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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXVI
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Volume Number: 9391
Date Published: 10 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9391
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Enhancement of the effective viewing window for holographic display with amplitude-only SLM
Author(s): Geeyoung Sung; Jungkwuen An; Hong-Seok Lee; Sunil Kim; Hoon Song; Juwon Seo; Hojung Kim; Wontaek Seo; Chil-Sung Choi; U-in Chung
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A full-parallax 3D display with restricted viewing zone tracking viewer's eye
Author(s): Naoto Beppu; Tomohiro Yendo
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3D UHDTV contents production with 2/3-inch sensor cameras
Author(s): Alaric Hamacher; Sunil Pardeshi; Taeg-Keun Whangboo; Sang-Il Kim; Seung-Hyun Lee
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Integral three-dimensional capture system with enhanced viewing angle by using camera array
Author(s): Masato Miura; Naoto Okaichi; Jun Arai; Tomoyuki Mishina
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A stereoscopic lens for digital cinema cameras
Author(s): Lenny Lipton; John Rupkalvis
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A novel optical design for light field acquisition using camera array
Author(s): Mei Zhang; Zheng Geng; Zhaoxing Zhang; Xuan Cao
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Real-time viewpoint image synthesis using strips of multi-camera images
Author(s): Munekazu Date; Hideaki Takada; Akira Kojima
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Interactive stereo games to improve vision in children with amblyopia using dichoptic stimulation
Author(s): Nicola Herbison; Isabel M. Ash; Daisy MacKeith; Anthony Vivian; Jonathan H. Purdy; Apostolos Fakis; Sue V. Cobb; Trish Hepburn; Richard M. Eastgate; Richard M. Gregson; Alexander J. E. Foss
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Visual perception and stereoscopic imaging: an artist's perspective
Author(s): Steve Mason
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Assessing the benefits of stereoscopic displays to visual search: methodology and initial findings
Author(s): Hayward J. Godwin; Nick S. Holliman; Tamaryn Menneer; Simon P. Liversedge; Kyle R. Cave; Nicholas Donnelly
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Small form factor full parallax tiled light field display
Author(s): Zahir Y. Alpaslan; Hussein S. El-Ghoroury
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Load-balancing multi-LCD light field display
Author(s): Xuan Cao; Zheng Geng; Mei Zhang; Xiao Zhang
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Light field display simulation for light field quality assessment
Author(s): Rie Matsubara; Zahir Y. Alpaslan; Hussein S. El-Ghoroury
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Integration of real-time 3D capture, reconstruction, and light-field display
Author(s): Zhaoxing Zhang; Zheng Geng; Tuotuo Li; Renjing Pei; Yongchun Liu; Xiao Zhang
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A large 1D retroreflective autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Quinn Y. J. Smithwick; Nicola Ranieri
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Dual side transparent OLED 3D display using Gabor super-lens
Author(s): Sergey Chestak; Dae-Sik Kim; Sung-Woo Cho
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360-degree three-dimensional flat panel display using holographic optical elements
Author(s): Hirofumi Yabu; Yusuke Takeuchi; Kayo Yoshimoto; Hideya Takahashi; Kenji Yamada
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What is stereoscopic vision good for?
Author(s): Jenny C. A. Read
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Subjective contrast sensitivity function assessment in stereoscopic viewing of Gabor patches
Author(s): Johanna Rousson; Jérémy Haar; Ljiljana Platiša; Bastian Piepers; Tom R. Kimpe; Wilfried Philips
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An objective method for 3D quality prediction using visual annoyance and acceptability level
Author(s): Darya Khaustova; Jérôme Fournier; Emmanuel Wyckens; Olivier Le Meur
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Disparity modification in stereoscopic images for emotional enhancement
Author(s): Takashi Kawai; Daiki Atsuta; Sanghyun Kim; Jukka Häkkinen
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Preference for motion and depth in 3D film
Author(s): Brittney Hartle; Arthur Lugtigheid; Ali Kazimi; Robert S. Allison; Laurie M. Wilcox
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Effects of blurring and vertical misalignment on visual fatigue of stereoscopic displays
Author(s): Sangwook Baek; Chulhee Lee
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Subjective and objective evaluation of visual fatigue on viewing 3D display continuously
Author(s): Danli Wang; Yaohua Xie; Xinpan Yang; Yang Lu; Anxiang Guo
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Study of objective evaluation indicators of 3D visual fatigue based on RDS related tasks
Author(s): Yi Huang; Yue Liu; Bochao Zou; Yongtian Wang; Dewen Cheng
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Multi-view stereo image synthesis using binocular symmetry-based global optimization
Author(s): Hak Gu Kim; Yong Ju Jung; Soo Sung Yoon; Yong Man Ro
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Depth assisted compression of full parallax light fields
Author(s): Danillo B. Graziosi; Zahir Y. Alpaslan; Hussein S. El-Ghoroury
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A 3D mosaic algorithm using disparity map
Author(s): Bo Yu; Hideki Kakeya
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Data conversion from multi-view cameras to layered light field display for aliasing-free 3D visualization
Author(s): Toyohiro Saito; Keita Takahashi; Mehrdad Panahpour Tehrani; Toshiaki Fujii
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A new type of multiview display
Author(s): Silvio Jurk; Mathias Kuhlmey; René de la Barré
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Compact multi-projection 3D display using a wedge prism
Author(s): Soon-gi Park; Chang-Kun Lee; Byoungho Lee
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Integral 3D display using multiple LCDs
Author(s): Naoto Okaichi; Masato Miura; Jun Arai; Tomoyuki Mishina
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A super multi-view display with small viewing zone tracking using directional backlight
Author(s): Jin Miyazaki; Tomohiro Yendo
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Real object-based 360-degree integral-floating display using multiple depth camera
Author(s): Munkh-Uchral Erdenebat; Erkhembaatar Dashdavaa; Ki-Chul Kwon; Hui-Ying Wu; Kwan-Hee Yoo; Young-Seok Kim; Nam Kim
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Multi-layer 3D imaging using a few viewpoint images and depth map
Author(s): Hidetsugu Suginohara; Hirotaka Sakamoto; Satoshi Yamanaka; Shiro Suyama; Hirotsugu Yamamoto
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Evaluation of vision training using 3D play game
Author(s): Jung-Ho Kim; Soon-Chul Kwon; Kwang-Chul Son; Seung-Hyun Lee
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Partially converted stereoscopic images and the effects on visual attention and memory
Author(s): Sanghyun Kim; Hiroyuki Morikawa; Reiko Mitsuya; Takashi Kawai; Katsumi Watanabe
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Enhancement of viewing angle with homogenized brightness for autostereoscopic display with lens-based directional backlight
Author(s): T. Mukai; H. Kakeya
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Effect of Petzval curvature on integral imaging display
Author(s): Ganbat Baasantseren; Densmaa Batbayr; Lodoiravsal Choimaa
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Free-viewpoint video synthesis from mixed resolution multi-view images and low resolution depth maps
Author(s): Takaaki Emori; Mehrdad Panahpour Tehrani; Keita Takahashi; Toshiaki Fujii
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Formalizing the potential of stereoscopic 3D user experience in interactive entertainment
Author(s): Jonas Schild; Maic Masuch
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Usability of stereoscopic view in teleoperation
Author(s): Wutthigrai Boonsuk
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Dynamic mapping for multiview autostereoscopic displays
Author(s): Jing Liu; Tom Malzbender; Siyang Qin; Bipeng Zhang; Che-An Wu; James Davis
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