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Terahertz, RF, Millimeter, and Submillimeter-Wave Technology and Applications VIII
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Volume Number: 9362
Date Published: 4 May 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9362
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Numerical studies of supercontinuum generation based on quasi-rectangle wave pumping
Author(s): Tonghui Liu; Dongfang Jia; Ying Liu; Zhaoying Wang; Tianxin Yang
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Incoherent sub-terahertz radiation source with a photomixer array for active imaging in smoky environments
Author(s): Naofumi Shimizu; Ken Matsuyama; Hidetake Uchida
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Photoconductive materials for THz generation at 1550 nm: ErAs:GaAs vs InGaAs based materials
Author(s): Matthieu Martin; Elliott R. Brown
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Terahertz wavefront assessment based on 2D electro-optic imaging
Author(s): Harsono Cahyadi; Ryuji Ichikawa; Jérôme Degert; Eric Freysz; Takeshi Yasui; Emmanuel Abraham
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Preliminary results of non-contact THz imaging of cornea
Author(s): Shijun Sung; James Garritano; Neha Bajwa; Sophie Deng; Jean-Pierre Hubschman; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.; Zachary D. Taylor
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Flexible waveguide enabled single-channel terahertz endoscopic system
Author(s): Pallavi Doradla; Karim Alavi; Cecil S. Joseph; Robert H. Giles
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Room-temperature zero-bias plasmonic THz detection by asymmetric dual-grating-gate HEMT
Author(s): T. Watanabe; T. Kawasaki; A. Satou; S. Boubanga Tombet; T. Suemitsu; G. Ducournau; D. Coquillat; W. Knap; H. Minamide; H. Ito; Vyacheslav V. Popov; Yahya M. Meziani; T. Otsuji
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Enhancing the low frequency THz resonances (< 1 THz) of organic molecules via electronegative atom substitution
Author(s): Jyotirmayee Dash; Shaumik Ray; Bala Pesala
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Video rate imaging of narrow band THz radiation based on frequency upconversion
Author(s): Patrick F. Tekavec; Vladimir G. Kozlov; Ian Mcnee; Igor E. Spektor; Sergey P. Lebedev
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Novel method of generation of linear frequency modulation optical waveforms with swept range of over 200 GHz for lidar systems
Author(s): Yuchen Zhang; Tianxin Yang; Tianhe Wang; Zhaoying Wang; Dongfang Jia; Chunfeng Ge
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Introduction of liquid crystal device into THz phase imaging
Author(s): Ryota Ito; Takuya Takahashi; Michinori Honma; Toshiaki Nose
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Optical multi-coset sampling of GHz-band chirped signals
Author(s): George C. Valley; George A. Sefler; T. Justin Shaw; Stephen L. Smith
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Optical and quasi-optical analysis of system components for a far-infrared space interferometer
Author(s): C. Bracken; C. O'Sullivan; A. Donohoe; A. Murphy; G. Savini; R. Juanola-Parramon; Nicola Baccichet; A. Guisseau; P. Ade; E. Pascale; L. Spencer; I. Walker; K. Dohlen; John F. Lightfoot; W. Holland; Martyn Jones; D. D. Walker; Alison McMillan
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Antenna-coupled silicon-organic hybrid integrated photonic crystal modulator for broadband electromagnetic wave detection
Author(s): Xingyu Zhang; Amir Hosseini; Harish Subbaraman; Shiyi Wang; Qiwen Zhan; Jingdong Luo; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Chi-jui Chung; Hai Yan; Zeyu Pan; Robert L. Nelson; Charles Y.-C. Lee; Ray T. Chen
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Integrated broadband bowtie antenna on transparent substrate
Author(s): Xingyu Zhang; Shiyi Wang; Harish Subbaraman; Qiwen Zhan; Zeyu Pan; Chi-jui Chung; Hai Yan; Ray T. Chen
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Demonstration of high-resolution doping profile mapping using terahertz time domain spectroscopy with electrochemical anodization
Author(s): Chih-Yu Jen; Gaurav Tulsyan; Christiaan Richter
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Performance of microwave optoelectronic oscillators based on crystalline whispering-gallery mode resonators
Author(s): Khaldoun Saleh; Guoping Lin; Souleymane Diallo; Romain Martinenghi; Yanne K. Chembo
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High-performance PIN photodetector at 67 GHz and beyond for radio over fiber applications
Author(s): T. Umezawa; K. Akahane; N. Yamamoto; A. Kanno; T. Kawanishi
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Frequency tuning of THz quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Xifeng Qian; Andriy A. Danylov; Alexander R. Light; Jerry Waldman; Neal Erickson
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Portable terahertz scanner for imaging and spectroscopy using InP-related devices
Author(s): Kyung Hyun Park; Namje Kim; Il-Min Lee; Kiwon Moon; Eui Su Lee; Hyunsung Ko; Won-Hui Lee; Sang-Pil Han
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High-power photodetector modules for microwave photonic applications
Author(s): Kejia Li; Xiaojun Xie; Efthymios Rouvalis; Sascha Fedderwitz; Andreas G. Steffan; Qinglong Li; Zhanyu Yang; Andreas Beling; Joe C. Campbell
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Recent developments in electroabsorption modulators at Acreo Swedish ICT
Author(s): Qin Wang; Andy Zhenzhong Zhang; Susanne Almqvist; Stephane Junique; Bertrand Noharet; Duncan Platt; Michael Salter; Jan Y. Andersson
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Hydration kinetics of cement composites with varying water-cement ratio using terahertz spectroscopy
Author(s): Shaumik Ray; Jyotirmayee Dash; Nirmala Devi; Saptarshi Sasmal; Bala Pesala
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Design of hybrid optical delay line for automotive radar test system
Author(s): Byung-Hee Son; Kwang-Jin Kim; Ye Li; Chang-In Park; Young-Wan Choi
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Broadband receiver-based distortion elimination in phase-modulated analog optical links using four-wave mixing
Author(s): Amit Bhatia; Hong-Fu Ting; Mark A. Foster
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Reconfigurable thermo-optic polymer switch based true-time-delay network utilizing imprinting and inkjet printing
Author(s): Zeyu Pan; Harish Subbaraman; Cheng Zhang; Ashwin Panday; Qiaochu Li; Xingyu Zhang; Yi Zou; Xiaochuan Xu; L. Jay Guo; Ray T. Chen
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Fourier transform molecular rotational resonance spectroscopy for reprogrammable chemical sensing
Author(s): Brent J. Harris; Robin L. Pulliam; Justin L. Neill; Matt T. Muckle; Roger Reynolds; Brooks H. Pate
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A distributed online optical power monitor based on optoelectronic oscillator
Author(s): Han Chen; Mingyu Xia; Mingming Sun; Xiaohan Sun; Chun Cai; Xueming Sun
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Gain equalization of FM-EDFA by optimizing ring doping and mode content of the pump with a genetic algorithm
Author(s): Changren Qiu; Tianxin Yang; Dong fang Jia; Zhaoying Wang; Chunfeng Ge
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