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MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems XIV
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Volume Number: 9375
Date Published: 26 March 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9375
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hybrid assembled micro scanner array with large aperture and their system integration for a 3D ToF laser camera
Author(s): Thilo Sandner; Claudia Baulig; Thomas Grasshoff; Michael Wildenhain; Markus Schwarzenberg; Hans-Georg Dahlmann; Stefan Schwarzer
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MEMS scanner mirror based system for retina scanning and in eye projection
Author(s): Franziska Woittennek; Jens Knobbe; Tino Pügner; Hans-Georg Dallmann; Uwe Schelinski; Heinrich Grüger
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Rotational MEMS mirror with latching arm for silicon photonics
Author(s): Jonathan Brière; Philippe-Olivier Beaulieu; Menouer Saidani; Frederic Nabki; Michael Menard
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Centimeter-scale MEMS scanning mirrors for high power laser application
Author(s): F. Senger; U. Hofmann; Thomas von Wantoch; C. Mallas; J. Janes; W. Benecke; Patrick Herwig; P. Gawlitza; Moises A. Ortega Delgado; C. Grune; J. Hannweber; A. Wetzig
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High brightness MEMS mirror based head-up display (HUD) modules with wireless data streaming capability
Author(s): Veljko Milanovic; Abhishek Kasturi; Volker Hachtel
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A study of integrated position sensors for PZT resonant micromirrors
Author(s): S. Gu-Stoppel; H. J. Quenzer; Felix Heinrich; J. Janes; W. Benecke
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2D tilting MEMS micro mirror integrating a piezoresistive sensor position feedback
Author(s): S. Lani; Dara Z. Bayat; M. Despont
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Spatially resolved contrast measurement of diffractive micromirror arrays
Author(s): Cornelius Sicker; Jörg Heber; Dirk Berndt; Florian Rückerl; Jean-Yves Tinevez; Spencer Shorte; Michael Wagner; Harald Schenk
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Image based wavefront compensation with deformable mirror for small satellite remote sensing
Author(s): Norihide Miyamura
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Advanced MEMS spectral sensor for the NIR
Author(s): Jarkko E. Antila; Uula Kantojärvi; Jussi Mäkynen; Matti Tammi; Janne Suhonen
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Far infrared microbolometers for radiometric measurements of ice cloud
Author(s): Linh Ngo Phong; Christian Proulx; El-Hassane Oulachgar; François Châteauneuf
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Compact MEMS mirror based Q-switch module for pulse-on-demand laser range finders
Author(s): Veljko Milanović; Abhishek Kasturi; Bryan Atwood; Yu Su; Kevin Limkrailassiri; John E. Nettleton; Lew Goldberg; Brian J. Cole; Nathaniel Hough
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Tuning mechanical resonant frequencies of nanoelectromechanical systems with light
Author(s): Feng Tian; Guangya Zhou; Fook Siong Chau; Jie Deng
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Large-aperture MOEMS Fabry-Perot interferometer for miniaturized spectral imagers
Author(s): Anna Rissanen; Andreas Langner; Kai H. Viherkanto; Rami Mannila
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Large size MOEMS Fabry-Perot interferometer filter for focal plane array hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): J. Chee; J. Hwu; T. S. Kim; J. Kubby; S. Velicu; N. Gupta
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Technological platform for vertical multi-wafer integration of miniature imaging instruments
Author(s): S. Bargiel; M. Baranski; N. Passilly; C. Gorecki; M. Wiemer; J. Frömel; D. Wünsch; W. -S. Wang
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A biaxial PZT optical scanner for pico-projector applications
Author(s): K. Ikegami; T. Koyama; T. Saito; Y. Yasuda; H. Toshiyoshi
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CMOS compatible fabrication of 3D photonic crystals by nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): M. Eibelhuber; T. Uhrmann; T. Glinsner
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Piezoelectrically driven translatory optical MEMS actuator with 7mm apertures and large displacements
Author(s): H.- J. Quenzer; S. Gu-Stoppel; F. Stoppel; J. Janes; U. Hofmann; W. Benecke
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Multi-wafer bonding technology for the integration of a micromachined Mirau interferometer
Author(s): Wei-Shan Wang; Justine Lullin; Joerg Froemel; Maik Wiemer; Sylwester Bargiel; Nicolas Passilly; Christophe Gorecki; Thomas Gessner
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Tunable optical buffer based on III-V MEMS design
Author(s): Wing H. Ng; Nina Podoliak; Peter Horak; Jiang Wu; Huiyun Liu; William J. Stewart; Anthony J. Kenyon
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Integrated packaging of 2D MOEMS mirrors with optical position feedback
Author(s): Marcus Baumgart; M. Lenzhofer; M. P. Kremer; A. Tortschanoff
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Improvement of Varioptic's liquid lens based on electrowetting: how to obtain a short response time and its application in the design of a high resolution iris biometric system
Author(s): Benjamin Burger; Serge C. Meimon; Cyril Petit; Minh Chau Nguyen
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Volume refractometry of liquids using stable optofluidic Fabry-Pérot resonator with curved surfaces
Author(s): Noha Gaber; Yuto Takemura; Maurine Malak; Frédéric Marty; Diaa Khalil; Dan Angelescu; Elodie Richalot; Tarik Bourouina
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Fiber-coupled Fabry-Pérot notch filter combining in-plane axis, high speed MEMS tunability and large etching depth
Author(s): Yasser M. Sabry; Yomna M. Eltagoury; Ahmed Shebl; Mostafa Soliman; Diaa Khalil
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MEMS-based frequency modulation of fiber ring laser
Author(s): Kamal Khalil; Khaled Hassan; Ahmed Shebl; Mostafa Soliman; Fares Al-Arifi; Mohammed Al-Otaibi; Yomna M. Eltagoury; Yasser M. Sabry; Diaa Khalil
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Large MOEMS diffraction grating results providing an EC-QCL wavelength scan of 20%
Author(s): Jan Grahmann; André Merten; Andreas Herrmann; Ralf Ostendorf; Daniela Bleh; Christian Drabe; Jörg Kamenz
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Resonant micro optic gyro using tens of centimeters long optical fiber coil
Author(s): Huilian Ma; Jianjie Zhang; Linglan Wang; Zhonghe Jin
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Modeling and simulations of new electrostatically driven, bimorph actuator for high beam steering micromirror deflection angles
Author(s): John P. Walton; Ronald A. Coutu Jr.; LaVern Starman
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Mechanical analysis and optimal design of a new kind of spherical mobile robot with two modes of locomotion
Author(s): Hanxu Sun; Wei Zhao; Ping Sun
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Optical metrology of AlN piezomachined ultrasonic transducer arrays and piezopumps
Author(s): Mateusz Mądzik; Inas Taha; Raquel Flores; Ricardo Janeiro; Jaime Viegas
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