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Visual Information Processing and Communication VI
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Volume Number: 9410
Date Published: 17 March 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9410
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A new robust method for two-dimensional inverse filtering
Author(s): Megan M. Fuller; Jae S. Lim
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Semi-blind deblurring images captured with an electronic rolling shutter mechanism
Author(s): Ruiwen Zhen; Robert L. Stevenson
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Video pre-processing with JND-based Gaussian filtering of superpixels
Author(s): Lei Ding; Ge Li; Ronggang Wang; Wenmin Wang
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Restoration of block-transform compressed images via homotopic regularized sparse reconstruction
Author(s): Jeffrey Glaister; Shahid A. Haider; Alexander Wong; David A. Clausi
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Rain detection and removal algorithm using motion-compensated non-local mean filter
Author(s): B. C. Song; S. J. Seo
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Exploiting perceptual redundancy in images
Author(s): Hongyi Liu; Zhenzhong Chen
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Predicting chroma from luma with frequency domain intra prediction
Author(s): Nathan E. Egge; Jean-Marc Valin
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Perceptual vector quantization for video coding
Author(s): Jean-Marc Valin; Timothy B. Terriberry
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Adaptive residual DPCM for lossless intra coding
Author(s): Xun Cai; Jae S. Lim
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Arithmetic coding with constrained carry operations
Author(s): Abo-Talib Mahfoodh; Amir Said; Sehoon Yea
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Adaptive motion compensation without blocking artifacts
Author(s): Timothy B. Terriberry
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Quality optimization of H.264/AVC video transmission over noisy environments using a sparse regression framework
Author(s): K. Pandremmenou; N. Tziortziotis; S. Paluri; Weiyu Q. Zhang; K. Blekas; L. P. Kondi; S. Kumar
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Game theoretic wireless resource allocation for H.264 MGS video transmission over cognitive radio networks
Author(s): Alexandros Fragkoulis; Lisimachos P. Kondi; Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos
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A novel framework for automatic trimap generation using the Gestalt laws of grouping
Author(s): Ahmad Al-Kabbany; Eric Dubois
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Efficient graph-cut tattoo segmentation
Author(s): Joonsoo Kim; Albert Parra; He Li; Edward J. Delp III
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Contourlet transform based human object tracking
Author(s): Manish Khare; Om Prakash; Rajneesh Kumar Srivastava; Ashish Khare
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Saliency-based artificial object detection for satellite images
Author(s): Shidong Ke; Xiaoying Ding; Daiqin Yang; Zhenzhong Chen; Yuming Fang
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Quantitative analysis on lossy compression in remote sensing image classification
Author(s): Yatong Xia; Zimeng Li; Zhenzhong Chen; Daiqin Yang
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Image completion using image skimming
Author(s): Ahmad Al-Kabbany; Eric Dubois
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A method for ultra fast searching within traffic filtering tables in networking hardware
Author(s): Sergey V. Makov; Vladimir I. Marchuk; Viacheslav V. Voronin; Vladimir A. Frantc; Victor A. Obukhovets
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Spatial resampling of IDR frames for low bitrate video coding with HEVC
Author(s): Brett Hosking; Dimitris Agrafiotis; David Bull; Nick Easton
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Speed-up keypoint mapping technique by multi-resolution and global information
Author(s): Wei Qiao; Yong Li; Hongbin Jin; Zhigang Wen
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Building reliable keypoint matches by a cascade of classifiers with resurrection mechanism
Author(s): Jing Jing; Yong Li; Chunxiao Fan; Wei Qiao; Hongbin Jin
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Automatic coloring to freehand line drawings online
Author(s): Saori Kurata; Hiroshi Mori; Fubito Toyama; Kenji Shoji
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Frameless representation and manipulation of image data
Author(s): Henry Gordon Dietz
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