Lee; Nohjung Kwak; Sungki Park
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Dry etch challenges for CD shrinkage in memory process
Author(s): Takaya Matsushita; Takanori Matsumoto; Hidefumi Mukai; Suigen Kyoh; Kohji Hashimoto
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Patterning in the era of atomic scale fidelity
Author(s): Thorsten Lill; Samantha Tan; Keren J. Kanarik; Yoshie Kimura; Gowri Kamarthy; Meihua Shen; Vahid Vahedi; Jeffrey Marks; Richard A. Gottscho
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Plasma etch challenges with new EUV lithography material introduction for patterning for MOL and BEOL
Author(s): Changwoo Lee; Bhaskar Nagabhirava; Michael Goss; Peng Wang; Phil Friddle; Stafan Schmitz; Jian Wu; Richard Yang; Yann Mignot; Nouradine Rassoul; Bassem Hamieh; Genevieve Beique; Andre Labonte; Catherine Labelle; John Arnold; John Mucci
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Spectral analysis of the line-width and line-edge roughness transfer during self-aligned double patterning approach
Author(s): Emmanuel Dupuy; E. Pargon; M. Fouchier; H. Grampeix; J. Pradelles; M. Darnon; P. Pimenta-Barros; S. Barnola; O. Joubert
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H2 plasma and neutral beam treatment of EUV photoresist
Author(s): P. De Schepper; D. Marinov; Z. el Otell; E. Altamirano-Sánchez; J.-F. de Marneffe; S. De Gendt; N. St. J. Braithwaite
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DSA planarization approach to solve pattern density issue
Author(s): P. Pimenta Barros; A. Gharbi; Aurélien Sarrazin; R. Tiron; N. Posseme; S. Barnola; S. Bos; C. Tallaron; G. Claveau; X. Chevalier; M. Argoud; Isabelle Servin; C. Navarro; Célia Nicolet; C. Lapeyre; C. Monget
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Trench and hole patterning with EUV resists using dual frequency capacitively coupled plasma (CCP)
Author(s): Yannick Feurprier; Katie Lutker-Lee; Vinayak Rastogi; Hiroie Matsumoto; Yuki Chiba; Andrew Metz; Kaushik Kumar; Genevieve Beique; Andre Labonte; Cathy Labelle; Yann Mignot; Bassem Hamieh; John Arnold
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Challenges and mitigation strategies for resist trim etch in resist-mandrel based SAQP integration scheme
Author(s): Nihar Mohanty; Elliott Franke; Eric Liu; Angelique Raley; Jeffrey Smith; Richard Farrell; Mingmei Wang; Kiyohito Ito; Sanjana Das; Akiteru Ko; Kaushik Kumar; Alok Ranjan; David O'Meara; Kenjiro Nawa; Steven Scheer; Anton DeVillers; Peter Biolsi
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Photoresist performance modification through plasma treatment
Author(s): Hidetami Yaegashi; Kenichi Oyama; Arisa Hara; Sakurako Natori; Shohei Yamauchi; Masatoshi Yamato; Noriaki Okabe; Kyohei Koike
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Finding practical phenomenological models that include both photoresist behavior and etch process effects
Author(s): Sunwook Jung; Thuy Do; John Sturtevant
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Molecular glass resist performance for nano-pattern transfer
Author(s): Ziad el Otell; Andreas Ringk; Tristan Kolb; Christian Neuber; Leander Hansel; Jean-François de Marneffe
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Low-temperature and damage-free transition metal and magnetic material etching using a new metallic complex reaction
Author(s): Toshihisa Nozawa; Ryo Miyama; Shinji Kubota; Kazuki Moyama; Tomihiro Kubota; Seiji Samukawa
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Electron energy distribution control by fiat: breaking from the conventional flux ratio scaling rules in etch
Author(s): Alok Ranjan; Mingmei Wang; Sonam Sherpa; Peter Ventzek
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RIE challenges for sub-15 nm line-and-space patterning using directed self-assembly lithography with coordinated line epitaxy (COOL) process
Author(s): Y. Kasahara; Y. Seino; K. Kobayashi; H. Kanai; H. Sato; H. Kubota; T. Tobana; S. Minegishi; K. Miyagi; N. Kihara; K. Kodera; M. Shiraishi; Y. Kawamonzen; S. Nomura; T. Azuma
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A facile route for fabricating graphene nanoribbon array transistors using graphoepitaxy of a symmetric block copolymer
Author(s): Jonathan W. Choi; Myungwoong Kim; Nathaniel S. Safron; Eungnak Han; Michael S. Arnold; Padma Gopalan
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Direct comparison of the performance of commonly used e-beam resists during nano-scale plasma etching of Si, SiO2, and Cr
Author(s): Andy Goodyear; Monika Boettcher; Ines Stolberg; Mike Cooke
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A way to integrate multiple block layers for middle of line contact patterning
Author(s): E. Kunnen; S. Demuynck; M. Brouri; J. Boemmels; J. Versluijs; J. Ryckaert
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Synchronous pulsing plasma utilization in dummy poly gate removal process
Author(s): Ruixuan Huang; Xiao-Ying Meng; Qiu-Hua Han; Hai-Yang Zhang
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Characterization of the effect of etch process operating environment on the perfluoroelastomer chamber seal systems
Author(s): Chinchao Liu; Gary Reichl
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