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Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing IX
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Volume Number: 9351
Date Published: 23 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9351
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Smart laser micro-welding of difficult-to-weld materials for electronic industry
Author(s): Y. Okamoto; N. Nishi; S. Nakashiba; T. Sakagawa; A. Okada
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Picosecond laser fabrication of micro cutting tool geometries on polycrystalline diamond composites using a high-numerical aperture micro scanning system
Author(s): Gregory Eberle; Claus Dold; Konrad Wegener
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Experimental and modelling investigations into the laser ablation with picosecond pulses at second harmonics
Author(s): Paul Boerner; Germana Zandonadi; Gregory Eberle; Konrad Wegener
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Femtosecond fiber laser welding of PMMA
Author(s): Annalisa Volpe; Francesca Di Niso; Caterina Gaudiuso; Andrea De Rosa; Rebeca Martìnez Vàzquez; Antonio Ancona; Pietro Mario Lugarà; Roberto Osellame
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High volume transfer of high viscosity silver pastes using laser direct-write processing for screen printing of c-Si cells
Author(s): M. Morales; Yu Chen; D. Munoz-Martin; S. Lauzurica; C. Molpeceres
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Multilayer based lab-on-a-chip-systems for substance testing
Author(s): Frank Sonntag; Stefan Grünzner; Florian Schmieder; Mathias Busek; Udo Klotzbach; Volker Franke
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Enhancing vapor generation at a liquid-solid interface using micro/nanoscale surface structures fabricated by femtosecond laser surface processing
Author(s): Troy P. Anderson; Chris Wilson; Craig A. Zuhlke; Corey Kruse; George Gogos; Sidy Ndao; Dennis Alexander
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Fundamental investigations of ps-laser burst-mode on common metals for an enhanced ablation process
Author(s): Nicolai Hänel; M. Stolze; T. Herrmann; J. A. Lhuillier
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Femtosecond laser-based production of 3D micro- and nano- devices in transparent substrate: a step toward system-materials
Author(s): Yves Bellouard
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Dynamics of optically excited tungsten and silicon for ripples formation
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Chen Li; Jean-Philippe Colombier; Guanghua Cheng; Razvan Stoian
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Superhydrophobic metallic surfaces functionalized via femtosecond laser surface processing for long term air film retention when submerged in liquid
Author(s): Craig A. Zuhlke; Troy P. Anderson; Pengbo Li; Michael J. Lucis; Nick Roth; Jeffrey E. Shield; Benjamin Terry; Dennis R. Alexander
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Electrochemical and kinetic studies of ultrafast laser structured LiFePO4 electrodes
Author(s): M. Mangang; P. Gotcu-Freis; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Influence of pulsed Nd3+: YAG laser beam profile and wavelength on micro-scribing of copper and aluminum thin films
Author(s): Srinagalakshmi Nammi; Nilesh J. Vasa; Sanjay Gupta; Anil C. Mathur
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Effects of burst mode on transparent materials processing
Author(s): Clémentine Javaux; K. Mishchik; O. Dematteo-Caulier; S. Skupin; B. Chimier; G. Duchateau; A. Bourgeade; C. Hönninger; E. Mottay; J. Lopez; R. Kling
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Laser processing of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics with different wavelengths and pulse durations
Author(s): N. Schilling; B. Krupop; U. Klotzbach
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Metal deep engraving with high average power femtosecond lasers
Author(s): M. Faucon; G. Mincuzzi; F. Morin; C. Hönninger; E. Mottay; R. Kling
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Metal mirrors with metal-dielectric HR-coating for ultrashort laser pulses applied in scanner applications
Author(s): M. Schürmann; S. Risse; H. Kämmer; C. Franke; R. Schlegel; S. Müller; C. Damm; R. Steinkopf; F. Dreisow; S. Nolte; R. Eberhardt; N. Kaiser
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Design and fabrication of sub-wavelength annular apertures for femtosecond laser machining
Author(s): Kuan-Yu Hsu; Yen-Chun Tung; Ming-Han Chung; Chih-Kung Lee
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Enhancing direct laser patterning of Si wafers by polystyrene films
Author(s): Anahita Haghi Zadeh; Haeyeon Yang; Jacob B. Peterson; Jon J. Kellar
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Present status and future outlook of selective metallization for electronics industry by laser irradiation to metal nanoparticles
Author(s): Akira Watanabe
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Laser forward transfer of solder paste for microelectronics fabrication
Author(s): Scott A. Mathews; Nicholas A. Charipar; Ray C.Y. Auyeung; Heungsoo Kim; Alberto Piqué
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Diffractive beam shaping for enhanced laser polymer welding
Author(s): J. Rauschenberger; Daniel Vogler; C. Raab; U. Gubler
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Laser sintering of silver nano-particles inks printed on paper substrates
Author(s): E. Balliu; H. Andersson; M. Hummelgård; H. Olin; M. Engholm
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Surface structuring of metals and non-metals for printing tools and embossing dies with an ultrafast ps-laser machining system
Author(s): Stephan Bruening; Guido Hennig
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Towards 3-D laser nano patterning in polymer optical materials
Author(s): Patricia J. Scully; Walter Perrie
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Direct laser interference patterning (DLIP) technique applied to the development of optical biosensors based on biophotonic sensing cells (bicells)
Author(s): F. J. Sanza; D. Langheinrich; Jana Berger; A. L. Hernandez; S. Dani; R. Casquel; A. Lavin; A. Otón; Betxu Santamaría; M. Laguna; A. F. Lasagni ; M. Holgado.
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To use or not to use (direct laser interference patterning), that is the question
Author(s): A. F. Lasagni; T. Roch; J. Berger; T. Kunze; V. Lang; E. Beyer
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Fabrication of highly efficient transparent metal thin film electrodes using Direct Laser Interference Patterning
Author(s): S. Eckhardt; L. Müller-Meskamp; M. Loeser; M. Siebold; A. F. Lasagni
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Formation of laser induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) on Ti upon double fs pulse exposure
Author(s): Laura Gemini; Masaki Hashida; Takaya Nishii; Yasuhiro Miyasaka; Shunsuke Inoue; Jiri Limpouch; Tomas Mocek; Shuji Sakabe
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Ultrafast laser processing and metrology for consumer applications
Author(s): Naoki Murazawa; Kunimitsu Takahashi
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Nanosecond laser-induced ablation and laser-induced shockwave structuring of polymer foils down to sub-µm patterns
Author(s): P. Lorenz; L. Bayer; M. Ehrhardt; K. Zimmer; Lutz Engisch
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Direct growth of patterned graphene on SiC(0001) surfaces by KrF excimer-laser irradiation
Author(s): Masakazu Hattori; Kazuaki Furukawa; Makoto Takamura; Hiroki Hibino; Hiroshi Ikenoue
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Analytical model of the laser ablation mechanism of lithium-ion battery coatings
Author(s): Benjamin Schmieder
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Manufacturing of advanced Li(NiMnCo)O2 electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
Author(s): P. Smyrek; J. Pröll; J.-H. Rakebrandt; H. J. Seifert; Wilhelm Pfleging
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Surface micro-structuring of intercalation cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries: a study of laser-assisted cone formation
Author(s): W. Pfleging; P. Smyrek; J. Hund; Thomas Bergfeldt; J. Pröll
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Femtosecond laser patterning of lithium-ion battery separator materials: impact on liquid electrolyte wetting and cell performance
Author(s): J. Pröll; B. Schmitz; Axel Niemoeller; Bernd Robertz; M. Schäfer; M. Torge; P. Smyrek; H. J. Seifert; W. Pfleging
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Investigation on the effect of ambient and beam profile in annealing and texturing of amorphous silicon thin films by pulsed Nd3+:YAG laser
Author(s): Y. Esther Blesso Vidhya; Nilesh J. Vasa; R. Sriram
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Super hydrophobic surface of polytetrafluoroethylene fabricated by picosecond laser and phenomenon of total internal reflection underwater
Author(s): Yijian Jiang; Wenshen Cao; Yan Zhao; Yan Wu; Lingfei Ji
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Thin glass processing with various laser sources
Author(s): Adam R. Collins; David Milne; Camilo Prieto; Gerard M. O'Connor
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Laser micro-engineering of functionalised cyclic olefin polymers for microfluidic applications
Author(s): Ronan McCann; Komal Bagga; Apryll Stalcup; Mercedes Vázquez; Dermot Brabazon
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Generation of laser-induced periodic surface structures in indium-tin-oxide thin films and two-photon lithography of ma-N photoresist by sub-15 femtosecond laser microscopy for liquid crystal cell application
Author(s): Madlen Klötzer; Maziar Afshar; Dara Feili; Helmut Seidel; Karsten König; Martin H. Straub
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Investigation of double-pulse femtosecond laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
Author(s): Mengmeng Wang; Sumei Wang; Zhitao Cao; Peng Wang; Cong Wang
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High performance light trapping structures for Si-based photoelectronics fabricated by hybrid picosecond laser irradiation and chemical corrosion
Author(s): Lingfei Ji; Xiaozhan Lv; Yan Wu; Zhenyuan Lin; Yijian Jiang
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Nanosecond laser-induced nanostructuring of thin metal layers and dielectric surfaces
Author(s): P. Lorenz; M. Klöppel; M. Ehrhardt; K. Zimmer; Patrick Schwaller
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Laser based microstructuring of polymer optical fibers for sensors optimization
Author(s): Loukas Athanasekos; Miltiadis Vasileiadis; Alexandros El Sachat; Nikolaos A. Vainos; Christos Riziotis
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