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Document Recognition and Retrieval XXII
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Volume Number: 9402
Date Published: 14 January 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9402
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ground truth model, tool, and dataset for layout analysis of historical documents
Author(s): Kai Chen; Mathias Seuret; Hao Wei; Marcus Liwicki; Jean Hennebert; Rolf Ingold
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Use of SLIC superpixels for ancient document image enhancement and segmentation
Author(s): Maroua Mehri; Nabil Sliti; Pierre Héroux; Petra Gomez-Krämer; Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara; Rémy Mullot
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Software workflow for the automatic tagging of medieval manuscript images (SWATI)
Author(s): Swati Chandna; Danah Tonne; Thomas Jejkal; Rainer Stotzka; Celia Krause; Philipp Vanscheidt; Hannah Busch; Ajinkya Prabhune
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Math expression retrieval using an inverted index over symbol pairs
Author(s): David Stalnaker; Richard Zanibbi
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Min-cut segmentation of cursive handwriting in tabular documents
Author(s): Brian L. Davis; William A. Barrett; Scott D. Swingle
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Cross-reference identification within a PDF document
Author(s): Sida Li; Liangcai Gao; Zhi Tang; Yinyan Yu
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Intelligent indexing: a semi-automated, trainable system for field labeling
Author(s): Robert Clawson; William Barrett
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Re-typograph phase I: a proof-of-concept for typeface parameter extraction from historical documents
Author(s): Bart Lamiroy; Thomas Bouville; Julien Blégean; Hongliu Cao; Salah Ghamizi; Romain Houpin; Matthias Lloyd
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Clustering of Farsi sub-word images for whole-book recognition
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Soheili; Ehsanollah Kabir; Didier Stricker
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Gaussian process style transfer mapping for historical Chinese character recognition
Author(s): Jixiong Feng; Liangrui Peng; Franck Lebourgeois
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Boost OCR accuracy using iVector based system combination approach
Author(s): Xujun Peng; Huaigu Cao; Prem Natarajan
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Exploring multiple feature combination strategies with a recurrent neural network architecture for off-line handwriting recognition
Author(s): L. Mioulet; G. Bideault; C. Chatelain; T. Paquet; S. Brunessaux
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Spotting handwritten words and REGEX using a two stage BLSTM-HMM architecture
Author(s): Gautier Bideault; Luc Mioulet; Clément Chatelain; Thierry Paquet
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A comparison of 1D and 2D LSTM architectures for the recognition of handwritten Arabic
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Yousefi; Mohammad Reza Soheili; Thomas M. Breuel; Didier Stricker
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Aligning transcript of historical documents using dynamic programming
Author(s): Irina Rabaev; Rafi Cohen; Jihad El-Sana; Klara Kedem
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Offline handwritten word recognition using MQDF-HMMs
Author(s): Sitaram Ramachandrula; Mangesh Hambarde; Ajay Patial; Dushyant Sahoo; Shaivi Kochar
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Separation of text and background regions for high performance document image compression
Author(s): Wei Fan; Jun Sun; Satoshi Naoi
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Metric-based no-reference quality assessment of heterogeneous document images
Author(s): Nibal Nayef; Jean-Marc Ogier
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Clustering header categories extracted from web tables
Author(s): George Nagy; David W. Embley; Mukkai Krishnamoorthy; Sharad Seth
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A diagram retrieval method with multi-label learning
Author(s): Songping Fu; Xiaoqing Lu; Lu Liu; Jingwei Qu; Zhi Tang
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Detection of electrical circuit elements from documents images
Author(s): Paramita De; Sekhar Mandal; Amit Das; Bhabatosh Chanda
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Missing value imputation: with application to handwriting data
Author(s): Zhen Xu; Sargur N. Srihari
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