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Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures V
Editor(s): Ali Adibi; Shawn-Yu Lin; Axel Scherer
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Volume Number: 9371
Date Published: 17 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9371
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tunable and quantum metaphotonics (Presentation Video)
Author(s): Harry A. Atwater Jr.
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Strategies for optical integration of single-photon sources
Author(s): Oliver Benson; Andreas W. Schell; Tanja Neumer; Qiang Shi; Johannes Kaschke; Joachim Fischer; Martin Wegener
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Polarization sensitive beam bending using a spatially variant photonic crystal
Author(s): Jennefir L. Digaum; Javier Pazos; Raymond Rumpf; Jeff Chiles; Sasan Fathpour; Jeremy N. Thomas; Stephen M. Kuebler
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The circular Bragg phenomenon for oblique incidence
Author(s): Sema Erten; Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Greg D. Barber
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Introducing high-quality planar defects into colloidal crystals via self-assembly at the air/water interface
Author(s): Kuo Zhong; Pieter-Jan Demeyer; Xingping Zhou; Olga Kruglova; Niels Verellen; Victor V. Moshchalkov; Kai Song; Koen Clays
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L-shaped metallic antenna for linear polarization conversion in reflection
Author(s): Patrick Bouchon; Quentin Lévesque; Mathilde Makhsiyan; Fabrice Pardo; Julien Jaeck; Riad Haïdar; Jean-Luc Pelouard
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Genetic algorithm for true negative index in plasmonic metamaterials
Author(s): Ian A. Goforth; Daniel B. Fullager; Hossein Alisafaee; Michael A. Fiddy
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Quality-factor enhancement of Fano resonance in asymmetric-double-bar metamaterials by alternately arranging inversed unit cells in the optical region
Author(s): Yuto Moritake; Yoshiaki Kanamori; Kazuhiro Hane
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Epsilon near zero metamaterials for ultra-low power nonlinear applications
Author(s): Monika Pietrzyk; Rishad Kaipurath; Daniele Faccio; Andrea Di Falco
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Advanced application of flexible metamaterials at visible frequencies
Author(s): Blair Kirkpatrick; Peter Reader-Harris; Yufang Shen; Jingzhi Wu; Andrea Di Falco
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Paraxial ray optics cloaking
Author(s): Joseph S. Choi; John C. Howell
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Sub-wavelength confinement of the orbital angular momentum of light probed by plasmonic nanoantennae resonances
Author(s): M. Carli; P. Zilio; D. Garoli; V. Giorgis; G. Ruffato; F. Romanato
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Controlling surface plasmon propagation by tilted optical beams incident on a 1D grating
Author(s): Doron Bar-Lev; Itai Epstein; Ady Arie; Jacob Scheuer
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Dispersion analysis and engineering in TiN 2D plasmonic waveguides
Author(s): Hosam Mekawey; Yehea Ismail; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Linear and non-linear response of lithographically defined plasmonic nanoantennas
Author(s): K. Schraml; M. Kaniber; J. Bartl; G. Glashagen; A. Regler; T. Campbell; J. J. Finley
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Shaping plasmonic light beams with near-field plasmonic holograms
Author(s): Itai Epstein; Ady Arie
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Extremely high near field enhancement in a novel plasmonic nano material used for photovoltage generation
Author(s): Debadrita Paria; Kallol Roy; Shishir Kumar; Haobijam Johnson Singh; Srinivasan Raghavan; Arindam Ghosh; Ambarish Ghosh
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Control of the magnetization dynamics in patterned nanostructures with magnetoelastic coupling
Author(s): Yu Yahagi; Bruce Harteneck; Stefano Cabrini; Holger Schmidt
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Cylindrical and spherical space equivalents to the plane wave expansion technique of Maxwell's wave equations
Author(s): Robert C. Gauthier; Mohammed A. Alzahrani; Seyed Hamed Jafari
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Spherical space Bessel-Legendre-Fourier mode solver for Maxwell's wave equations
Author(s): Mohammed A. Alzahrani; Robert C. Gauthier
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Cross-slot waveguide Bragg grating
Author(s): Matthieu Roussey; Petri Stenberg; Arijit Bera; Somnath Paul; Jani Tervo; Markku Kuittinen; Seppo Honkanen
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Optical biosensor based on silicon nanowire ridge waveguide
Author(s): Rania Gamal; Yehia Ismail; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Application of Fourier-Bessel technique for computing Eigen-states in a Bragg cylindrical space slot channel waveguide
Author(s): Seyed Hamed Jafari; Robert C. Gauthier
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Determination of the enhanced excitation rate of quantum dots mediated by Bloch-like surface plasmon polaritons
Author(s): M. Lin; Z. L. Cao; H. C. Ong
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Optical structure based on the acoustic Helmholtz resonator
Author(s): Paul Chevalier; Patrick Bouchon; Jean-Luc Pelouard; Fabrice Pardo; Riad Haidar
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Nonlinear light interaction in an array of dielectric subwavelength waveguides
Author(s): G. Mendoza González; J. M. Muñoz Pacheco; Erwin A. Martí Panameño
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Numerical and experimental investigation of plasmonic properties of silver nanocrescent structures for sensing applications
Author(s): Ahmed Abumazwed; A. G. Kirk; W. Kubo; Takuo Tanaka
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Design of water molecule and its surrounding
Author(s): R. I. Danylo; B. A. Okhrimenko; K. S. Yablochkova
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