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Media Watermarking, Security, and Forensics 2015
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Volume Number: 9409
Date Published: 7 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9409
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Exposing photo manipulation from user-guided 3D lighting analysis
Author(s): Tiago Carvalho; Hany Farid; Eric R. Kee
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Thinking beyond the block: block matching for copy-move forgery detection revisited
Author(s): Matthias Kirchner; Pascal Schoettle; Christian Riess
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The non-trusty clown attack on model-based speaker recognition systems
Author(s): Alireza Farrokh Baroughi; Scott Craver
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Automation and workflow considerations for embedding Digimarc Barcodes at scale
Author(s): Tony Rodriguez; Don Haaga Jr.; Sean Calhoon
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Watermarking spot colors in packaging
Author(s): Alastair Reed; Tomáš Filler; Kristyn Falkenstern; Yang Bai
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Scanning-time evaluation of Digimarc Barcode
Author(s): Rebecca Gerlach; Dan Pinard; Matt Weaver; Adnan Alattar
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Digimarc Discover on Google Glass
Author(s): Eliot Rogers; Tony F. Rodriguez; John Lord; Adnan Alattar
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Benford's Law based detection of latent fingerprint forgeries on the example of artificial sweat printed fingerprints captured by confocal laser scanning microscopes
Author(s): Mario Hildebrandt; Jana Dittmann
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Capturing latent fingerprints from metallic painted surfaces using UV-VIS spectroscope
Author(s): Andrey Makrushin; Tobias Scheidat; Claus Vielhauer
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Comparative study of minutiae selection algorithms for ISO fingerprint templates
Author(s): B. Vibert; C. Charrier; J.-M. Le Bars; C. Rosenberger
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Detection of latent fingerprints using high-resolution 3D confocal microscopy in non-planar acquisition scenarios
Author(s): Stefan Kirst; Claus Vielhauer
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Benchmarking contactless acquisition sensor reproducibility for latent fingerprint trace evidence
Author(s): Mario Hildebrandt; Jana Dittmann
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Design of a steganographic virtual operating system
Author(s): Elan Ashendorf; Scott Craver
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Content-adaptive pentary steganography using the multivariate generalized Gaussian cover model
Author(s): Vahid Sedighi; Jessica Fridrich; Remi Cogranne
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Towards dependable steganalysis
Author(s): Tomáš Pevný; Andrew D. Ker
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Deep learning for steganalysis via convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Yinlong Qian; Jing Dong; Wei Wang; Tieniu Tan
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Counter-forensics in machine learning based forgery detection
Author(s): Francesco Marra; Giovanni Poggi; Fabio Roli; Carlo Sansone; Luisa Verdoliva
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Anti-forensics of chromatic aberration
Author(s): Owen Mayer; Matthew C. Stamm
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Recent advances in counter PRNU based source attribution and beyond
Author(s): Ahmet Karaküҫük; Ahmet E. Dirik; Hüsrev T. Sencar; Nasir D. Memon
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Disparity estimation and disparity-coherent watermarking
Author(s): Hasan Sheikh Faridul; Gwenaël Doërr; Séverine Baudry
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Estimating synchronization signal phase
Author(s): Robert G. Lyons; John D. Lord
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Mobile visual object identification: from SIFT-BoF-RANSAC to Sketchprint
Author(s): Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy; Maurits Diephuis; Taras Holotyak
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Analysis of optically variable devices using a photometric light-field approach
Author(s): Daniel Soukup; Svorad Štolc; Reinhold Huber-Mörk
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Phase-aware projection model for steganalysis of JPEG images
Author(s): Vojtěch Holub; Jessica Fridrich
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JPEG quantization table mismatched steganalysis via robust discriminative feature transformation
Author(s): Likai Zeng; Xiangwei Kong; Ming Li; Yanqing Guo
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CFA-aware features for steganalysis of color images
Author(s): Miroslav Goljan; Jessica Fridrich
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Steganalysis of overlapping images
Author(s): James M. Whitaker; Andrew D. Ker
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