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Measuring, Modeling, and Reproducing Material Appearance 2015
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Volume Number: 9398
Date Published: 14 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9398
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Imaging artwork in a studio environment for computer graphics rendering
Author(s): Brittany D. Cox; Roy S. Berns
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Predictive rendering of composite materials: a multi-scale approach
Author(s): T. Muller; Patrick Callet; F. da Graça; A. Paljic; P. Porral; R. Hoarau
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Estimating reflectance property from multi-focus images by light field camera and its application
Author(s): Norimichi Tsumura; Kaori Baba; Shoji Yamamoto; Masao Sambongi
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Experiments with a low-cost system for computer graphics material model acquisition
Author(s): Holly Rushmeier; Yitzhak Lockerman; Luke Cartwright; David Pitera
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BTF Potts compound texture model
Author(s): Michal Haindl; Václav Reměs; Vojtěch Havlíček
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Statistical analysis of bidirectional reflectance distribution functions
Author(s): Carlos J. Zubiaga; Laurent Belcour; Carles Bosch; Adolfo Muñoz; Pascal Barla
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Principal component analysis for surface reflection components and structure in the facial image and synthesis of the facial image in various ages
Author(s): Misa Hirose; Saori Toyota; Nobutoshi Ojima; Keiko Ogawa-Ochiai; Norimichi Tsumura
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Extrapolation of bidirectional texture functions using texture synthesis guided by photometric normals
Author(s): Heinz C. Steinhausen; Rodrigo Martín; Dennis den Brok; Matthias B. Hullin; Reinhard Klein
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Metrological issues related to BRDF measurements around the specular direction in the particular case of glossy surfaces
Author(s): Gaël Obein; Jan Audenaert; Guillaume Ged; Frédéric B. Leloup
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Upgrade of goniospectrophtometer GEFE for near-field scattering and fluorescence radiance measurements
Author(s): Berta Bernad; Alejandro Ferrero; Alicia Pons; M. Luisa Hernanz; Joaquín Campos Acosta
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Multiplexed acquisition of bidirectional texture functions for materials
Author(s): Dennis den Brok; Heinz C. Steinhausen; Matthias B. Hullin; Reinhard Klein
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An abridged goniometer for material appearance measurements
Author(s): Adria Fores; Mark D. Fairchild; Ingeborg Tastl
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New generation of Fourier optics instruments for fast multispectral BRDF characterization
Author(s): Pierre Boher; Thierry Leroux; Véronique Collomb-Patton; Thibault Bignon
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Color calibration of an RGB digital camera for the microscopic observation of highly specular materials
Author(s): Juan Martínez-García; Mathieu Hébert; Alain Trémeau
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An image-based multi-directional reflectance measurement setup for flexible objects
Author(s): Aditya S. Sole; Ivar Farup; Shoji Tominaga
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Extended visual appearance texture features
Author(s): Simon-Frédéric Désage; Gilles Pitard; Maurice Pillet; Hugues Favrelière; Jean-Luc Maire; Fabrice Frelin; Serge Samper; Gaëtan Le Goïc
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Goniochromatic difference between effect coatings: Is the whole more than the sum of its parts?
Author(s): Jana Blahová; Eric J. J. Kirchner; Niels Dekker; Marcel P. Lucassen; Lan Njo; Ivo van der Lans; Philipp Urban; Rafael Huertas
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Visual comparison testing of automotive paint simulation
Author(s): Gary Meyer; Hua-Tzu Fan; Christopher Seubert; Curtis Evey; Jan Meseth; Ryan Schnackenberg
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Goniometric and colorimetric properties of paints and varnish
Author(s): P. Iacomussi; M. Radis; G. Rossi
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Goniochromatic and sparkle properties of effect pigmented samples in multidimensional configuration
Author(s): Andreas Höpe; Kai-Olaf Hauer; Sven Teichert; Dirk Hünerhoff; Christian Strothkämper
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Anisotropic materials appearance analysis using ellipsoidal mirror
Author(s): Jiří Filip; Radomír Vávra
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Changing the color of textiles with realistic visual rendering
Author(s): Mathieu Hébert; Lambert Henckens; Justine Barbier; Lucie Leboulleux; Marine Page; Lucie Roujas; Anthony Cazier
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3D printed glass: surface finish and bulk properties as a function of the printing process
Author(s): Susanne Klein; Michael P. Avery; Robert Richardson; Paul Bartlett; Regina Frei; Steven Simske
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Color-managed 3D printing with highly translucent printing materials
Author(s): Can Ates Arikan; Alan Brunton; Tejas Madan Tanksale; Philipp Urban
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Towards gloss control in fine art reproduction
Author(s): Teun Baar; Hans Brettel; Maria V. Ortiz Segovia
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Exploring the bronzing effect at the surface of ink layers
Author(s): Mathieu Hébert; Maxime Mallet; Alexis Deboos; Pierre Chavel; Deng-Feng Kuang; Jean-Paul Hugonin; Mondher Besbes; Anthony Cazier
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Controlling colour-printed gloss by varnish-halftones
Author(s): Sepideh Samadzadegan; Teun Baar; Philipp Urban; Maria V. Ortiz Segovia; Jana Blahová
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Reproducing oil paint gloss in print for the purpose of creating reproductions of Old Masters
Author(s): Willemijn S. Elkhuizen; Boris A. J. Lenseigne; Teun Baar; Wim Verhofstad; Erik Tempelman; Jo M. P. Geraedts; Joris Dik
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3D printing awareness: the future of making things
Author(s): Fabrizio Valpreda
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An image-based multi-directional reflectance measurement setup for flexible objects (Erratum)
Author(s): Aditya S. Sole; Ivar Farup; Shoji Tominaga
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