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Eighth International Conference on Advanced Optical Materials and Devices (AOMD-8)
Editor(s): Janis Spigulis
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Volume Number: 9421
Date Published: 3 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9421
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photoelectric properties of GaAs p-n-junction under illumination of intense laser radiation
Author(s): S. Ašmontas; J. Gradauskas; A. Sužiedėlis; A. Šilėnas; V. Vaičikauskas; O. Žalys; G. Steikūnas; A. Steikūnienė
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Detection of microwave radiation on porous silicon nanostructures
Author(s): J. Gradauskas; J. Stupakova; A. Sužiedėlis; N. Samuoliene
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Kinetics of dielectric response in SBN-75 ceramics at infra-low frequencies under illumination
Author(s): K. Bormanis; A. I. Burkhanov; Luu Thi Nhan; M. Antonova; S. V. Mednikov
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Thermal and optical properties of 4H-pyran-4-ylidene fragment and bis-styryl and triphenyl groups containing derivatives
Author(s): Elmars Zarins; Aivars Vembris; Valdis Kokars; Martins Rutkis
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Nanomaterials: biological effects and some aspects of applications in ecology and agriculture
Author(s): Nickolaj F. Starodub; Kateryna E. Shavanova; Marina V. Taran; Andrey M. Katsev; Sergey L. Safronyuk; Roman V. Son’ko; Chiara Bisio; Matteo Guidotti
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Application of semiconductor and upconversion nanomaterials in cosmetics, coatings, and phantoms
Author(s): Alexey Popov; Alexander Bykov; Eugeny Khaydukov; Vladimir Semchishen; Krisztian Kordas; Valery Tuchin
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Recording and self-enhancement of dynamic polarization gratings in degenerate four-wave-mixing geometry
Author(s): A. Ozols; A. Belyaev; V. Kokars; P. Augustovs; K. Traskovskis; D. Saharov
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Formation of microstructures by selective wet-etching of amorphous As-S-Se thin films
Author(s): A. Bulanovs; J. Snikeris
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Controlled growth of well-aligned ZnO nanorod arrays by hydrothermal method
Author(s): I. Mihailova; V. Gerbreders; A. Bulanovs; E. Tamanis; E. Sledevskis; A. Ogurcovs; P. Sarajevs
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Formation of surface morphology of silicon solar cells by means of two-step photo-electrochemical etching and their characterization
Author(s): E. Shatkovskis; V. Zagadskij; A. Jukna; R. Boris; V. Antonovic; J. Stupakova; R. Mitkevicius; A. Baradinskaite; J. Keriene
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Dynamical study of thermal conductivity of nanostructured layers by use of the photoinduced transient thermoelectric effect
Author(s): N. Samuolienė; J. Gradauskas; A. Sužiedėlis; A. Maneikis; M. Treideris
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Low-intensity light detection methods for selected biophotonic applications
Author(s): M. Kinnunen; A. Karmenyan; A. Särkelä; E. Y. Dimova; T. Kietzmann
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Optical diagnostic method for benzene detection in air
Author(s): J. Alnis; G. Revalde; A. Vrublevskis; Z. Gavare
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Experimental demonstration and theoretical explanation of the efficiency of the nano-structured silicon as the transducer for optical immune biosensors
Author(s): Nickolaj F. Starodub; Nelya F. Slyshyk; Kateryna E. Shavanova; Andrij Karpyuk; Mykola M. Mel’nichenko; Anatolij V. Zherdev; Boris B. Dzantiev
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Spectroscopic studies of Tl containing high frequency electrodeless lamps
Author(s): M. Zinge; Z. Gavare; E. Gosko
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Validation of the solution method using Tikhonov regularization algorithm for spectral line diagnostics of microsize plasma
Author(s): Natalia Zorina; Gita Revalde; Atis Skudra
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Reflectance spectroscopy of pigmented cutaneous benign and malignant lesions
Author(s): E. Borisova; Al. Jeliazkova; E. Pavlova; P. Troyanova; T. Kundurdjiev; P. Pavlova; L. Avramov
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Mobile phone based laser speckle contrast imager for assessment of skin blood flow
Author(s): Dainis Jakovels; Inga Saknite; Gita Krievina; Janis Zaharans; Janis Spigulis
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Monitoring of temperature-mediated adipose tissue phase transitions by refractive-index measurements
Author(s): I. Yu. Yanina; A. P. Popov; A. V. Bykov; V. V. Tuchin
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Advanced glycation end products in hemodialysates as fluorescent and optical absorption markers of patients mortality
Author(s): A. Kuznetsov; A. Frorip; A. Maiste; M. Ots-Rosenberg; A. Sünter; J. Sablonin; J. Vasil'chenko
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Application of fluorescence spectroscopy and multispectral imaging for non-invasive estimation of GFP transfection efficiency
Author(s): M. Tamošiūnas; D. Jakovels; A. Ļihačovs; A. Kilikevičius; J. Baltušnikas; R. Kadikis; S. Šatkauskas
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Algorithms for skiascopy measurement automatization
Author(s): Sergejs Fomins; Renārs Trukša; Gunta Krūmiņa
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The influence of cosmetics on the properties of skin autofluorescence
Author(s): M. Tamošiūnas; I. Bertulytė; I. Rečiūnaitė; B. Jakštys; I. Šatkauskienė; K. Čepurnienė
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