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Image Processing: Machine Vision Applications VIII
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Volume Number: 9405
Date Published: 3 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9405
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multiple object detection in hyperspectral imagery using spectral fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator
Author(s): Paheding Sidike; Vijayan K. Asari; Mohammad S. Alam
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Dynamic hierarchical algorithm for accelerated microfossil identification
Author(s): Cindy M. Wong; Dileepan Joseph
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Monitoring Arctic landscape variation by pole and kite mounted cameras
Author(s): Ruşen Öktem; Baptiste Dafflon; John E. Peterson; Susan S. Hubbard
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Hyperspectral imaging using a color camera and its application for pathogen detection
Author(s): Seung-Chul Yoon; Tae-Sung Shin; Gerald W. Heitschmidt; Kurt C. Lawrence; Bosoon Park; Gary Gamble
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Fast face recognition by using an inverted index
Author(s): Christian Herrmann; Jürgen Beyerer
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Advanced colour processing for mobile devices
Author(s): Eugen Gillich; Helene Dörksen; Volker Lohweg
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Image calibration and registration in cone-beam computed tomogram for measuring the accuracy of computer-aided implant surgery
Author(s): Walter Y. H. Lam; Henry Y. T. Ngan; Peter Y. P. Wat; Henry W. K. Luk; Tazuko K. Goto; Edmond H. N. Pow
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Depth-map and albedo estimation with superior information-theoretic performance
Author(s): Adam P. Harrison; Dileepan Joseph
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Shot boundary detection and label propagation for spatio-temporal video segmentation
Author(s): Sankaranaryanan Piramanayagam; Eli Saber; Nathan D. Cahill; David Messinger
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An edge-from-focus approach to 3D inspection and metrology
Author(s): Fuqin Deng; Jia Chen; Jianyang Liu; Zhijun Zhang; Jiangwen Deng; Kenneth S. M. Fung; Edmund Y. Lam
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Improved metrology of implant lines on static images of textured silicon wafers using line integral method
Author(s): Kuldeep Shah; Eli Saber; Kevin Verrier
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Multispectral imaging: an application to density measurement of photographic paper in the manufacturing process control
Author(s): Raju Shrestha; Jon Yngve Hardeberg
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Self-calibration of monocular vision system based on planar points
Author(s): Yu Zhao; Lichao Xu
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A comparative study of outlier detection for large-scale traffic data by one-class SVM and kernel density estimation
Author(s): Henry Y. T. Ngan; Nelson H. C. Yung; Anthony G. O. Yeh
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Image-based dynamic deformation monitoring of civil engineering structures from long ranges
Author(s): Matthias Ehrhart; Werner Lienhart
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Building and road detection from large aerial imagery
Author(s): Shunta Saito; Yoshimitsu Aoki
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Segmentation and learning in the quantitative analysis of microscopy images
Author(s): Christy Ruggiero; Amy Ross; Reid Porter
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Camera-based forecasting of insolation for solar systems
Author(s): Daniel Manger; Frank Pagel
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3D barcodes: theoretical aspects and practical implementation
Author(s): David Gladstein; Ramakrishna Kakarala; Zachi Baharav
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Still-to-video face recognition in unconstrained environments
Author(s): Haoyu Wang; Changsong Liu; Xiaoqing Ding
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Realistic texture extraction for 3D face models robust to self-occlusion
Author(s): Chengchao Qu; Eduardo Monari; Tobias Schuchert; Jürgen Beyerer
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Context-based handover of persons in crowd and riot scenarios
Author(s): Jürgen Metzler
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3D motion artifact compenstation in CT image with depth camera
Author(s): Youngjun Ko; Jongduk Baek; Hyunjung Shim
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Human action classification using procrustes shape theory
Author(s): Wanhyun Cho; Sangkyoon Kim; Soonyoung Park; Myungeun Lee
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Understanding video transmission decisions in cloud based computer vision services
Author(s): Nijad Anabtawi; Rony M. Ferzli
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An auto focus framework for computer vision systems
Author(s): Nijad Anabtawi; Rony M. Ferzli
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Innovative hyperspectral imaging (HSI) based techniques applied to end-of-life concrete drill core characterization for optimal dismantling and materials recovery
Author(s): Giuseppe Bonifazi; Nicoletta Picone; Silvia Serranti
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Localizing people in crosswalks with a moving handheld camera: proof of concept
Author(s): Marc Lalonde; Claude Chapdelaine; Samuel Foucher
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Fused methods for visual saliency estimation
Author(s): Amanda S. Danko; Siwei Lyu
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Classification of hyperspectral images based on conditional random fields
Author(s): Yang Hu; Eli Saber; Sildomar Monteiro; Nathan D. Cahill; David W. Messinger
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Pro and con of using Gencam based standard interfaces (GEV, U3V, CXP and CLHS) in a camera or image processing design
Author(s): Werner Feith
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Geological applications of machine learning on hyperspectral remote sensing data
Author(s): C. H. Tse; Yi-liang Li; Edmund Y. Lam
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